Courier Tracking Service

The E-commerce market is the booming market in the world today. It has given freedom, independence, and a convenient source of running a business. It has changed the lives of many as it is the most feasible method of making money. The E-commerce market includes a series of steps that complete one sell. From posting the product to getting the order, packing the order then shipping and delivering the order. Some of the orders don’t end here, a few of them get returned or exchanged due to various reasons. Hence, it is convenient but includes equal or more errands than the commercial market to run the e-commerce business successfully. Orders are shipped with various courier delivery companies that deliver to the delivery address. Hence, it becomes very difficult for the business owners to track every order individually to notify the customer of the same. This is where ShipToTrack comes as the intermediary to make after-shipment tasks easier and feasible.

ShipToTrack is a product of Akestech Infotech Pvt Ltd. It is developed in a way that it covers all the after-shipment errands in one place. The dashboard displays the status of every order in one place and makes it very convenient for e-commerce business owners to keep track of every order. The handful hand of ShipToTrack doesn’t stop here. It sends auto-generated notifications to the business owners informing them about the location of the order which can be directly forwarded to the customers as the notification doesn’t include any mention of ShipToTrack. It has the business’s name mentioned in the notification so that it’s easier for the customers to understand the gist of the notification. ShipToTrack has removed the space for RTO losses from e-commerce businesses by acting as the longing intermediary for them.

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