There Are The Things And Hacks You Must Know As a Computer Engineering Student

Computers are machines that can be slow & breakdown ,threatening to take academic aspirations. Almost all students need a computer to get work done efficiently. Functional devices have indeed become a central part of our lives. Using a computer for its most basic functions is perhaps already in vocabulary. Computers are the vault in which work is stored, safeguarding the hours of work behind the screen. Some tips & tricks might help you work faster & be more productive.

1.Change windows password without knowing the existing password. We all know that to change a password in windows we need to enter the existing password and then we can proceed to enter the new password. This trick is used when the system is logged in & have forgotten the password.

2. Boost speed as broadband speed depends on several factors including the external factors like speed provided by ISP & hardware. Improvement of internal factors through a technique known as TCP optimization.

3.Use clouds when a computer is crashed cloud software such as drobox or google drive stores data externally to access anytime & anywhere from the computer.

4.Shortcut windows –
Ctrl+a- select all files
Ctrl+t-new tab
Ctrl+w-close the tab
Win+d-minimize all windows
Win+x-pops up useful list
Ctrl+shift+esc-open task manager
Win+i-opens window sidebar
Win+e-opens file explorer
Alt +enter-opens properties of files
ctrl+shift+n-Creates new folder

5.Detection of email spoofing. This is specially used for gmail. if you want to check a particular email is legit. The option menu is indicated by a small downward-facing arrow to the right of the reply button.

6.Learn to operate a code editor using hotkeys- Such as visual studio & emacs choose one & learn how to operate it quickly using keyboard commands. Learning hotkey is a pain in the butt, but getting a grip on commands in fingers can get programs much faster.
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