Understanding the Importance of Legal Translation in Dubai

What exactly is Legal Translation in Dubai and where does it stand in today’s market? How complicated could it be and where is the Legal Translation in Dubai required? We would love to describe here the true picture of Legal Translation in Dubai and how important yet crucial it is to get it done from the right people.

Legal Translation in Dubai came in existence and started raising its demand when the documentation started getting international. When people started travelling to UAE and started planning their future in UAE, they had to bring their documentation along and had to submit it to the legal departments of UAE. Ministries and Governmental departments had to keep a record of all possible details and as Arabic is and was always the national language of UAE, the documents were supposed to be submitted in Arabic. Now, every country has its own (one or more) official language in which they print their legal documents. In UAE, the national language is Arabic and most of the documents from the legal departments are in Arabic.

The Legal Translation in Dubai is required when the documents from another country are supposed to be submitted to the authorities of UAE and they are not in Arabic. In order to have them submitted in the legal departments of UAE, you would need to have your documents translated into Arabic. E.g. when you are applying for your spouse’s visa in UAE, you would require your Marriage Certificate Translation as the authorities require the Arabic version of the document in order to put it in the system.

Not all documents can be translated legally as Legal Translation in Dubai has a very specific criterion. In order to legally translate a foreign document, the original document has to be attested from the concerned departments’ i.e. Foreign affairs of the home country,UAE Embassy in the home country and then UAEMOFA. Once these requirements are met, the document is legally translated and attached with a copy of the original and are binded together and then are represented to the authorities theywere intended to be represented to.

However, Legal Translation in Dubai is not only used for inside the UAE. Over the time, we have seen countless cases where our clients required their documents to be used outside the country and we had the honor to serve them in their overseas requirements. We provided them with the Legal Translation in Dubai and Documents were then sent to abroad to their desired location.

The importance of Legal Translation in Dubai is pretty critical as the ones who do not understand it, cannot possibly assist you in your legal translation needs. Our team of extravagant professionals have served decades in the Legal Translation in Dubai and have helped in some of the most complicated projects. Which is why, AHTS stands confident that no matter how complicated your documents are and how big the project is, AHTS would make sure you get what you deserve.

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