How to choose a coaching for IAS | UPSC Exam preparation after class 12th or as undergraduate student?

21st Century… The century of active, quick and competitive Generations. I don’t mean to say that people before this century were lazy or less competitive, Rather the best way to convey this is – Now-a-days the crowd is big and the opportunities are less, also there is another factor that everyone is accessible to unlimited resources… hence it becomes very competitive.

We all know that aspiring for UPSC (Civil Services Examination) is too one of the tough nuts to crack.

Reasons behind the tough competition of this examination…

  1. HUGE CROWD – There is typically very high demand of this examination, as it is one of the most prestigious jobs on the globe. Also, it is sad to say that – Most of the time some non- serious aspirants too fill the form (The statics says almost half of the aspirant do not appear for the examination even after filling the application form)


  1. WRONG PREPARATION METHODS – Most of the time aspirants start the preparation on myth, developed from watching or searching a particular methodology to prepare this exam. But they should never forget that, every aspirant is unique… only a trend setter can be a topper – not a follower. But yes, there are a few basic demands of this exam…


Discipline … Hard & Consistent smart work… Proper Strategy…. A good guide last but not least… Dedication and Faith!!!


If we list as per technicality….

  1. Crystal clear concepts.
  2. Command over the Syllabus.
  3. Consolidated own Notes.
  4. Sense of Interlinking of General Studies Papers.
  5. Good command on objective and subjective approaches of the exam.
  6. A lot of Prelims MCQ’s Practice & Answer Writing Practice for Mains.
  7. Revision before Prelims and Mains Examination.
  8. Hold on Current Affairs.

When to start the preparation for UPSC Examination… Ideally students start after Graduation, keeping this in mind that they are eligible to appear for the examination after Graduation and sometimes they take 3 to 6 attempts to crack the examination. As we know the selection ratio is 0.02% (which gives the idea that there is a low rate of selection in first attempt as compare to multiple attempts)

Which means… This exam needs a lot of dedication. So, the most ideal time to prepare for this exam is during the graduation.

These days many aspirants start after class 12th, as it is good to be in a continuation of a good study habit which the aspirant carries till class 12th.  (Mostly the aspirants do not maintain the study habit in graduation)


When you search for a coaching after class 12th You can find not more than 3 to 4 names in Delhi, (As many regional coaching institutes are not so successful to keep the student in continuation) also many of them fail to maintain a proper strategy for 3 years course.

The best offered till date is the LAKSHYA – 3 YEARS FOUNDATION COURSE offered by EDEN IAS in Delhi.

Why LAKSHYA 3 Years IAS FOUNDATION COURSE is different and better then other courses offered for 3 years.

  1. They have designed the course in a very professional manner to cover all the 3 years or 2 years by taking level wise preparation.
  2. The First year starts with the basics (Keeping in mind that the aspirant may belong to any stream Science, Commerce or Arts) So that every aspirant can have a proper understanding of the subjects.
  3. Regular Test Series and Home Work Modules based on attendance culture keeps the aspirant on a regular track to maintain discipline and continuity.
  4. Personality development and work on language proficiency is also taken in consideration.
  5. Personalized guidance by mentors makes it easy for the aspirant to clear doubts on time.
  6. Creating competitive environment through taking Model UPSC Exam in coaching helps student to check their caliber without wasting any attempt.
  7. They provide the current affairs series from beginning to the end of the course, which no other coaching does.
  8. Revision in the final year of the coaching to give a complete brush up to the preparation.
  9. The teachers are quite experienced and approachable.
  10. Most importantly they provide psychological counselling so that aspirant can mentally get exam ready.

Dear students, give your best to the examination. All the best!!


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