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Alt balaji app customer

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PRIVACY POLICY PART I. Alt balaji app customer care number

A. This Sequestration Policy Part I (“ Sequestration Policy Part I”) applies to the ALT Digital Media Entertainment Limited (“ Alt balaji app customer care number”) digital Point (s)/ App (s) platforms including without and other affiliated Point (s)/ App (s), mobile operations and other online features (each a “ Point (s)/ App (s)”). The Point (s)/ App (s) are offered by ALTBalaji and its accessories or combined companies. ( inclusively, “ Alt balaji app customer care number” or “ we”, “ us” and “ our”).

B. This Sequestration Policy Part I should be read in confluence with the Terms of Use available on the Point (s)// App (s). Particular Information/ Data/ Information ( defined below) of a stoner (s) is collected if the stoner (s) registers with the Point (s)/ App (s), accesses the Point (s)/ App (s) or takes any action on the Point (s)/ App (s) or uses or accesses the Services as defined in the Terms of Use. The terms‘ Particular Information’and‘ Sensitive Particular Information or Information’shall have the meaning credited to it under the Indian Information Technology Act, 2000 read with the Information Technology.
C. Please read this Sequestration Policy Part I precisely as your use of this Point (s)/ App (s) constitutes your concurrence to the processing of your Particular Information as described in the Sequestration Policy PartI.However, and you wish to give us with your Particular Information to share in a creation or contest, you must read this Sequestration Policy Part I with your parent or guardian, If you’re youngish than 18 times of age.

A. We use Particular Information to allow you to share in the features on the Point (s)/ App (s), to reuse your enrollment, and to give you with other requested content related to our content and other immolations.
B. We give interactive features that engage with third- party social media Point (s)/ App (s), similar as Facebook and Twitter. Any data that we gain about your use of similar features is subject to this Sequestration Policy PartI. Any data that the social media Point (s)/ App (s) gather about you is subject to your terms with them.
C. We use eyefuls and other technologies to track the use of our Point (s)/ App (s). We allow third parties to place similar technologies on our Point (s)/ App (s) to allow them to display advertising and for other purposes.
, you must gain the authorization of your parent or guardian before sharing in a contest or engaging in other conditioning, If you’re under 18 times old. The only exceptions are if you simply subscribe up for a newsletter.
E. We may expose your Particular Information to any of our workers, officers, insurers, professional counsels, agents, suppliers or subcontractors,etc. insofar as necessary for the purposes set out in this Sequestration Policy Part I. We may also expose Particular Information when you request or agree to similar sharing with business mates or other third parties, when we engage a third- party to reuse data on our behalf, when similar sharing is needed by law, or in certain other situations.
F. This Point (s)/ App (s) may be hosted on web waiters in authorities outside India. Your use of the Point (s)/ App (s) constitutes your concurrence to the transfer of Personal Information to any other governance that may not give the same position of data protection as your home country.
(i) We may collect Particular Information/ Information, including your name, dispatch or road address, date of birth, telephone number, your preferences and interests, or other information you give to us or grant us access to when you register for newsletters, communicate with us, or take part in interactive games, features or competitions. The Point (s)/ App (s) may also ask you to give other information about yourself, similar as demographic, geographic information (gender, zip law, age,etc.) or certain information about your preferences andinterests.However, we will treat the concerted information as particular information, If we combine demographic or other information we collect about you with Personal Information about you. Please note that information submitted to the Point (s)/ App (s) via a “ communicate us” or other analogous function may not admit a response. We’ll not use the information handed to communicate you for marketing purposes unconnected to your request unl
(ii) Whenever you visit or interact with the Point (s)/ App (s) or Alt balaji app customer care number content, ALTBalaji, any third- party advertisers, content providers and/ or service providers, may use a variety of technologies that automatically or passively collect informationetc. about how the Point (s)/ App (s) are penetrated and used (“ Operation Information”). Operation Information may include, in part, cybersurfer type, operating system, the runner served, the time, and the antedating runner & videotape views etc. Operation Information is generallynon-identifying, but if Alt balaji app customer care number associates it with you as a specific and identifiable person, Alt balaji app customer care number treats it as Personal Information. ALTBalaji also automatically collects your IP address or other unique identifier (“ Device Identifier”) from the computer, mobile device, technology or other device ( inclusively, “ Device”) you use to pierce the Point (s)/ App (s). A Device Identifier is a number that’s automatically assigned to your Device when you pierce a Point (s)/ App (s) or its waiters, and our computers identify your Device by its Device Identifier. Some mobile service providers or our third- party service provider may also give us with information regarding the physical position of the Device used to pierce the Point (s)/ App (s).

(iii) The technologies used on the Point (s)/ App (s) to collect Operation Information, including Device Identifiers, have been detailed herein below.

( i) By using the Point (s)/ App (s), you assent to the use of eyefuls in agreement with the vittles of this clause. A cookie is a data train placed on a Device when it’s used to visit the Point (s)/ App (s). A “ Flash Cookie” is a data train placed on a Device via the Adobe Flash draw-in that may be erected-into or downloaded by you to your Device. Eyefuls and Flash Eyefuls may be used for numerous purposes, including, without limitation, remembering you and your preferences and tracking your visits to our webpages.However,
If you choose to disable eyefuls or Flash Eyefuls on your Device.

( ii) Web lights ( also known as clear gifs) are used in combination with eyefuls to help Point (s)/ App (s) drivers understand how you interact with their Point (s)/ App (s). A web lamp is generally a transparent graphic image ( generally 1 pixel x 1 pixel) that’s placed on a Point (s)/ App (s) or in an dispatch. The use of a clear gif allows the Point (s)/ App (s) to measure your conduct in opening the runner that contains the clear gif.

(iii) Bedded scripts are programming canons that are designed to collect information about your relations with the Point (s)/ App (s), similar as the links you click on. The law is temporarily downloaded onto your Device from our garçon or a third- party service provider, is active only while you’re connected to the Point (s)/ App (s), and is killed or deleted later.
( iv) Alt balaji app customer care number may use eyefuls and web lights for a number of purposes, including to

Give general internal and client analytics.
Study business patterns in order to ameliorate Point (s)/ App (s) performance, to customize the stoner experience, and to more match the ’ interests and preferences. For illustration, ALTBalaji keeps track of the disciplines from which people visit, and also measures/ tracks caller exertion on ALTBalaji Site (s)/ App (s). Still, these tracking records are performed and maintained in ways that keep the datanon-identifiable.
c. Keep track of preferences you specify while you’re using ALTBalaji products or services.
Support security measures, similar as takingre-login into an ALTBalaji product or service, after a certain quantum of time has ceased.
, eyefuls can also be used to save the username so that we can reuse the saved login information and snappily log you into the product, If you login to our products through the Point (s)/ App (s).
Help in relating possible fraudulent conditioning.
g. Tell if an dispatch has been opened and acted upon.
(v) Controlling our use of Eyefuls The Adobe Flash Player (“ Flash”) is an operation and web tool that allows rapid-fire development of dynamic content. Flash (and analogous operations) use technology to remember settings, preferences and operation analogous to cybersurfer eyefuls, which may be used by Alt balaji app customer care number. ALTBalaji employs Adobe Flash eyefuls in certain situations where we use Flash to give some content similar as videotape clips or vitality. ALTBalaji doesn’t use Flash Eyefuls to serve interest- grounded advertising. Flash Eyefuls are managed through the Flash Player Settings Manager, which is a different interface than the one handed by your web cybersurfer. This Settings Manager lets you manage global Sequestration Settings, Storage Settings, Security Settings, and Automatic Announcement Settings. This Point (s)/ App (s) may also use Google Analytics, a web analysis service of GoogleInc. (“ Google”). Google Analytics uses eyefuls, textbook lines that are stored on your Device and allows an analysis of your use of the Point (s)/ App (s). Still, the information generated by the cookie about your use of the Point (s)/ App (s) ( including the IP address) will be transferred to and stored on a garçon of Google in the US, If Google Analytics is used. Google will use similar information to dissect your use of the Point (s)/ App (s), to produce reports about the Point (s)/ App (s) conditioning for ALTBalaji and to give farther services associated with the use of the Point (s)/ App (s) and the internet. Likewise, Google may transfer similar information to third parties, to the extent fairly needed or if similar third parties process the data on behalf of Google. In no event will Google associate your IP address with other information of Google. By using this Point (s)/ App (s), you assent to the processing of your information collected by Google as described over and for the purposes described over. Google Analytics can be impaired through this link http// ALTBalaji at its sole discretion may employ any other third- party (ies) analytics services, as may be needed.

Our waiters automatically collect limited information about your Bias’ connection to the internet, including your IP address, Device and/ or MAC ID,etc., when you visit our Point (s)/ App (s). Your IP address is a number that lets computers attached to the internet know where to shoot your data — similar as the web runners you view. Your IP address, Device and/ or MAC ID,etc., doesn’t identify you tête-à-tête but may be combined with your Particular Information which also may identify you tête-à-tête.

Certain Point (s)/ App (s) may attract individualities youngish than 18 times old of age (“ Minor” or “ Minors”). On those Point (s)/ App (s), Alt balaji app customer care number may collect thee-mail address and age of Minors in order to shoot them newsletters and engage them in other limitedactivities.However, and you wish to give us with your Particular Information for any other purposes, similar as to share in a creation or contest, If you’re aMinor.However, we will cancel that Minor’s Personal Information, If we’re notified or else learn that a Minor has submitted Particular Information to us through any of our Point (s)/ App (s) other than under the conditions set forth over. Children youngish than 18 times of age may only suds the Point (s)/ App (s) and play with the features, but ALTBalaji doesn’t deliberately collect data of  youngish than 18 times of age.

We’ll use Particular Information collected through the Point (s)/ App (s) to (1) allow you to share in the features we offer on the Point (s)/ App (s); (2) give you with information that you request or agree to admit; (3) ameliorate the Point (s)/ App (s) and for internal business purposes; (4) contact you with respects to your use of the Point (s)/ App (s), and any changes to our programs; (5) knitter content, announcements and offers we serve you; and (6) fulfil other purposes bared at the time you give your Particular Information or else with your concurrence.

6. HOW WE Partake YOUR Particular INFORMATION
6.1 WHEN YOU AGREE TO HAVE YOUR Particular INFORMATION SHAREDWhile on our Point (s)/ App (s), you may have the occasion to conclude-in to admit information and/ or marketing offers from someone differently or to else assent to the sharing of your Particular Information with a third-party.However, your Particular Information will be bared to the third- party and the Personal Information you expose will be subject to the Sequestration Policy Part I and business practices of that third- party, If you agree to have your Particular Information participated. You may also specifically request Alt balaji app customer care number, occasionally, through your use of an interactive point, a contrivance or an operation, that we partake your Particular Information with a third- party and we will generally do so under those circumstances. In addition, if you choose to register for a creation, similar as a competition, prize draw or contest, your Particular Information may be bared to third parties for the purposes of administration of similar elevations.
FOR SWEEPSTAKES, CONTESTS ANDPROMOTIONS.The Site (s)/ App (s) may offer sweepstakes, contests, and other elevations (each, a “ Promotion”) that may bearregistration.However, your Particular Information may be bared to third parties in connection with the administration of similar Promotion, similar as in connection with winner selection, If you choose to enter a Promotion. By entering a Promotion, you’re agreeing to the sanctioned rules that govern that Promotion, which may contain specific conditions from you, including, except where banned by law, allowing the guarantor and/ or other parties to use your name, voice and/ or likeness in advertising or marketing accoutrements.
ON Point (S)/ APP (S) THIRD PARTIES Furnishing SERVICES ON OUR BEHALFWe may engage any third parties to perform functions on our behalf, similar as hosting or operating our Point (s)/ App (s), transferringe-mail dispatches, and data analysis. We may partake Particular Information with third parties in order for them to give content or else perform services for us, and we will bear similar parties to maintain applicable security to cover similar data from unauthorized access or processing. It being clarified that in no event shall Alt balaji app customer care number, or any of its directors, workers, or any representatives, be held liable for use of similar Particular Information by itself and the forenamed third parties.
FOR Chapter SHARING AND BUSINESS TRANSFERSWe may partake your Particular Information with other realities ( group realities and/ or cells) for internal reasons, primarily for business and functional purposes. ALTBalaji or any of its means, including the Point (s)/ App (s), may be vended, or other deals may do in which your Particular Information is one of the business means of the sale. In similar case, your Particular Information may be transferred. Hence, ALTBalaji reserves the right to expose and transfer stoner information, including Personal Information in connection with a commercial junction, connection, restructuring, the trade of certain of ALTBalaji’s means, or other commercial change including, without limitation, during the course of any due industriousness process
6.5 Implicit INVESTORSCertain investors may be interested in investing finances in ALTBalaji. For the purposes of securing similar investment, Alt balaji app customer care number may be needed to expose data pertaining to your Particular Information or to your Operation Information. We’ll bear similar parties to maintain applicable security to cover similar data from unauthorized access or processing. It being clarified that in no event shall ALTBalaji be held liable for use of similar Particular Information/ Information by itself and the forenamed third parties.
We may transfer and expose information, including your Particular Information, Operation Information and Device Identifier ( including IP address, Device and/ or MAC ID, etc), to third parties to misbehave with a legal obligation; when we believe in good faith that the law requires it; at the request of governmental authorities conducting an disquisition; to corroborate or apply the Point (s)/ App (s)’s Terms of Use or other applicable programs; to respond to an exigency; or else to cover the rights, property, safety, or security of third parties, callers to this Point (s)/ App (s) or the public. Pursuant to valid requests by law enforcement agencies, we may also use Device Identifiers to identify , and may do so in cooperation with brand possessors, internet service providers, wireless service providers or law enforcement agencies, at our discretion. Similar exposures may be carried out without notice to you.
The Point (s)/ App (s) may give links to other Point (s)/ App (s) operations. This includes links from advertisers, guarantors and mates that may use our totem (s) as part of aco-branding agreement. Certain content on the Point (s)/ App (s) may be hosted and served by third parties, which may include third- party contraptions ( similar as those that allow you to “ like” or “ share” content with third- party Point (s)/ App (s) and interactive services, or third- party “ get tickets and showtimes” contraptions). The use of these third- party Point (s)/ App (s) operations and any information collected, stored and transferred by them isn’t subject to this Sequestration Policy Part I and is generally


The following is a comprehensive list of what /Information we collect, how we use it:

Information Purpose of processing
Registration Data and Log-in Data. Your name, email, mobile phone number, password, date of birth, gender, and IP address.
Legal Basis (EU): Contract
  • To set up and log-in to a user account on ALTBalaji;
  • To notify you about changes to ALTBalaji;
  • To facilitate communication;
  • To provide you with user support;
  • To enforce our terms, conditions, and policies;
  • To communicate with you;
  • To provide personalised help and instructions;
  • To better understand how you access and use ALTBalaji;
  • To develop new and improve existing features;
  • To provide language and location customisation;
  • To protect any rights, property or safety of ours, our affiliate companies, or other users of ALTBalaji; and
  • To administer ALTBalaji and for internal operations, including troubleshooting, data analysis, testing, research, security, fraud-detection, account management, and survey purposes.
User Profile Search Data. Record of search inquiries.
Legal Basis (EU): Contract
To provide quick access to previous searches.
Additional Account Security. Kids mode PIN (an optional security features for you), Managed Devices, Email address, Facebook Connect Token.
Legal Basis (EU): Contract
To verify your identity account security.
Log File Information See definition above.
Legal Basis (EU): Legitimate Interests
To better understand how you access and use ALTBalaji;
To administer ALTBalaji;
For internal operations, including troubleshooting, data analysis, testing, research, security, fraud-detection, and account management.
Android Device Permissions. Your on-device contact list, SMS, Location, Telephone
Legal Basis (EU): Contract
To process payment for subscription via various payment gateways, wallets, mobile carrier billing, etc;
Transaction/ Financial information
Legal Basis (EU): We process this data in accordance with our obligations under applicable law.
As per Indian law and jurisdiction, ALTBalaji is required to store information regarding any payment transaction attempted on the platform.
Account ID (Customer ID)- created when a user registers on the app
Order ID (generated when a user initiates a transaction)
Location (Location from which the transaction was done)
Package selected
Duration of Package (Quarterly, Half-yearly, Yearly)
Payment gateway through which transaction has been done
Email Id of the user
Date of transaction
Type of transaction (Success/ Failure)
Invoice issued to subscriber
Customer Support Information. Any information that you provide to our customer support team.
Legal Basis (EU): Contract
  • To investigate your support issue.
Device Data. Media stored on your device.
Legal Basis (EU): Contract
  • To facilitate the usage of the download feature of ALTBalaji.
Surveys. If you choose to participate in a survey, we may request certain Personal Information from you. We may use a third- party service provider to conduct these surveys and this will be notified to you prior to you completing the survey.
Legal Basis (EU): Consent
  • To better understand how you access and use ALTBalaji;
  • To provide personalised help and instructions;
  • To develop new and improve existing services;
  • To improve ALTBalaji and respond to customer requests and preferences.
Contest Information. Any information that you provide to us in submitting an entry to a contest offered on ALTBalaji.
Legal Basis (EU): Contract
  • To facilitate your participation in the contest;
  • To award prizes, if applicable.
Anonymized and Aggregated Data. We anonymize and aggregate certain Information to improve our services
  • Analysis of what features or actions are taken within the app in order to improve app experience
  • Fraud detection and account safety analysis
  • User demographic analysis on items such as region, phone model, operating system platform, system language, and ALTBalaji version in order to better understand how our users are using ALTBalaji
  • Web and account traffic statistics of what content and services are used when users access third-party services on the ALTBalaji Open Platform as a method for informing third-party service providers basic analysis of how their service is being used by ALTBalaji users
Cookies. We further explain such collection in “Cookies and other Tracking Technologies” section.
Legal Basis (EU):** Contract
  • To facilitate log-in and account verification;
Payments Information. Please note that where a payment is processed by a third- party payment service provider, we do not collect or store any Personal Information, though we may receive summary information about transactions.
  • To facilitate your purchases within ALTBalaji; and
  • For financial reconciliation
  • To investigate fraud
  • To comply with Indian tax laws
  • To provide support and troubleshooting


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