Top-Notch Android app Development Trends which are Going to Dominate in 2024

Top-Notch Android app Development Trends which are Going to Dominate in 2022

Android has come a long way and is slowly transgressing into the path of drastic and effective means, which is changing the dynamics of the mobile app development industry. With over 5 million applications present on the Google Play Store, the demand for Android applications is ever-increasing.

With new mobile app trends observed in the market, these newly launched trends will focus on consumer engagement, enhanced quality services, and improved platforms for communication. These customer-centric approaches have attracted many active users while shaping the storage of huge amounts of data and the user experience. However, before diving deep into the world of mobile application development or hiring an Android developer, it is essential to understand the implications too.

Here, we have listed a quick round-up of trends that will rule in 2024.

Augmented Reality: With a perfect amalgamation of augmented and virtual reality, Android app development has been recently launched and has already taken the app development market by storm. Additionally, the inclusion of Virtual Positioning Service (VPS) has upscaled the latest AR technology and emulated visual features that could help the customer better.

Machine Learning: Artificial Intelligence (AI) clubbed within Android operating platforms has helped smartphones perform better. Face detection, barcode scanning, image labeling, landmark observation, and other advanced services.

Blockchain is one of the many advancements that have been predicted for the year 2022. Blockchain technology has strategically created a buzz since its launch. In terms of security, service, and better time architecture, blockchain technology has been adopted by many mobile app development companies.

Low-Code App Development: Earlier, a lot of time was invested in coding applications. However, this practice has discouraged many app developers as it increases the latency of loading the page and makes the website or the app bulky. Therefore, applications have started being developed with minimum code lines to reduce the loading time and make them less heavy.

Contactless User Interface: Touch-based interfaces can be exhausting and difficult to control. However, developers and consumers have rolled out an effective way to avoid disparity, requiring minimal efforts. Thus, a contactless user interface is the only means to achieve that.

Chatbots and Google Assistants: Chatbots and Google Assistants are the ones that are in increased demand for businesses. Since human interaction is limited, the release of these chatbots has worked in favor, as people find this communication medium better. With 24/7 support, increased communication, and information display at the right time without any confusion, mobile app services have acted effectively.

Custom On-Demand Applications: The worldwide pandemic has changed the preferences and approaches that businesses used to follow. Thus, healthcare, travel, hotel, retail, food, and other industries have resumed their virtual interaction by opting for custom on-demand applications.

5G Technology: Known as the 5th generation network, the 5G mobile network is favored globally by internet users. With brisk and secured speed, it epitomizes data delivery with high-quality features. Many Android application development companies are rooting for this speedy delivery.

Motion Layout: Motion layout has been introduced as a blessing to bridge the gap between different layout designs and complex motions.

Wearables: In the new future, the world will notice the growth of wearables. With a convenient interface, it is portable, compact, and user-friendly, highlighting personalized insights for the user. From participating in your daily activities to advising about the routes, it does it all.

Predictive advancement models:

As the technology industry continuously upgrades and declutters irrelevant trends, developers in 2022 will incorporate advancements, especially in the retail industry. These further updates will help the seller study the likes and dislikes of its customers, resulting in better engagement and productivity.

Therefore, it is important to consider which trend you should follow according to the app you’re building. For the refined expertise of professionals, contact AppSquadz, an Android application development company that can assist you with multiple solutions and services. For more, visit our website.

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