Make a scrutiny on various streams of Engineering

Make a scrutiny on various streams of Engineering

Summary: After completing their senior secondary examination, most of the students encounter a lot of challenges in selecting the right career option for them. With plenty of options, picking the exact one can prove to be a herculean task. So, this article will help the students to fish out the best possible option for them. Everyone looks for an institution that has an unbeatable placement record, best infrastructure, highly qualified faculty and unparalleled academic record in the region. Having a clear idea in mind on what one wants to do, surely help in easy decision making. But if any of the students have doubts in mind while choosing the right career option for them, the right advice can prove to be a great help. Moreover, some students get confused about which stream of engineering will prove to be the best for them. This article will help them to choose a particular stream for their career.

Engineering is an extensive subject, and with so many types of engineering to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down which one is for you. An engineering degree from a top institute of the country can open doors to the plethora of job opportunities to the students. This stream of  Engineering itself contains several job opportunities and career aspects. Moreover, these days, it has become a very sought-after course, with excellent scope.

With the advancement of Technology, Engineering has played a very significant role in the  upsurge of innovations. With a million students coming forward to pursue this degree, the Engineering domain has expanded manifolds. As of now, numerous programs are being offered for every vertical of work under Engineering, with different streams and Programs. To help the students to decide, one should try and identify what one is passionate about. What gets the students more excited, and what is done by them to spend their free time on? All types of engineering include some form of problem-solving generally focused on making life easier for the students, but the engineering-related solutions give them the biggest buzz. If the student chooses a subject he is naturally interested in, he will find it easier to stay motivated during his course and stay involved with the subject whilst pursuing an engineering career.

Here’s a rundown of the various branches of engineering, to help you decide which one could be for you.

  1. Civil Engineering: This engineering stream is considered to be the oldest engineering discipline that focuses on constructing, designing, and maintaining physical structures used by the public, such as dams, bridges, tunnels, roads, airports, subway systems, and water supply systems. Many of these engineers specialize in building eco-friendly architecture in an effort to combat climate change. Almost everything that you see on the city plan is the work of a civil engineer. Most of the top civil engineering institutes in India ensure the training of students in top-notch Construction Companies in India and abroad and provide free of cost professional software to make their students industry-ready and future-ready. A lucrative career in civil engineering leads start-ups in consultancy, quality control, and designing infrastructural projects. After completion of this degree, students get to work as a building control surveyor, CAD technician, Consulting civil engineer, Contracting civil engineer, Design Engineer, Site Engineer, Structural engineer, Water engineer, Rural and Urban Transport engineer, and many more.

2. Computer Science Engineering: Computer science and engineering is one of the broadest streams where anyone who is good in programming languages and has specialized in a good field of work in computer science. The scope of computer science engineering is so profound, such that the surging demand of CS professionals encompasses various sectors including software development and programming. This is a field that subsumes the blend of electronics and software engineering. Moreover, the Engineers from this field need to have different skills such as Analytical skills, Creativity, Problem-solving skills, Critical thinking skills, communication skills, and Leadership skills. After completing a B.Tech degree in Computer Science Engineering, candidates can get jobs in companies like Infosys, Google, HP, Dell, Samsung, Wipro, etc. The job profiles include Developers, Design Engineers, Solution Integrators, Software Testers, Domain Consultants, Software Engineer, System Engineers, Technology Analyst etc.

 3. Information Technology Engineering: This branch of Information Technology Engineering covers all the subjects of engineering such as Computer systems, IT networks, web-based applications, control systems, artificial intelligence, mobile computing, etc paving a new way to a shining future for the students pursuing engineering in this stream. With the ever-growing and expansion of the IT industry, this discipline has gained a lot of popularity and is packed with voluminous scope as well. This field of engineering opens doors to various job opportunities such as Network Administrator, Database Administrator, System Administrator, Data Security Administrator, Information System Manager, Computer Technician, and Computer Support Specialist, etc.

4. Mechanical Engineering: Mechanical engineering, one of the oldest branches of Engineering, deals with the design, manufacturing, and maintenance of machines and it is one of the most sought-after engineering branches in the current market scenario.. With the advent of modern technology, the domain of this evergreen branch of engineering has extended and now its students are opting for learning robotics, nanotechnology, etc. The scope of this field includes the design and manufacturing of industrial machinery, the best state-of-the-art motor vehicles, and aircraft. Along with the machinery and vehicles, mechanical engineers learn to develop engines, complex machinery systems, and power equipment. They learn the application of material science, physics, and applied mathematics.

5. Electrical Engineering: Electrical Engineering branch is one of the oldest and core branches of Engineering. This is the stream securing jobs in power distribution companies, power plants, railways, metro rails, the aviation sector and the manufacturing sector in India. It is an evergreen branch dealing with concepts related to electricity and electric machinery such as- generation, transmission and use of electricity, electromagnetism, equipment like generators, motors, transformers, AC Current, DC Current, circuit networks, control systems etc.

6. Electronics and Communication Engineering: This stream of engineering comprises a very vast field including many subfields which opens a door for communication, networking, broadcast, transmission system work area. This stream is for the fast-growing technological world. Engineers, who research, develop and make modern-day electronic devices and communication systems are Electronic communication engineers. Remote sensing and nanotechnology. Computer vision and image processing, control systems and robotics have seen great heights in no time. Networking, communication and signal processing, analog and radio frequency circuits have proved that technology brings the world closure. Studying ECE will give students the option to either work in the IT sector or in the core electronic industry. ECE Engineers also have great scope in the government. Sector too.

7. Artificial Intelligence Engineering: The scope of Artificial Intelligence in India is still in the adoption stage but slowly it is being used to find smart solutions to modern problems in almost all the major sectors such as Agriculture, Healthcare, Education and Infrastructure, Transport, Cyber Security, Banking, Manufacturing, business, Hospitality, etc. and is growing as one of the fastest-growing sectors in the technology sector in India.

Engineering is a lucrative stream providing various job opportunities to the students who opt for engineering as a career option. This article will help them in choosing the best engineering stream from the top engineering institutes from the country.

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