Scope and Career Opportunities in Hotel Management in India

It is no wonder that majority of us like to go for a party and eat out every now and then. We love to cherish the delicious and mouthwatering dishes served in hotels, restaurants, resorts and various food outlets. But, have you ever wondered who is taking care of all this food serving process? Undoubtedly, whole hotel management and catering units undertake this task and proudly deal with people by making them feel special in many ways, out of which, serving the best food for taste and health is the one.

It is a fact that hospitality industry is one of the richest industries worldwide. With direct customer interaction, it has a plus point of serving them and improving the customer relations quickly at every point of time. Hospitality industry which includes both the best institutes in Punjab and best hotel management colleges in Punjab demands professionals from the world with excellent skills and experience for teaching others too. Usually the departments in hospitality industry, which need the candidates, are Food and Beverage, Marketing, Accounting, Housekeeping, Recreation, Computer Applications, Engineering, Maintenance, Security, Fire Fighting, Public relations and financial management etc. Since, hospitality stream is a combination of the number of job roles in the hotels, resorts, restaurants, food junctions and so on, hence, equal amount of opportunities are available for the students passing out the degrees and diplomas related to hotel management and catering including others which are as follows:

  • Club Management – You may have heard about a number of clubs which are not only based in nation, however, are multinational and therefore its reach and management is wide too. Taking care of the members and the customers of the clubs is one of the responsibilities which are involved in the management of a club of best institute in Punjab. A great number of hotel management and catering students gets absorbed into such kind of job profile from top hotel management colleges in Punjab.
  • Hotels and Restaurants – It is an obvious fact that hotel management and catering students from most popular college in Amritsar and top hotel management colleges in Punjab land up in a number of hotels and restaurants. From high scale to low scale, the job profile differs. Getting hired into resorts, junctions, cafeteria, branded hotels and so on, the line of hospitality expands in different dimensions.
  • Hospital Administration and Catering – Carrying out administration of a hospital and serving the catering needs as well is one of the roles which only a hospitality student from most popular college in Amritsar and top hotel management colleges in Punjab can pursue with mastery and experience. Different hospitals hire students and professionals who not only have knowledge about dealing with people but have understanding of the amount of administration too.
  • Airline Catering and Cabin Services – Undoubtedly, hotel management and catering students and professionals from most popular college in Amritsar and top hotel management colleges in Punjab are perfect for airline and cabin services. From food administration to cabin help, Greeting manager to administration role, hospitality students are preferred over others for major roles in the airline services. They are considered as the best customer services agents who are not only known for their good will, however, for their responsible and compassionate behavior too.
  • Guest Houses – Guest houses are often known as second homes. They are either complete home structures or apartments which are further divided into separate portions. We often see guest houses at majority of the posh colonies and tourist spots. It is no wonder that they are managed by the hotel management and catering students only who work across the nation as well as per the situation.
  • Cruise Ship Hotel Management – Being a part of a cruise ship kitchen and administration is not a small job. Serving thousands of people at the same time demands a lot of excellence and mastery over your profession and whatever you do. We cannot deny the fact that the salary bar will definitely be up and depends upon the art value of your work. Yes, definitely a number of administration and catering roles are available in the cruise ship for hospitality students.
  • Forest Lodges – From small rented rooms to complete wood bungalows, single huts to tree houses and lodges, all are equipped with amazing and skilled staff members who are fully aware about the working scenarios and creativity of the food culture involved, therefore we can say that hotel management students not only cater to people but to nature as well in a direct manner.
  • Hotel & Catering Institutes – The very first option which comes to a hospitality professional’s mind from best institute in Punjab and top hotel management colleges in Punjab is getting into the hotel and catering institutes. Since, these institutes run throughout the year serving different parties whether weddings, new learning students, professional meets, organizational functions etc., so these stay at the peak in both off and on season.
  • Catering departments of shipping companies, banks, armed forces, and railways – Hotel management students have a great level of opportunities in terms of their career after their degree and diploma courses. They are free to get into the catering departments of various shipping companies, banks, armed forces and even railways. Yes, they are often permanently hired for big companies and serve for a long term and along with salary, get good incentives too.
  • Hotel & Tourism Associations – The special thing about the hospitality industry is that it expands in a number of ways and hence has associations around the world with a number of tourism departments and hotel forums. Ultimately, offering abundant offers to the hotel management and catering students for a good and exciting life is the motto of most popular college in Amritsar and top hotel management colleges in Punjab.

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