How to apply touch-up spray paint professionally on your car

Using a paint spray can to apply touch-up paint to your car and make it look professional is quite simple. You just need to follow the instructions laid down here and remember practice makes perfect! Practice off the vehicle first. Take some time to master it and fortunately it is quite easy to get hang of it in no time.

After going through this blog you will be able to expertly repair your car scratches on your very own. It is easier than you might think! We have laid down some easy steps you need to follow to successfully apply touch-up paint onto your beloved automobile:

1. Find and order the correct car paint:

Com-Paint offers a wide range of spray paints specific to every major automobile company in the Indian market. Make sure to select your car’s exact colour as mentioned in the RC (Registration Certificate)of your vehicle from the list available on the website. We recommend you to use our Spray Paint for Cars to get awesome results.

2. Test the colour match and practice off the vehicle:

Before applying the spray paint on your precious car, try our spray paint on hidden part of your car. Let it dry, and if it looks satisfactory, you are ready for the main thing.

3. Opt for the right painting conditions:

To get the best results, select a low humidity place and is covered to prevent direct sunlight. The designated area should also lie in the temperature range of 20°C-22°C.

4. Prepare your vehicle:

Clean the area you want to touch up with Com-Paint Wash and Wax. If your existing auto paint is rusty, use 2500 grit sandpaper to remove all the traces altogether.

5. Apply Com-Fill scratch filler to any spot where the paint has been scratched off completely:

We recommend using very thin layers of Com-Fill scratch filler and letting it dry out for 30 minutes.

6. Apply a base coat of Com-Paint’s Spray Paint for cars:

You have to be very careful during this step as it requires steady hands and a lot of patience. Apply thin coats of base paint, one on top of another, wait for five minutes then apply second coat.

7. Use Com-Merge Finish Solvent to Make it shine:

Wait for 15 min after applying the paint. Then use the Com-Merge on the double area from a distance of 35 cm /16” on the peripherical area of the touchup spray in stroking motion to avoid dripping.

8. Use Com-Cut for Restores Original Colour & Shine:

Apply the Com-Cut after 24 hours. Apply with a soft cloth, working on scratches or small area at a time. Take a wet cloth and rub by exerting a little hand pressure. Wipe off with a clean cloth.

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