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Nowadays police work systems are quite common; well you would possibly have observed them largely publicly Places, Malls, business areas, and Offices. Security cameras with the latest technology backed by CCTV can assist you to protect your home and business, however, a solely appropriate kind of CCTV camera can fulfill your needs. We, Accura Network specialize in skilled security camera equipment each indoor and outdoor with 4k resolution. Accura CCTV cameras provide you associate exceptional Video clarity with a superior Digital zoom, A high Angle viewing, and powerful Infrared vision, and a far-off viewing providing sophisticated video analytics.

Why CCTV at home?

An IP Surveillance system allows using the video cameras to monitor home and your premises

  1. Impede criminals

One of the most reasons to feature a CCTV outside the property is to observe and condemn criminal activities, not solely observation thefts, CCTV additionally Prevents their Intrusion.

  1. Prosecution

In case of stealing or crimes in your surroundings, the recordings of CCTV will be utilized by the Police to research and supply the footage as proof within the court.

  1. Peace of Mind

It provides increased security and support that your property is safe.

  1. Low Cost

It is value effective, once the system is put in then it’s simple to keep up and has very little necessities.

  1. Checking on family and pets

CCTV helps to keep a check on your children and pets from your space providing you with an assurance of their safety.

  1. Keep Records

By maintaining and Uploading regular footages to central database, it will facilitate in review of the footage at your convenience.

  1. Protection against false liability lawsuits

Helps against false accusations and lawsuits against you and provides proof.

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