How to Increase the Number of Followers You Have on Instagram 2024

How to Increase the Number of Followers You Have on Instagram 2024

There are many reasons why you may want to increase your number of followers on Instagram.

Perhaps you want to share information about a specific topic with as many like-minded people as possible, maybe you have strong political views and are looking for a larger audience or perhaps you are a blogger looking to promote your site.

Whatever your reason there are several tools available which will do the job quickly and easily, but are relatively expensive, and whilst they are easy to use you don’t need them as Instagram itself has all the tools you need freely available.

1) After you have logged into Instagram you will see a search box towards the top of the screen, enter your topic of interest (or niche) into the search box and click on the looking glass to begin the search.

2) Instagram will now fetch back a list of recent Posts about the subject. Find a Post which definitely matches your niche and click on the picture next to the beginning of the Post. This will display that user’s home page on the right hand pane of the Internet browser window.

3) Click on the Follow button on the user’s home page. You now follow this Instagram user.

4) On the right hand side of the screen Instagram shows the number of people who the user follows and the number of people that follow this user. Click on the word followers, this will show all the users that follow the poster, 20 users at a time, and some of which will share the same interest.

5) You can now go down the list of Buy Instagram Followers Australia and click on the Follow button next to each post ( it’s the left hand one from the 2 action buttons – shown below), you will now follow these users.

6) Every time you follow a user then will get a message sent to them, notifying them that they have a new follower, and are given a link to follow you back. Not every user you follow will follow you back, but some will, especially if your tweets are high quality and of interest to them.


Using this method you can soon build up a number of like minded followers, without having to fork out for a utility.

So you have a new Instagram account and have been looking for ways to get new followers without much luck. Or you are getting a few followers here and there but not as fast as you would like.

If that is the case with you then I would be willing to bet that you have not heard of the method I am about to show you now. You and I and all Instagram users have a tool in our profiles that was designed to help us organize our followers or people we follow and it is a “List”.

We can set up lists of people based on subjects, niches, areas of the World, people that we think are cool, and so on. These lists can have up to 500 people on them and you and I can easily click on these people to follow them too.

A lot of folks who participate in “Follow back” groups, make lists of people who follow back. These follow back lists contain the Instagram names and the option to follow of up to 500 people who will follow you back.

How to Increase the Number of Followers You Have on Instagram 2024

Look at the profiles of people that share your same interests and just below their ‘bio’, you will see a link that says “Lists”. This will show their lists and if they have a list of people who will follow you back, you will find it there.

You are now looking at hundreds of people who will follow you if you follow them. The really fast way to use this method, is to look for a list of people that follow back within 24 hours. Obviously, these are people that will try to follow you back within a day.

When you find a list of 500 people that will follow you back within 24 hours, you have the potential to get hundreds of followers in a day.

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