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The history of Social Media Marketing Tools is very long as river Nile, and more fascinating. I just love to share some piece of information which I found interesting and it’s great to know about the days without internet or television and I was very excited about how a businessman at those periods marketed their products?  So I geeked out, consequently here where I end up.

Before 1900, an era without the internet, television, or radios where people rely on their own strategies like word of mouth, influencer marketing, or recommendations to market their product since there is only a small batch of production.

The Early 1990s paved the way for the internet to rule the world. A smarter marketing idea born in this decade known as SEO (search engine optimization) which used to rank the product or service on Google or Yahoos result page.

Another huge milestone comes in the millennium, widely known as Social Media marketing born in the decade 2000. Then the Marketers are in the position to use different strategies and ready to leverage social media to sustain themselves in the dog-eat-dog world. This exciting and interacting tool became a boon to all sorts of businesses to promote and sell their product and to get a good reach to their audience or customers.

Starting our own business and getting good ROI is obviously the foremost aim of any business. It’s better to act according to the proverb “Look before you leap”. My humble request to all beginners in marketing is, Give priority to the most popular social media platforms.Once your pocket is filled, then do some investment in testing at other new platforms sprouting regularly.

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