Know what to choose after B.Tech?

This article will help the students who usually get confused after their graduation especially in B.Tech. As one has to focus more on the interest while choosing their career, choosing a postgraduate degree grabs a bit of attention is focused more on the career aspects. MBA and M.Tech ; these are the two best options for the B.Tech graduates. But sometimes, students get confused and are unable to choose one as both the degrees have their own importance and values. They seek advice from here and there which , sometimes, makes them frustrated and misleads them from choosing the best option for them. This article will be beneficiary in those aspects. Moreover, many students join the corporate sector after completing engineering in B.Tech. Due to the low salary, they choose for masters but after completing masters they still don’t find any job or any improvement in their career or the salary package just because they have not analyzed their career opportunities. They have to put a deep focus on various job aspects. They can start with their jobs, move ahead with entrepreneurship or can pursue higher studies and pursuing a higher degree after graduation undeniably offers immense value both in terms of educational qualification and job prospects.


After completing B.Tech, students have numerous options to go ahead with their career. They can start with their jobs, move ahead with entrepreneurship or can pursue higher studies and pursuing a higher degree after graduation undeniably offers immense value both in terms of educational qualification and job prospects.They can choose different options but some students still remain confused.

For the engineering aspirants, there are two most popular choices for post graduation – M. Tech and MBA. When it comes to choosing between the two options, in spite of following the herd mentality, one should follow the path which suits your career aspiration, aptitude and interest.However, the best alternative after completing B.Tech is to study for M.Tech in order to avail the benefits of a higher degree.

Let’s make a comparison between both these degrees in order to choose the best option.

MBA (Masters in Business Administration)

As the name suggests, MBA is purely a management degree which is considered to be the best for building a career in business and management.This helps in enhancing our skills and talents to the fast-paced and ever-changing world of Business Management. This collaborates your  visionary talent with the latest market Business trends and leads you towards the gateway of leadership and success.MBA helps you to learn about managerial concepts such as sales and marketing, accounts and finance, human resources, operations, etc. After B.Tech, this programme will take some time for you to shift your mindset from technical concepts to managerial concepts. And this remains quite simple for the students from non-commerce background as The initial  semesters of MBA are usually dedicated to the basic concepts of all management subjects so that students can grasp them easily.Sometimes, it is quite likely that you may have to undo your engineering or technical learning, except in subjects like mathematics, economics or quantitative models in which strong analytical and calculation skills are required.

M.Tech is a technical and research oriented degree in which you learn to manage data but here in MBA, you will learn to manage the people who handle data.So, this is purely a managerial degree. Moreover, you can get the value of your MBA degree only if you pursue your course from one of the Top Management Colleges of India. For this, either you need to crack the entrance exam for MBA such as GMAT or CAT or you have to choose one of the best  autonomous colleges in India. A Management degree from the top institute will value both your B.Tech and MBA qualifications and further, it will save you from not getting lost in the crowd of MBA graduates in lakhs.

MBA aids your technical background with managerial skills. If you are looking for a career in the management sector after B. Tech, you should think carefully while choosing MBA after B. Tech. While pursuing MBA, you can specialize in accounting, economics, corporate finance, marketing, operations, HR, and so on.

There are a number of career opportunities after completing an MBA. Depending upon your specialization you can become a management consultant, program manager, marketing manager, operations manager, sales manager, etc with the salary ranging from 5 Lakhs to 20 Lakhs per annum (or even more).

MTech (Masters of Technology):

M.Tech is one of the best options for the engineering students who have pursued B.Tech.This degree helps in enhancing your technical skills which you have learned in your engineering degree in graduation. If your future goal is to pursue research or get hired for a technical position in a well-reputed multinational company, then this option is considered to be the best option for you. It will make your resume more impressive with the fact that you have spent more years mastering your domain. During M.Tech, you can leverage your B.Tech concepts to gain more insightful understanding into engineering and information technology subjects.

There are various disciplines that you can look forward to specialising in M. Tech are Electronics and Telecommunication, Computer Science and Engineering, Computer-Aided Design and Manufacture, Mechanical, Civil, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Information Technology, etc.  All these disciplines are designed to equip you with the enhanced technical knowledge and skills sought by employers in this field.

Moreover, M. Tech is the most suitable option to match your B. Tech goals and mindset. B. Tech background enhances your job prospects after M. Tech. You also meet and study with like-minded people, which will help you have a high level of comfort and security. With an MBA, just after B.Tech will take at least the first few months to get settled with because your background is different from most students but later on, you will find yourself comfortable.One , the most important benefit while cracking the entrance exam for M.Tech is that when you appear for M. Tech entrance exams, you can cash upon your existing B. Tech knowledge to score well and increase your prospects of admission in the best engineering colleges anywhere in the world.

The job opportunities after M. Tech are also lucrative in terms of remuneration and career growth. These days, a great focus lies on technology and innovation. Many multinational companies, startups and governments are banking upon M. Tech students and professionals come up with disruptive products and business models for the better good of the society in terms of economic growth of the country. But if your passion lies in research and development, then M. Tech gives you a solid foundation to pursue a PhD. You can join private or government R&D centres while doing a PhD or after its completion.

Becoming a lecturer and pursuing the teaching profession is also a good option. Many engineering colleges are there which  prefer to recruit alumni in their core team of faculty.If you still prefer MBA and want to gain a managerial perspective, you can pursue it as a part-time, executive or online course after M.Tech or parallel to your job.

So you can pursue an MBA degree anytime during your career but that’s not the case with M. Tech. It makes a wiser choice to do M. Tech after B. Tech because you already have a strong domain knowledge.

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