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In the industry various types of cooling media are used to transfer heat from cooling oils & lubricants e.g. water, air, refrigerants, hydrogen. Of these we discuss primarily the two cooling media that are most commonly used & readily available, with a relatively low cost viz. Air and water.

Air Cooled Oil Cooler / Fluid Coolers with Fan: In air cooled oil coolers the hot oil or fluid is passed in close proximity to a blast of ambient air. The heat exchange takes place across a barrier between the hot oil and cool ambient air.

There are primarily three types of air cooled oil coolers or air cooled heat exchangers, based on construction design & the manufacturing process used. Each type has a similar working mechanism & performs similar function.

  1. Tube Fin Type
  2. Plate Fin Type
  3. Stacked Layer or D Cup Type

Water Cooled Oil Coolers: The hot oil is passed in close proximity to water cooled oil cooler and the air cooled heat exchanger takes place across a barrier between the hot oil and cool cooling water.

These are mainly of three types.

  1. Shell & Tube Type
  2. Gasket Plate Type
  3. Brazed Plate Type

The hot & cool fluids enter the heat exchanger through respective inlet ports. After the heat exchange takes place across a barrier separating the two fluids, the fluids exit the heat exchanger through the outlet ports. The shell & tube heat exchangers comprises of a tube bundle encased in an outer housing or shell. The cool fluid usually travels through the tubes & the hot fluid moves in the shell.

The Brazed plate type is similar in construction except that the plates are brazed together in a vacuum furnace. The primary advantages of brazed plate type over gasket plate ones is that the chance of intermixing of the fluids due to a damaged gasket is minimized and they can handle higher working pressures.

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