Main Elements to Check Before Buying a Flats in Bangalore

Buying a new flat in Bangalore or looking out for a flat for sale in Bangalore? And confused about what you should be on your checklist, then you are indeed at the perfect place. Making a decision about what things to consider before buying a house is as daunting as it can get. There are several things to keep in check. Therefore We have made your task easier by listing out the 9 main elements to consider before buying a flat in Bangalore.

Listed down are the tips you can follow:

1. Budget:

The first and foremost thing on your checklist should be your budget. Budget allocation is crucial because depending upon your capital infusion you will decide the kind of houses that are affordable and much money you will be able to save for other errands such as furniture, facilities, etc.

As per your budget, keep in check your monthly savings and expenditures and see how well you will be able to manage EMIs.

2. Location 

The second most important thing to look for in a flat in Bangalore is the location you want to settle for. It must not be too far away from your workplace and should have the basic necessity stores nearby.

Facilities like metro stations, hospitals, parks, etc should be close enough in case of an emergency.

Apart from an emergency location checklist, prioritize your social life while setting up a location for your home. For example how many of the recreational activities are close to the house for instance; clubbing, dining places, cafes, etc.

3. Amenities

The house should have regular water and electricity supply. The city of Bangalore is having some water shortage issues in some of the areas. Therefore research well and ask your neighbors before buying the house, about the water and electricity shortage.

Apart from basic amenities, check for public parks, children’s playgrounds, meeting places, departmental stores, etc.

Tip: Never trust the builder or broker for the amenities offered, cross-check before buying. Physically witness these amenities promised by these brokers in their flyers.  

4. Price and Resale Value

Make sure that the price offered by the brokers is feasible and you are not being overpriced. These brokers take advantage of customers’ lack of knowledge. Therefore, before making the decision, be informed and do the math and research! By being a better decision about your needs of whether to get 2bhk flats in Bangalore or 3bhk flats in Bangalore!

The price of a flat in Bangalore is quite a volatile concept but the value usually depends on the size, location of the house, number of bedrooms, washroom, bathrooms, toiletries, furniture, and ems and in the market.

Never hesitate in negotiating if all these flats are listed overpriced in these price quotations and brokers might seem rigid but look for a way out from such rigid brokers to avoid any last-minute hassle.

Also, always consider the resale value of your house, because it’s always healthy to know the price you can sell it and maybe move to a newer location.

Know about your flat’s amenities, facilities offered, direction, floor, location, pollution check so that you can calculate the percent resale and appreciation value of so.

5. Check The Property

Quality inspection is extremely essential before buying a flat in Bangalore. Sometimes the dealers might overstate the condition of his property in front of you, therefore, it is better to inspect the intricacies of your flats’ architecture, interiors, and basic facilities listed in check.

Check every possible corner for any discrepancy in the actual house and the quotation.

Tip: keep in check with floor plans as well. As these floor plans provide every minute detail about the house little would be left to inspect and be sure of, leaving little or no room deceiving. You can also get an architect’s opinions regarding your fast floor plan and structure. Light and ventilation should be considered having a suitable atmosphere in and around.

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