Different creative ways to use projector at Events

Different creative ways to use projector at Events canon

Event planners opt for different creative ways to use projectors. They share slides and visuals with audiences every day. If there is an event with a large number of people then the selection of the projector depends upon the size of the room and the number of people. Maximum Events planners utilize canon LCD projectors in different creative ways to make their event a grand success.

1.Musical Laser Light Show canon:

With the help of a Projector, a concert can be conducted with a laser light show. This can be a superhit show because of two important components that are light and music. As laser light is combined with superb music that can create a great mini show.

2.Mural painting :

By using a projector anyone can paint a mural painting as there is no requirement of any specific experience or talent for this. Simply a black and white version of a high-contrast image can be created and it can be projected largely on a wall. Using a pencil trace over the lines of the projected image, event planners may allow guests to fill the mural using colors. It is vital to select an image that not only reinforces the client’s brand but also works very well for projecting and painting.

3.Sharing Event related social Media :

To aggregate online comments and photos about the event, Event managers use the applications and display them in a central location with the help of a projector so that everyone can see them . They may want to include posts that appear on the event’s social media profiles, posts that use the event’s hashtag, and posts that include check-ins at the event’s venue. Many Event planners also choose canon laser printer in Delhi in addition to canon projectors as they may require printouts on site.

4. With the help of a projector they create steal illusions with optical camouflage : 

By projecting an image of the background on highly reflective material, optical camouflage is known as the invisibility cloak effect that gives the illusion of invisibility. As a result, the material appears to be unrecognizable from its surroundings.

5. Hosting a Gaming Lounge :

Hosting a gaming Lounge with the help of a projector by inviting participants to relax in a free gaming lounge to enhance gamification events or to attract attention of the people.To provide privacy and block out the distractions for guests it is advisable to hang curtains around the event space. A printer, in addition to the projector, plays an important role in events. To print a paper on the spot the event planner hires a canon printer on rent.

6. Show off your assets :

By projecting eye catching visuals event planners can attract the attention of the people. Depending on the tone of the event the selection of photos from catalog/ website, demonstration videos by using an online video cutter or stills, business photos depends.

7.Updating guests with an information radiator :

Event planners can combine an information radiator with projectors to provide guests with updates throughout an event. It will be so helpful in sharing reminders about upcoming sessions, agenda changes, event highlights, and local information such as weather forecasts. This type of custom wallboard or information radiator is designed for everyday use in an office. It helps in reflecting the success of the event including the number of traditional and social media mentions about the event,  the daily attendance numbers, the total number of event app downloads, and for annual events year-over-year comparisons of metrics.

8.Creating a seasonal  scene with projected reality :

An animated Halloween or Christmas-themed scene can be created by using an LED projector and DVD player. This effect is also known as digital decorating, projected reality, or virtual 3D projection as it can provide the illusion of 3D projection without the need for viewers to wear 3D glasses. For spooky Halloween scenes, Projected reality works extremely well as they usually feature translucent or shadowy figures and they are shown in dimly-lit areas.

These are some of the innovative ways that event planners use in the projector at Events. Express digital systems is a leading provider of office automation and IT products service solutions company that specializes in canon photocopiers, canon LCD projectors, canon high speed scanners, and other canon products.

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