DPS Indirapuram: Why known One of the Best Schools in Ghaziabad

DPS Indirapuram: Why known One of the Best Schools in Ghaziabad

Over the years of its inception, DPSI, Ghaziabad, has earned a unique name for itself as a guide to excellence in the education sector. The school’s multi-dimensional approach to the holistic development of its students has received admiration from both parents and professionals. Being one of the best schools in Ghaziabad, DPSI offers the perfect combination of quality education and the child’s overall development with physical and mental growth. DPSI focuses on the growth modules that help students excel in academics and increase their co-curricular engagement in different areas like arts, sports, dance, music, and others.

Within less than 20 years, the school has emerged as one of the top 5 CBSE schools in Ghaziabad.
With the most exceptional teachers on board that follow a unique CBSE curriculum inspired by international pedagogy of education, DPSI offers an outstanding educational experience to its students that catapults their ability to take on the challenges of modern times and creates opportunities for themselves. The school has devised a detailed module split-up of the syllabi to distribute the study time evenly over the year. The syllabus of each subject is divided into 18 modules into two terms, with each period spanning 90 days. These 90 days form nine modules, and each module covers ten working days. The remaining 30 days are dedicated to testing and revision work. The syllabus for all subjects (for Classes III–IX) is divided into two independent terms. Some essential conceptual portions of the English, Hindi, and Math syllabus are carried forward to the 2nd Term Examination.

Being among the top 10 schools in Ghaziabad, the batches at DPSI Schools have an ideal student-teacher ratio of 25:1. Leading performance in CBSE and other competitive/entrance examinations like NSTSE, Olympiads, etc. Truly progressive and learner-friendly, the school provides a complete academic curriculum supported by a system of guidance that encourages children to be logical, analytical, creative, and communicative.

If you are looking for a school that supports your child’s overall development, DPSI is your place.

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