Hoichoi customer care number

Hoichoi customer care number

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Privacy Policy

1.1 Hoichoi felicitations Your Sequestration. This “ Sequestration Policy” covers Our practices in relation to collection, use, storing, and sharing of particular information, including sensitive particular data or information (hereinafter, “ Information”), in connection with Your use of Hoichoi customer care number Platform and Service (s) and Your choices thereto.

This Sequestration Policy should be read in confluence and together with the Terms of Use available at https//www.hoichoi.tv/tos Your use of the Hoichoi Platform (s), access to Content (s) and/ or Service (s) are governed by the “ Terms of Use” and the “ Sequestration Policy”.
1.3 Your bare use or access of Hoichoi customer care number Platform (s) or Service (s) constitutes Your acceptance of this Sequestration Policy and Terms of Use accessible at https//www.hoichoi.tv/privacy-policy and https//www.hoichoi.tv/tos independently; and any other terms which govern the Hoichoi customer care number Platform (s), and if You don’t agree to these Terms of Use and Sequestration Policy, You mustn’t mileage of/ use the Hoichoi Platform (s) and/ or Service (s) and any use later shall be supposed unauthorized.

You may choose to not give certain Information, but You may not be suitable to enjoy all the features of Hoichoi Platform (s), or access all functionalities in the Service (s). You further shall have the option to conclude-out, or cancel the Information collected by Us or with Authorised Mates or Third-Party Business Mates as detailed in Your Choices and Control.
1.5 All capitalized words in this Sequestration Policy shall be constructed to have the same meaning as defined herein or under the Terms of Use, unless the environment else implies. The terms “ particular information” and “ sensitive particular data or information” shall have the meaning credited to it by the Information Technology Act, 2000 (India) as amended, the Information Technology ( Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Data or Information) Rules 2011 (India), or under applicable laws, including bye- laws, rules, regulations of Your governance.

Your use, access, or enjoyment of Hoichoi Platform or Service (s) may deflect You to other spots possessed or operated by Authorised Mates and/ or other companies, including without limitation analytics companies & merchandisers, search information providers, request exploration companies, security service providers, advertisers, announcement agencies, advertising networks, participatory databases, social networks, social media platforms, content programmers & content operation platforms (hereinafter “ Third-Party Business Mates”) and Hoichoi customer care number may or may not notify You when You have chosen to click through to another website or service while using Service (s). The information practices of Authorised Mates and Third-Party Business Mates are governed by their own terms and conditions and sequestration policy, and this Sequestration Policy doesn’t reflect their practices; and consequently, Hoichoi recommends You to review the sequestration policy of the spots that You’re diverted to.
2. Information we Collect

Information You Give Us
2.1.1 When You subscribe-up to mileage the Service (s) or sluice Content (s) through Hoichoi customer care number Platform (s); or interact with Our client service; or share in Our checks or marketing elevations, We admit and store information about You similar as Your name, dispatch address, phone number, Payment Gateway (s) information (e.g. Payment Gateway used by You during sign-up, any free trial that might be offered to You,etc.). In addition, We may also collect Your address, including ZIP Law/ Leg Law if You subscribe-up from any home except India and Bangladesh.

When You use Our “ Gift a Subscription” program, You may give us with another person’s dispatch or phone number so that person may be invited to mileage Subscription for the Service (s) and/ or enjoy/ sluice Content (s). Original laws may bear You to seek concurrence of Your connections to give their Information to Hoichoi, and Hoichoi customer care number will use that Information in agreement with this Sequestration Policy.
2.2 Information Collected Automatically

Log Lines We may pierce, collect, use and store Information, including without limitation, from and about the cybersurfer or Device You’re using and information about Your cybersurfer type, operating system, IP address, network state, Content (s) selection, Content (s) You access/ sluice, hunt queries, downloads, listening/ viewing times, runner served, and/ or runner viewed. This statistical operation data provides Us with information about the use of Hoichoi Platform (s), similar as how numerous callers visit specific Content (s), how long they watch similar Content (s), and which hyperlinks, if any, they “ click” on. It also provides Us with information about Your relations with Content (s), as well as advertising and products or services offered through or linked from the Hoichoi Platform (s).
2.2.2 Position Information We may pierce, collect, use and store certain Information about your position, similar as your country or address, which you give either directly or via device geo- position functionalities of Yourdevice.However, we may collect Your device’s precise position, If You pierce Hoichoi Platform (s) on your mobile device. We also may decide a general position from device information ( similar as an IP address, GPS). Your position information is needed to insure compliance with geo- blocked Content and helps us in recommending You original Content suggestions.

2.2.3 Device Identifiers We may automatically pierce, collect, use and store Your IP Address or other unique identifiers (“ Device Identifier”) from Your Device (s). A Device Identifier is a number that’s automatically assigned to Your Device when You pierce a website and/ or its waiters, and includes announcement-IDs (e.g. “ Google Advertising ID” on Android bias or “ IDFAs” on Apple iOS bias). Our computers can identify Your Device including but not limited to tackle information, mobile network information through Device Identifier. This enables us to offer You witness grounded on Your Device configuration and/ or operating system being used by You and is needed to cover the number of Device allowed under your Class Plan.

Eyefuls, Web Lights, Mobile and Web SDKs We may also store and use eyefuls to collect Information and to more understand how You use Hoichoi customer care number Platform (s), how You interact with advertisements, to cover web business, to customize Content (s) and ameliorate stoner- experience. We, or Our Third-Party Business Mates, may place eyefuls or analogous lines on your Device for security purposes, to collect information enabling digital rights operation, to grease point navigation and to epitomize your experience while visiting Hoichoi Platform (s).

In addition to eyefuls, We may also use other technologies like web lights to collect Your Device information, check whether You have viewed a particular web runner, announcement, or telegraph communication, and determine, among other effects, the IP address of Your Device, and Content (s) that were viewed, the date and time when Content (s) were viewed. We may also use or work with third parties including our business mates or service providers who use mobile software development accoutrements (“ SDKs”) to collect analogous Information (s). To learn more, relate to Eyefuls and Other Technical Information section of this Sequestration Policy.
2.3 Information from Third Parties

We may also admit Information from third parties, including without limitation, Authorised Partners, Third-Party Business Platforms, mobile network carriers, Payment Gateway (s), etc. The nature of Information handed by third parties vary depending upon Your commerce with similar third party, and may include
2.3.1 IP Addresses, telephone number,e-mail, device IDs, or other unique identifiers, as well as associatedpre-paid creation, billing, and stoner interface information, payment processing information.

Information about You (whether identifiable,de-identified, or anonymous, and whether collected online or offline) about Your interests, demographic data, copping geste, and Your conditioning online ( similar as websites visited and announcements viewed).
2.3.3 Information that enables Us to secure Our systems, help fraud,etc.

If You conclude to give Your credentials from third- party websites ( similar as but not limited to Google, Facebook and others), We’ll have access to certain Information from that point, similar as Your name, profile and regard information, in agreement with the authorization procedures determined by similar third- party website.
2.4 Hoichoi customer care number doesn’t and will not, at any time, request Your sensitive particular data or information ( word, fiscal information similar as bank account details, or credit card, or disbenefit card, or other payment instrument details; physical, cerebral, and internal health conditions;  exposure; medical records and history; biometric information). To review Our security systems, relate Data Security and Retention section of this Sequestration Policy.

3. Use of Information
3.1 Communicating with You

We may use Information about You to communicate with You, similar as
3.1.1 Shoot updates about new Content (s) uploaded on Hoichoi Platform (s);
Details about new features of the Hoichoi customer care number Platform (s);
To communicate with You, either directly or through one of our Authorised Mates, for marketing and promotional adverts;
Consumer checks;
3.1.5 Evidence of your Class Plan, including expiry and renewal thereof;
Deliver Service (s) You request, process deals and shoot You affiliated information, including backing with functional requests, like word change request,etc.

These dispatches may be through colorful styles, including but not limited to dispatch, push announcements, phone calls, textbook messaging, WhatsApp dispatches.

Grievance Redressal

We may use the Information to respond to Your questions and requests, and give client service; to resolve general queries regarding use of Service (s), Content (s), functional requests, etc.
3.2.2 We may use Your Information to determine details similar as Your ISP, Device, operating system, mobile carrier to support network troubleshooting.

Viewing Recommendations and Substantiated Offers & Elevations
3.3.1 We may use Information about You to give localized content, to give You with substantiated viewing recommendations for Content (s) that We suppose will be of interest to You.
We may use Information to offer You substantiated offers and elevations by Hoichoi or third parties, including Authorised Mates, and give You news and information We suppose will be of interest to You.

. System Security & Compliance (s)

. We use the Information to corroborate Your identity
. We may use the Information to descry, probe, and help conditioning on Hoichoi customer care number Platform (s) that may violate Our Terms of Use, your Class Plan, help free trail fraud, or any other fraudulent conditioning, violate brand, or other rules or that may be else illegal; to misbehave with legal conditions; and to cover our rights and the rights and safety of our  others.

3.5. Service Analysis

. We may use Information to perform request exploration, dissect and understand Our followership, ameliorate Our Service ( including perfecting interface gests and Service performance).3.5.2. Link or combine with Information we admit from others to help understand Your requirements and give You with better Service (s).
4. Information Participating and Disclosure

We may partake and expose Information in the following ways or for any other purpose bared at the time of collection
4.1. With your concurrence We may expose Information when you give us with your concurrence to do so; or
. To meet legal obligation Hoichoi may transfer and expose your Information (i) to misbehave with a legal obligation; (ii) by an order under the law in force; or (iii) at the request of government authorities conducting an disquisition; or
. With Group Companies We may partake Your Information among associated and/ or group companies as demanded for data processing and storehouse, to give You with access to Our Service (s), to offer you client support, to collect your review and feedback and for other purposes described in the Use of Information section of this Sequestration Policy. Please relate Your Choices and Control section of this Sequestration Policy to learn how to conclude-out; or
. With Authorised Mates We work in close association with retailers, telecom service providers, internet service providers,e-commerce platforms, streaming services, broadcast channels, advertising networks and platforms that may vend/ distribute Service (s);. Please relate Your Choices and Control section of this Sequestration Policy to learn how to conclude-out.
4.5. With Third-Party Business Mates In order to carry out Your requests, to make colorful features, Service (s) and Content (s) available to You, and to respond to Your queries, or for data processing and storehouse We may partake Your Information with Third-Party Business Mates, similar as companies that host or operate Hoichoi Platform (s); Payment Gateway (s); assay data; give client service; guarantors or other third parties that share in or administer Our elevations. Your Information may also be used by Us or participated with Third-Party Business Mates in connection with marketing, promotional, and other offers, as well as product information, and for similar third party’s analytics and request exploration. The use of Your Information by Third-Party Business Mates isn’t guided by this Sequestration Policy, and is subject to their terms of use and sequestration policy. Please relate Your Choices and Control section of this Sequestration Policy to learn how to conclude-out; or
. In the event of change of control As We continue to develop Our business, We may vend or buyassets.However, or means related to Hoichoi Platform (s), Your Information may be bared to similar reality as part of the due industriousness process and will be transferred to similar reality as transferred means, If another reality acquires all or mainly all of Our means. Also, if any ruin or reorganization proceeding is brought by or against Us, all similar Information may be considered an asset of Ours and as similar may be vended or transferred to third parties. Please relate Your Choices and Control section of this Sequestration Policy to learn how to conclude-out.

5. Your Choices and Control

. Still, except for Clauses 4, If at any time You wish to not partake Your Information for any or all purposes under Clause 4 of this Sequestration Policy.1 and4.2, you may conclude-out from participating Your Information; or have Your Information deleted; or correct/ update out of date or inaccurate Information that We hold; or circumscribe or expostulate to processing of Your information. You can shoot Your request to Data Protection Officer Moloy Karmakar throughe-mail atsupport@hoichoi.tv with the subject line “ Request for conclude-out/ Information omission/ update Information” (whichever applicable). Similar requests should bear Your hand-either digital or written.
. You may not be suitable to enjoy one or further of the features or functionalities of Hoichoi Platform (s), or access the Service (s), if You choose to cancel Information that We hold about You; or conclude-out from participating Your Information or circumscribe or expostulate to processing of Your Information.
. To pierce a dupe of Your Information that We hold write to Us by transferring ane-mail to Moloy Karmakar atsupport@hoichoi.tv with the subject line “ Request for Information”.
5.4. Still, Authorised Mates, and/ or Third-Party Business Mates, If You wish to conclude-out of entering dispatches from Hoichoi. Please note that You can not conclude-out from entering all dispatches from Hoichoi, including promotional; functional dispatches, that We may shoot You throughe-mails, push announcements, SMSs, and/ or WhatsApp dispatches.
. Announcement- Choices
. We may on our own, or in association with Authorised Mates and/ or Third-Party Business Mates present in- operation announcements and engage in data collection, reporting, announcement delivery and response dimension, and/ or point analytics. To conclude out of from Our collection, use, and transfer of data as described over for interest- grounded advertising, relate to Clause5.1 over.
. You may have further options depending on Your mobile device and operating system ( s ). For illustration, utmost device operating systems (e.g., iOS for Apple phones, Android for Android bias, and Windows for Microsoft bias) give their own instructions on how to limit or help the delivery of acclimatized in- operation announcements. You may review the support accoutrements and/ or the sequestration settings for the separate operating systems to learn further about these features and how they apply to acclimatized in-app announcements.
5.6. Location Information We may have access to certain Information about Your position, similar as your country or address, which you give either directly or via device geo- position functionalities of YourDevice.However, we may collect Your device’s precise position, If You pierce Hoichoi Platform (s) on your mobile device. To disable the collection of precise position information from Your Device, You may pierce Your Device settings and chose to

6. Storge and Processing

Your information (s) collected by Hoichoi may be stored and reused in India, Bangaldesh and/ or United States or any other country in which Hoichoi or its accessories, cells or service providers maintain installations.
7. Data Security and Retention

. Data Security
7.1.1. Hoichoi uses assiduity practices and procedures to keep Your information safe. All information (s) handed by You or information (s) collected automatically are translated through a secured service subcaste (SSL) before it’s transferred to Hoichoi. To help unauthorized access, maintain data delicacy, and insure correct use of information, We employ commercially reasonable and practicable security practices and procedures and security styles and technologies
. Information is collected and transferred to and from India and US. Information is stored and reused both in India and US. Your submission of similar information represents Your agreement to transfer and storehouse.
. Unfortunately, the transmission of information over the internet isn’t fully secure. Although We strive to cover Your particular data, We can not guarantee the security of Your data while it’s being transmitted to Hoichoi; any transmission is at Your own threat. Once We’ve entered Your information, We’ve commercially reasonable procedures and security practices in place to nicely endeavour to help unauthorized access.
. Support Our IT security sweats by not telling any of Your particular information or sensitive particular data or information on Hoichoi Platform (s). Likewise, You can help Us guarding Your particular data by subscribing off when You finish using login- defended features of Service (s).
7.1.5. Hoichoi shall not be liable for any data breach if You fail to maintain the security of Your Device.

. Data Retention
We retain Your information (s) ( including particular information or sensitive particular data only for as long as We believe it to be nicely necessary for purposes set out herein for which the information was collected, subject to any legal conditions for the data to be retained for longer ages of time. We take reasonable measures to destroy orde-identify particular information in a secure manner when it’s no longer needed.

8. Eyefuls and Other Technical Information
8.1. We, Our Authorised Mates, and/ or Our Third-Party Business Mates may store eyefuls to Your cybersurfer/ Device or use analogous technologies for the following purposes (i) to understand and enhance Your experience on Hoichoi Platform (s); (ii) to give, develop, maintain, epitomize, cover, and ameliorate Our Service (s); (iii) to perform analytics, including to dissect and report on operation and performance of Hoichoi Platform (s) and marketing accoutrements; (iv) to cover against, identify, and help fraud and other unlawful exertion; (v) to produce aggregate data about groups or orders of Our; (vi) to attend  across Bias; (vii) to remember You when You return; (viii) to check whether You entered and opened Our dispatch, clicked through a link, or else interacted with our Content (s); etc. Eyefuls and other technologies also grease, manage, and measure the performance of announcements displayed on or delivered by or through Us and/ or third parties to Hoichoi Platform (s). By visiting the Hoichoi Platform (s), whether as a Stoner or Subscriber, You admit, and agree that You’re giving us your concurrence to track Your conditioning and Your use of the Service (s) through the technologies described over, as well as analogous technologies developed in the future, and that we may use similar shadowing technologies in the emails we shoot to You.

. Managing eyefuls and other technologies Eyefuls can either be patient ( i.e., they remain on Your Device until you cancel them) or temporary ( i.e., they last only until you close your cybersurfer). Check Your cybersurfer settings to learn how to cancel eyefuls. You may acclimate your cybersurfer to reject eyefuls from Us or from any other website. Controlling eyefuls via cybersurfer controls may not limit Our use of other technologies. Please review Your cybersurfer’s settings for further information. Still, blocking eyefuls or analogous technology might help You from penetrating some of Our content (s) or Service (s).
9. Fresh Information Regarding Children’s Sequestration

You must be above the age of maturity as per laws of Your governance to Subscribe to the Service (s). While individualities under the age of maturity may pierce and else enjoy the Service (s), they may do so only with the involvement, supervision, and blessing of a parent or legal guardian. We may bear You to give a document for the purpose of age verification.
10. Sequestration Policy Changes and Updates

Hoichoi reserves the right, at any time and from time to time, to modernize, revise, supplement, and else modify this Sequestration Policy. Any material updates, variations, supplements, variations, and fresh rules, programs, terms, will be posted on the Hoichoi Platform (s), and will be notified to You bye-mail, push announcement, SMS, or WhatsApp dispatches, or any other means harmonious under applicable law. You may review any material updates, variations, supplements, variations, and fresh rules, programs, terms and reach out to Our Data Protection Officer for farther information, or to conclude-out from Service (s). Your continued use of the Service after any similar updates take effect will constitute acknowledgement and (as applicable) acceptance of those changes.

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