finding your purpose in life

finding your purpose in life

Finding your Purpose in life is the Key to Living Your Best Life . I believe that everything here on earth has a purpose

Why is it important to find your purpose in life

It is important to find your purpose in life so that you can live with a meaningful life .

I’m 28 years old and yet I don’t know what I want in my life . Everything I have made in life seems to be wrong .back in the year of 2010 when I graduated in Highschool my Mother told me she can’t send me anymore in College School because she can’t afford the tuition fee because she cant earn a lot of money from doing laundry in our neighbors ,I have an eldest brother working in manila and I decided to go in manila to find a job so that I can earn money to support my tuition fee in School .When I’m in manila they told me I’m not able to find work because I’m only 17 years old that time , I have the desire in my heart that I want to find a job because that’s the reason why I went in manila .I have relatives in Paranaque manila and I ask them for help to find me a job. My Grandmother is working in a Restaurant in Malate Manila and she introduced me to the owner of the restaurant. They assigned me in the kitchen as a Dishwasher because I’m not able to get a higher position because I’m Under age .I endured the work even though I was having a hard time washing a tons of plates . When I finished my 6months contract as a dishwasher I realized that education is important ,If you don’t have a degree or you are not College level in Education you will have a difficult time to find a better job and a high salary . So I didn’t earn much because the salary is not enough , It is just enough for my everyday needs .

Year 2012 I was given the opportunity to enter in the University by the help of my relatives , I took the 4 year course in Bachelor of Science in Information technology because they said it’s in demand and I will get hired quick when I finished the course .As I was studying, I noticed that no matter how much I improved in my studies I was having a hard time learning the because it’s not what I love to do and because of that I started hanging out with my friends until I decided to stop studying .

Year 2015 I gave birth to my First child ,I am happy being a mom even though its very challenging because it’s my first time raising my child. To able to do that I need to find again a job to help my live-in partner in our expenses at home . I started working again after I gave birth as a Sales Merchandiser in Puregold Cavite and I start earning just enough for everyday expenses and for the Utility bills , Until year 2017 I got pregnant again in my daughter and I need to stop working for a year . I see my husband having a hard time supporting our family and I it hurt me to see him that way and I repeatedly asked myself WHAT SHOULD I DO? WHAT DO I REALLY WANT ? WHAT IS MY PURPOSE ? WHY IM HERE IN THIS KIND OF SITUATION ? I keep on praying to find my passion and my purpose in this life then one day my neighbor ask me to come in the Church (I am an inactive member of The church of Jesus Christ later day-Saint ). I become active again in the Church and I feel good, I Feel happy hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Church has a lot of program and activities like Charity or volunteer , free short courses for those who are willing to study and I’m proud, I attend all the activities and program and attending church every Sunday and little by little I became enlightened that this was really what I wanted .I love serving God and obeying his Commandments and most Specially doing charity .

How to find your Purpose in life

According to my research there’s a 5 tips for finding your purpose in life and these 5 tips help me determine my purpose in life .

1.Donate Time, Money, or Talent

If there’s just one habit you can create to help you find your purpose, it would be helping others.

My way of helping my fellow man is to join the program in church as a volunteer for children in need of nutritional assistance and those affected by the hurricane.

2.Listen to Feedback

I always accept the ideas of other people, I love sharing ideas and I always ask Others what should I Improve in myself ,what the attitude I need to change . I believe once you get used to it you can easily learn a new things and you can easily determine your purpose in life.

3.Surround Yourself With Positive People

“Positive people attracts blessings” that’s why I always go to church even if not Sunday just to chat with my co-member in Church I love doing that because it helps me prosper my spiritual learning and because of this I met this brother who introduced to me the Filipino Virtual assistance academy

he encouraged me to enroll the course in Freelancing General virtual assistance because I mentioned them that I’m having a hard time identifying my passion and I don’t know what are the things I want to pursue .

4.Start your conversation with new people

Talking and meet with new people help you get a new ideas that you can apply in your everyday life . When I started my Training in Filipino Virtual assistance , I have my batchmate and they are new to me , at first I am ashamed to approach them but for a long time they help me and give me ideas on how to improve our outputs or portfolio’s before we submit to our coach.

5.Explore Your Interests

Is there a things you like to do most? for me this is what I love to do. I love to become a Virtual assistant , I love doing administrative work ,Creating Content and Optimizing Social media accounts

finding your purpose in life

Finding your purpose isn’t something that can be done in a few days, weeks or months. It can be a life long journey and it can only be done one step at a time

Filipino Virtual Assistance help me to build my confidence and help me determine who I am, what are my capabilities ,what are the things that I can do and What are my Skills and I am so Happy that after finishing our guide video, there’s a Bible Verse there that keep me motivated and strengthen me when I doubt myself if this course is for me? or if I choose a wrong path again? If you are having a hard time finding your purpose in life always remember this verse in Holy Bible saying :

But sek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. Matthew 6:33

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