Gated Communities In The Residential Areas Near Manikonda

With the fast expansion of IT campuses in and around Manikonda, gated communities have also increased. The attraction of various facilities combined with lush green expanses makes gated communities a viable option for many individuals. The secured townships offer a living environment that perfectly integrates people, environment, security, and convenience. Manikonda is a rapidly developing area that has shown a significant rate of improvement in terms of profitability over the previous several years. It is regarded as one of Hyderabad’s most desirable areas for residential housing and the IT industry. People want to live in a house that is close to their place of business. Manikonda is close to Gachibowli, Raheja Park, Shaikpet, Hitech City, and Nanakramguda. Most IT workers in these areas regard Manikonda as the most critical region to invest in gated communities.

Before we begin to list and discuss the gated communities available in residential areas near Manikonda, let us skim through the amenities and significant factors affecting its accountability as a residential area.

  1. Connectivity- The airport and train station are easily accessible, thanks to flyovers and the Outer Ring Road. Shilparamam’s upcoming Subway station is also proven to be a blessing in linking to other sections of Hyderabad. Manikonda is also connected to the adjacent IT center through the Old Mumbai Highway, making Gachibowli and Hitech City more accessible. There are numerous transport links between it and Mehdipatnam. Golkonda, the Qutub Shahi Tombs, and Osman Sagar Lake are all accessible by car.
  1. Facilities offered- This community is lushly green and peaceful, thanks to water treatment plants and good roadways. If you would like to be close to the city but not too tight, this is a great place to live. Because of the fast development of this sector, it is an enticing option.
  1. Good infrastructure- Manikonda’s social infrastructure is keeping pace with the city’s growth. Along Manikonda’s main road, there are several shops and cafés. Supermarkets and retail products meet Manikonda’s shopping and leisure requirements in the nearby cities of Madhapur and Kukatpally. In the region, there are also foreign clinics and schools.

Manikonda is ideal in terms of location, site features, excellent service providers, and affordable housing costs, so it’s simple to see why owning a home here is so appealing. While there are sure to be hitched, such as the quality of the road infrastructure, the sector’s overall development potential is outstanding. It is, however, dependent on the IT bubble sustaining.

Some of the best-gated communities in Manikonda to vouch for are discussed below:

  1. Athena- Athena is a 2.24-hectare development with 522 flats divided over six buildings, each of which is a three-bedroom apartment. This housing project apartment in Manikonda has well-designed and large rooms in each flat. There will be two levels of parking, as well as a designated area for car washing. This congregation will have everything you need to stay healthy, including a sparkling blue pool, a children’s pool, a fitness center, a jogging track, a health club, a restorative park with vegetation, a yoga Nidra center for a serene day, a spa and salon to rest and restart, a banquet hall, a toddler playroom, a creche, a 9.0-meter driveway, a lounge area, and a particular club space.
  1. Aparna Westside- Aparna Westside is just meters from the Outer Ring Road and near the IT Hub, which is home to many well-known global corporations. In addition, schools, hospitals, and marketplaces are all within a short drive, making it an excellent choice for a gated community in Manikonda. The metropolitan clamor and commotion are kept away in this gated community in Manikonda with quiet corners and lush green expanses. It’s the ideal setting for your children to develop and cultivate lasting friendships. The clubhouse at Aparna Westside has luxuries such as a sauna, yoga/meditation center, swimming pool, home entertainment lounge, snooker, basketball practice court, and many more. It provides a wide range of choices, going mainstream among Manikonda residents searching for gated communities.
  1. Anuhar Towers- As you glance about, breathtaking sights and beautiful horizons are there in front of your eyes. The Rami Reddy Towers are as gorgeous in the interior. Three hundred seventy stunning contemporary residences provide advanced technological living quarters, including a luxury lounge room with exceptional designer touches, massive air vents that add scenes to any celebration, and sundecks and verandas that complete the feeling of breathing space developed into every residence.

Thus, we have seen how gated communities in Manikonda could prove themselves to be properties evoking profits and luxury in the long run to the purchaser. Hence, it is advisable to invest in the gated communities of Manikonda.

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