Choosing free blog hosting is a wise decision, especially with Blogger or WordPress. Both of them will allow you to host your website free of charge. Now, choosing free blog hosting will have some limitations that will hold you back at some point in your blog journey. You will realize it when you are doing good, and you will demand more from your blog.

If you want to run a simple blog, then choosing a free blog hosting package would be just what you need. But, if you plan to add some customized features or add any special functions in the future, then you will be shocked to know that you can’t implement them easily. The sole reason for this is that free blog hosting services don’t let you take full control of your blog. Blogger gives you the most control over your site in comparison to other free services, but you have to struggle a lot to add even a small functionality.

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Once you make the change to a paid blog hosting service, you will then have access to everything from the design of your blog to database management. Another beauty of paid blog hosting is you can select the plans according to your needs and upgrade anytime whenever you want. Our paid blog hosting gives you the freedom to build your site in your choice of platform. We let you choose from 300+ scripts including WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Joomla and more. All scripts are available with a one-click installation. You should be aware of some of the essential things that you will receive with our paid blog plans.

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