Why Should Businesses Invest More in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads?

Pay-Per-Click advertising is a digital marketing technique where you pay the advertiser a certain amount of money every time someone clicks on your digital ad. Have you noticed when you enter certain queries on a search engine, some sponsored ads appear at the top of the page? Those are pay-per-click ads. Businesses pay for those ads to appear on top. There are PPC management services in Dubai that can assist you in bringing your ads to the top of the search engine result page.

When you first hear about pay-per-click advertising, the first word that jumps at you is pay. Is it just another expense for you to market your business? Is it worth investing when you already have a chance of being ranked organically?

The internet is vast and if you don’t apply the right techniques, your business will just remain one among the millions of results that have not been able to generate enough traffic to remain relevant. You can generate leads organically but it will take a lot of time. If you’re a small start-up doing business in a highly competitive niche, chances of you appearing as the top result in a search engine result page is very low.

By paying a small amount you are guiding more people to come and investigate your business. Once you get the audience you require, the rest can be taken care of by the quality of the product or service you offer. The amount you pay for these ads can easily be made up through the sales it generates.

PPC advertising and how it works

PPC is a form of advertising where businesses display ads on top of the search engine result page. These ads are triggered by certain keywords that the consumer enters in the search bar. They are the first things that a consumer sees. The main fact to note about this type of advertising is that you have to pay only if someone clicks on your ad and comes to your website. A PPC company in Dubai can oversee your ad campaign and guide you in the right path.

Search engines have complex algorithms that they use in order to rank websites in their result pages. PPC ad campaigns use the complex algorithms of the search engines to make sure that their advertisement appears on top. There is a whole process that goes on behind the scenes. Businesses want certain keywords to trigger their ads. But there may be several other businesses that use the same keywords. Therefore, something called an Ad Auction happens. You will have to bid on the keywords that you want.

Bidding the highest amount doesn’t automatically result in you getting the ad space. Google and other search engines use certain other criteria in their evaluation. Google analyses the amount you bid, the quality of your ad and the impact that your ad format and ad extensions can generate. So, a person paying less may also get the ad space. A Google adwords agency in Dubai can guide you to produce quality ads that can clear the algorithms effectively.

Benefits of PPC ads

Faster results

As previously stated, it can take a long time for your business to rank high on a search engine result page if you go about it organically, especially if you are a newcomer to the field. PPC advertising can obtain faster results for you as your ads appear on top of the result page where it is not easy to miss. Once the customer clicks on your ad you have to pay but you are assured traffic because of this technique.

Reach your target audience

One big advantage of PPC advertising is the fact that businesses have greater control over every aspect of their ad campaign. They can decide which ads are displayed to what demographic, where it is displayed, at what time of the day it is shown, which locality it is shown in and to what query it appears. They can tweak their campaigns in such a way that it appears before prospective clients who have a high chance of converting their searches into purchases. You can look out for specialists for pay-per-click marketing in Dubai who can help you in this fine-tuning process.

Obtain data

PPC advertising fetches you a lot of data on how your ads are performing. You can get details such as how many clicks an ad is getting per hour, at what time of the day does the ad perform best, which ads are being converted into sales, which keywords serve your purpose the best, how many views you get and more. With all this data, you can tweak your campaign to get better results. It is also easier to calculate the return on investment as you can clearly correlate the amount you’re paying per click to the sales generated. Through the data that you obtain, you can identify potential customers and remarket your ads specifically to entice them.

Easy on your budget

Your ad is displayed where your customer’s eye won’t miss it and you only pay if they click on it. Therefore,it is easy on your budget. Even if your prospective client doesn’t click on your ad, since he has seen it, there is always a chance for him to come back and check it out. You may have to pay for some unwanted clicks also but the revenue you generate from the clicks that were converted can compensate for that small loss. The amount you pay per click will only be a small percentage of the income generated.

Pay-per-click advertising is a great way to generate business leads. In today’s competitive world where new businesses are springing up every day, it is very difficult for you to get your prospective clients to even view your product. PPC is one the best digital marketing techniques out there to bring traffic to your website. You can hire or take advice from a PPC agency in Dubai when you do your ad campaigning on the internet so that you don’t end up wasting your budget on unwanted things. PPC advertising ensures that your business is presented to the right person at the right time and it can bring great success to your business.

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