Reasons Why You Should Choose Digital Marketing Course From AADME This 2024

Digital Marketing Course


Are you also looking for the best digital marketing institute to boost your career?

Are you also done with doing free Digital Marketing Course that are floating in the market, like free unlimited buffer, but are of no use?

Have you also done so many paid courses but are still unable to implement and generate your desired full income from your learning?

Well, if these are your questions, then be ready to unlock the best digital marketing institute that is the sure-shot solution to all your problems.


India’s only internship-based digital marketing training program in HSR layout Bangalore offers training in both online and offline live classes format designed for students, corporates, marketing managers, college and university students, CEOs, etc., and grab a chance to learn directly from the nation’s best trainer, Mr. Alok Badatia.

Get an opportunity to earn while you learn.

  1. 24×7 learning management system access

How about learning anytime, every time, or even at your own time and place with only one rule: be promising and consistent with yourself?

  • lifetime access to the training modules, the recorded version of the modules as study material,
  • a smart tracker to monitor your learning
  • Get your hands on 100+ PPTs and videos with just one click.
  • automatic, advanced, and upgraded LMS.
  • You can learn from anywhere, on any device.
  • live training and classes so that your doubts will be cleared.
  1. Niche-oriented personalized training:

I’m sure one out of every five people is confused about what niche to work in, whether that one particular niche is clickable, likeable, or a lead generator or not.

  • AADME provides small-batch classes of 7–10 students.
  • Every student’s problem is personally attended to by the trainer and experts.
  • AADME has all the caliber to give you this on your plate so that your hunger for knowledge will be satisfied and your need to get valuable work will be fulfilled.
  • Help achieve your niche idea.
  1. 100% job placement and work support

You completed your course, now what? I am sure we all have the same question in mind.

But is any institute promising to give 100% assistance to each and every student who is enrolling in this course?

  • AADME provides you the chance to work on live projects.
  • AADME prepares your base by providing your numbers for mock tests and interviews.
  • providing proper startup training and handholding with an efficient marketing strategy and a structured marketing budget and
  • You will also get a stipend for an internship.
  1. End-to-end training

Learning SEO, Facebook, or content marketing is not enough until and unless it’s happening practically.

Doing the only course will never give you the leverage of calling yourself a digital marketer because professionals work in the 360-degree parameter.

  • AADME provides you with assignment-based training.
  • AADME provides you with a small live group session to introduce you all.
  • It also has a timely feedback system to help you make a personalized and better plan for your success.
  • It makes you a professional working in a 360-degree environment on products and services.
  1. Work Experience

Nobody wants to hire or work with the fresher because everyone wants an expert to work on their end to get a higher success rate.

no worries,

  • AADME will provide you with a valuable stipend internship, keenly evaluated by various experts.
  • You will get a chance to work on live projects.
  • You will also get an internship certificate.

so that when you enter this monster industry, you will no longer be standing in a queue waiting for your chance instead of handling and nurturing your client with 100% accuracy and efficiency.


AADME trainer Mr. Alok Badatia has proven Digital Marketing Course, is running an immense number of digital marketing projects, holds a position among the top 10 digital marketers in India, and has a legit fan following on various platforms of social media.

So if you want to take advantage of all the above-mentioned benefits, then the Alok Academy of Digital Marketing Education (AADME) is your only solution.

So, what are you waiting for?

Grab a chance to acquire digital marketing skills from one of the finest and leading digital marketing institutes in India, then quickly click the link to register for our workshop.

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