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Why do people think buying medicine online is a good idea ? 

People nowadays have come forward to participate in online shopping and the health sector too is not spared.

With better internet connectivity in India and smartphones in almost every hand, people are getting aware of different ways to buy their medicines online, taking risks & precautions with seriousness.

Pandemic induced growth in the online healthcare sector has led to the booming birth of various online pharmacies that are currently focused on to meet the new online customers.

7 types of People benefitting from buying medicines online: 

  1. People who want to keep their identity anonymous while purchasing online or want better privacy on what they are buying online.
  1. People who are living in remote areas and don’t have reach to brick and mortar pharmacies
  1. Consumers who are short of time and want their medicines delivered fast to them.
  1. With online pharmacies, consumer receive discounts that reduce their cost on overall health budget and give a sense of relief
  1. Busy lifestyle and coronavirus concern has motivated people to order medicines online from trusted apps & websites
  1. People who are affected from chronic diseases and are not able to step out of their homes order their medicines online.
  1. Single parents with small babies order health care products from online pharmacies to take full care of their babies.

People know from where they should buy online medicines : 

With the Information Age, comes the awareness, caution with which consumers protect themselves from any breaches.

With competitors in the online pharmacies sector, widespread advertisements, education among buyers.

New age consumers are looking for following 7 points before they order medicines online: 

  1. Possible discounts & fake discounts : consumers know that they should look for true discounts and not heavy discounts that offer medicines online at a very cheap rate.
  1. HTTPS vs HTTP web URLs : customers are aware of security features that come with HTTPS websites and trust that comes with them. They are aware that their information is safe and encrypted from 3rd party
  1. Outdated, counterfeit medications or substitutes: consumers know the websites they should be moving out from and from where they should buy online medicines so that they do not get fake medications.
  1. Online pharmacies that do not demand online prescription : consumers are aware that buying medicines online without prescription is bad for them and they should keep themselves away from these types of online pharmacies.
  1. Online pharmacies with certified pharmacists, team of licensed doctors: customers of new age know that an online medicine store must have a registered pharmacist with them, and a team of listened doctors
  1. Efficient and fast delivery system: customers value their time and hence want to have efficient and fast delivery with promise that their online purchased medicines and drugs delivered to them are properly packed and within a given time frame.
  1. Friendly customer support & FAQs that solve customer’s queries: With friendly customer support , customers find their concern & problem solved instantly.

You might be thinking from where you can buy medicine online to join this new-age consumers group: 

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