Top 100 Google Ranking Factors: A Complete SEO Guide 2021

Top 100 Google Ranking Factors

1. Domain Name – The TLD (Top Level Domain) you book is crucial. If you wish to reach out to global audience choose .com, .edu, .net etc. These domain extensions help you reach out to a wider audience.   

2. Sub-Domain Names – Sub-domains rich in primary keyword have create magic on search engines. You should also try and use your target keywords when you create microsites and separate sections in your website.

3. TLD Extension – Country specific Top Level Domain Extensions such as .UK, .IN, .CA help in boosting the rankings of websites in those countries. But the same strategy negatively affects the ranking of a site globally.

4. Domain History – Given that your domain name is your identity, Google offers weightage to the age of your domain as older domains technically have higher chances of ratings. This is where you must be careful while buying an old domain as you will inherit all its previous penalties that can jeopardize your rankings. Check Google’s Matt Cutts video: How can you research a domain that you may want to purchase?

5. Domain Authority – Domain authority is an important ranking factor. Any page that is published on a domain with high authority has better chances of raking higher than another page with less domain authority.

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