How Exporters Importers in Agriculture Equipments sector get benefited from B2B platforms

How Exporters Importers in Agriculture Equipments sector get benefited from B2B platforms

Yielding good quality crops and production is what would sell for a high rate in the market. It’s not always about the price that the crops sell for in the market but also delivering satisfactory quality. Agriculture is an art which is practised for years and only possible by the hardworking farmers. It takes months to grow a particular crop which includes seed selection (the most important aspect), sowing, irrigation, fertilizing, harvesting and finally cultivation. Each step is performed in a way that the crops growth is maintained and goes on in a smooth flow.

Technology is changing the world and how things are done. Agriculture sector is no different because of the arrival of innovation in this particular sector too. Technology smoothens the workflow, is an efficient way to complete tasks and get much work done as compared to similar human workforce involved. The major caveat here can be the cost. But that is a pure investment which would surely provide great results on investment (ROI) considering the cost is large initially but would be paid off if taken on a step by step basis.

This is where agriculture equipment and machinery comes into play like submersible pumps, sewage pumps, agriculture hand tools, seed drill equipment and many more. The use of equipment really does help in the crop production and the crops thus produced are generally of supreme quality and fetch a good rate when selling in the market. Now there are businesses in India who have various farm lands under them and also provide farmers with financial support. These farmers directly sell to the businesses rather than to the market. This results in removal of any intermediary and farmers directly sell to the concerned businesses. These businesses are the major exporters of agriculture and agro based products.

The crops are to be of great quality in order to export with proper methods in place like packaging perfect for exporting, crops which have a long shelf life and naturally grown free of chemicals so as to not leave residue. In order to achieve that, exporters and suppliers of agriculture products can procure the services of B2B platforms like Global Trade Bazaar which fulfills their requirement of various equipment used in farming by connecting them with businesses which are in the agriculture sector. As the equipment gains results in farming, these platforms have the perfect products for the needs which businesses will use in their farms, or farmers to be specific.

But how can the businesses in B2B domain indulged in agriculture improve their day to day operations by the use of agriculture equipments, and most importantly how to procure these products –

1.   Get linked with B2B platform –

As mentioned above, B2B platforms like Global Trade Bazaar consists of several businesses dealing in electrical machinery equipment used in farming. By getting yourself linked with the platform, you may engage with several who are selling the products which you require for your business. Similarly, if you are an exporter then you can list your business on the platform with proper description of the products and an optimised profile should be in place.

2.   Engage in a community –

By talking and sharing information with people in your niche gets you to know about the market, market trends and situations and what’s the current demand & supply currently in the industry. A community is a perfect way to improve your business by implementing the strategies which others are doing, getting in touch with industry expertise and even achieving your goals by intimidating others (do note that every one’s situation is different). Maintaining relations may gain you leads which can be potential customers later on. References play a quiet big role here. These can be done Facebook groups and Twitter where you’ll find alike people as your niche.

Afterall, in a B2B domain the relations with trust and loyalty matter a lot to reap results in the future. When both businesses have similar goals and objectives than going hand in hand and complementing each other would definitely be beneficial be it the agriculture sector or any other sector.

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