Well-designed animations enhance the user experience by making a UI feel more natural. They also add to the slick look and feel of a polished app. Flutter’s animation support allows a number of animation styles to be simple to introduce. Many widgets, especially Material widgets, have standard motion effects specified in their design spec, but these effects can also be customized.

Animation is a very important aspect and powerful concept in Flutter. When it comes to using or creating any mobile app, you cannot imagine any app without animation.

It changes the way you see things. Animation directly catches anyone’s attention. Follow the recommendation to add a lit bit of advanced animation to spice up the user experience of your mobile application.

“Animation is not the art of drawing that move but the art of movements that are drawn.” – Norman McLaren

Creating some astonishing animations for your mobile app is the base and the most important thing in any application.

Interesting Fact: Around 5,00,000 developers use Flutter monthly according to Google and with more than 2 million developers, flutter uptick in enterprise use

Flutter offers an exquisite support for animation where it separates the animation in two main categories, that are:

Let’s get rolling with both types of animation.

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