6 Most Common Office Design Mistakes You’ll Want To Avoid

6 Most Common Office Design Mistakes You’ll Want To Avoid

We all spend our major time in office spaces. And if the office space is not exciting or poorly designed it kills the enthusiasm totally. Exactly why we want to work in big brands like Google, Amazon etc, sure the pay out is primary attraction but what keeps us engaged is the ah-mazing work space and environment. We grow up fancing a very organized yet fun work space where we can evolve, grow, yet be ourself and think out of the box. When we carefully notice our workspaces/office really does offer so much more than our imagination.

Yet the reality lies in the fact that we are people with big dreams and bigger dreams start in small office spaces . We start from there our new beginnings our new ventures and all our hopes start from there, and since we are not that perfect ( considering we are not interior designers)  we tend to make mistakes. To err is human..but let us understand what are the few most common office design mistakes that we want to avoid.

  1. Lighting

We all know it, poorly lit space can enhance and kill the look of it with an instant. To make a space look amplified all we need is proper lighting . White lights can make the room look very spacious and big wherein golden lights are not the right pick for your office . You want to create a super chic and work like atmosphere at office and hence going for something that accentuates your furniture and the vibe of your office is a must. For instance , you’re an online business firm that offers amazing apparels for women , you want your office to look very stylish and colorful that speaks for your brand, then a play of lights is what you’ll need. Not to go overboard and underboard too, all sounds too exciting, doesn’t it, would rather pick an expert do its business there. The right thing to do would be to pick for the best interior designer in Dubai, so that we can just present our demands and ideas and watch the magic happen.

  1. Insufficient Storage Space

Let us look into that file that was closed on 8th Dec 2008, oops, cannot, because we discarded it because of the space it was taking up, thankfully all the data is now in our drives than desks, but the drives are many right? And hard disk is needed for the same. So the need for space is consistent.  Why let poor interior designing keep us away from progressing further? Choosing the top interior designer is the key to breakthrough from this.

  1. Outdated furniture

Looking out to pep up your office but within a budget choose only the best commercial design company in UAE, not only are they the best interior designers, they deliver exactly what is needed from  them. You just need to paint a picture for them and they will bring it out to reality for you. Choosing the right furniture is as critical as choosing the right clothes. It speaks for you and tells a beautiful story. Why not hear a classy one from people?

  1. Open Plan Office

While starting with a small startup generally most of us miss out on the detailing of the office, sometimes very crucial detailing. There must always be a separate boundary for the owner of the organization and its employees, as there are many confidential meetings that one may not want to showcase in front of anyone other than owns elf. Hence privacy is everything, neglecting this is a big no no. A leading interior designer company should be consulted before structuring any interior décor/space detailing.

  1. Overlooked Reception and Break Room Areas

One of the biggest mistake that an organization can make is overlooking its reception area and / or its break room areas. One must never compromise on this. The reception is the outlook of the organization, it reflects exactly what are the standards of the organization, more like it speaks first impression is the last impression.  Hence neglecting it is a big no – no. Coming over to the break room areas is a big major, it is so because the major attraction for any employee is a break room area and the better it is the higher chances for your employee to continue their association with your organization . Hence invest wisely.

  1. Personal Lockers for your employees

Many organizations over look this and don’t find this of any value, but it is essential for organizations to have a dedicated space for employees to store their stuff. It is as essential as having a lunch room area. You don’t want to enter your office and see work desks occupied with personal stuff, bulletin boards are fine but the office afterall should feel like a place you work in.

To avoid all such hassle fitouthubme should be consulted so that they can deliver what they are best at while you deliver what you’re best with.

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