Solar Energy And Its Advantages In Today’s Era

In our present era, we are in a situation where we have a shortage of oil, gas, and other fuels used for daily needs. Studies also reveal that we will not be getting the sufficient amount of energy needed in our day-to-day lives in the future years. So if we talk about options presented to us to deal with the situation, then we should choose the renewable source of energy like solar power plants.
The research on solar energy shows that the energy received on earth by the sun in an hour is approximately equal to 430 quintillion joules – which are adequate to sustain our needs for a year. Solar energy can easily help us in reducing the carbon footprints as it is the best alternative to be used instead of burning fossil fuels. So let’s take some deep knowledge about solar energy and its advantages:
What is Solar Energy?
Solar Energy is a form of power that is gained from sunlight entering the earth which is captured through solar panels and then converted into electrical or thermal energy. Solar Rooftop power plant in Ghaziabad can be set up to make use of the sun rays captured through solar panels.
Solar energy is basically classified into two categories:
Solar Photovoltaic Panels (PV)
Solar Photovoltaic Panels directly convert solar energy captured from the sun into an electrical form which can be used for various purposes. The only main focus in this technology is photovoltaic cells which convert solar energy to functional form. These cells contain semiconductor material, which when exposed to sunlight absorb its energy and convert it into negatively charged particles known as electrons. And when these electrons come to motion; electricity is generated.
Concentrating Solar Power (CSP)
Concentrating Solar Power plants use mirrors to gather the sun’s energy to operate traditional steam turbines or engines which are used to create electricity. The process keeps on going whenever sunrays are coming over as this technology can store the heat produced. This stored power can be used during sunsets and on days when the sun doesn’t appear.
What are the advantages of using Solar Power?
Now let’s focus on the significant advantages of solar energy:
● Lower Electricity Bills
As you’ll be gathering some of the energy needed with the electricity your solar panel has generated, your power or electricity bills will lessen to a considerable cost. Still, the money you save on your bill will be relative to the size of the solar system you set up and your electricity operation. For illustration, setting up solar panels on your office building would profit you as the large system size can balance the large lump of your energy bills.
● Renewable Source of Energy
Talking about the environment and using sustainable sources is a hot topic for today’s generation. Solar energy plays a very essential role in saving the earth. This form of energy is a renewable source of energy and can be daily channelized in all parts of the world. As scientists have stated, we will be able to see the sun for the next 5 billion years so it is very clear that solar energy is the best option for people around the world.
● Reduce Maintenance Cost
Solar energy generally doesn’t need a high amount for maintenance. You only require cleaning costs in solar panels multiple times in a year. All the tata solar panel distributor in Delhi provide 20-25 years of warranty. The inverter needs to be replaced after 5-10 years if you use it continuously.
● Various Applications
One of the important purposes of solar power is that it can be used for various applications. The main goal is to generate electricity but we can use it to refine water in areas with limited water supplies and utilize it in spaces for satellites.
● Tax Benefits
The government in India has realized the importance of solar energy in saving the environment. That is why many schemes are launched for people who wish to install solar panels in their offices or homes. The solar tax credit also called investment tax credit gives a deduction of 25 percent in installing a solar rooftop plant.
Thus, this sector is much broader than we expect and solar energy would make a new revolution in our lives.

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