Prime flix customer care number

Prime flix customer care number

prime flix customer care number,+91 777 709 8582,

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Videotape on demand (V.O.D.) services are now in great demand and have nearly replaced the way how people watch pictures and Television shows. Videotape streaming spots have brought entertainment on your fingertips with easy availability. Prime Flix is one of the decoration videotape streaming apps available moment.

1. Prime Flix offers you a wide collection of pictures and shows to choose from in HD.
2. With Prime Flix you can watch innumerous content anytime, anywhere.
3. Our subscription process is easy and flexible to suit your requirements.
4. Choose from among thousands of titles to watch whatever you want to.
5. You can store your favourites and view them whenever you want to.
6. You can use Prime Flix on several bias according to your convenience to get an optimum lozenge of entertainment.
7. Prime Flix provides an easy stoner interface and solves all your videotape streaming enterprises.

Download the app and watch your favourite shows and pictures continued Prime flix customer care number.

Prime flix customer care number

PrimeFlix is one of India’s leading Streaming platforms possessed by Primeflix Pvt Ltd. It brings to you a Plethora of Vids, Web Series, Pictures, Reality Shows, Sitcoms, Short flicks, Trip Shows, Music Vids and much further.
Established in 2019 PrimeFlix Pvtltd. has provisioned to an array of stripes in the field of entertainment. Headquartered in Mumbai, Prime Flix Pvtltd. is started with the vision to expand and entertain western and southeastern countries with affordable rates. It has been envisaged with the belief that stories have the power to change lives and each property on the platform is reflective of this energy. PrimeFlix Pvtltd. focuses on creating iconic characters and transnational- quality donations.
Primeflix Pvtltd. is possessed by Sushil Deshpande. He has been in the media space for over 3 decades gauging a diapason of functions as an Editor, Director, Patron and Entrepreneur. He’s a Pioneer and Visionary in the world of TV. Coupled with his capability to have a vision for the arising OTT script, to stand out from the clutter of streaming platforms, with sapient content and knowing the palpitation of the request in terms of attracting eyeballs, he’s the backbone of PRIME FLIX.
It has opened a extravagancy of openings for Artists each over the globe. New gift, with fat vision and stimulating ideas, are ate with open arms. PrimeFlix Pvtltd. plays a prominent part in affordable entertainment curated with a platoon of largely talented and creative personals.
It’s not only available as a mobile app for android and iOS  but also for smart TVs for better viewing experience. PrimeFlix Pvtltd. is available across 5 different interfaces for its observers. PrimeFlix Pvtltd. is an ultimate window to entertainment and quality viewing.
The payment gateway may deflect you to other website (s) maintained or controlled by third parties, and Primeflix doesn’t control similar third party website (s) and hence isn’t responsible for any deals on similar website (s). Primeflix won’t be liable for any credit card or disbenefit card or net banking or cash card fraud, and Primeflix won’t entertain or address any similar grievances or issues. You’re requested to communicate all grievances related to similar issues to your bank or mobile carrier/ driver or mobile portmanteau provider who has issued such a credit card or disbenefit card or net banking account or cash card. Primeflix shall not be responsible for all or any disagreement or difference relating to online payment made by you through credit card or disbenefit card or net banking account or cash card or via any other mode available. Further, Primeflix won’t be responsible for any fiscal loss, vexation or internal agony performing from abuse of your credit card or disbenefit card or net banking account number or cash card and other details. Payments formerly made by credit card or disbenefit card or net banking or cash cards or via any other mode available shall not be reimbursed in any circumstances. You’re hereby advised to keep details of your credit/ disbenefit card and net banking nonpublic and don’t partake any similar details with any other third party. Primeflix is available in select countries only. Primeflix would not be held responsible for hindrances in the access and use of Primeflix due to geographical change in Your position. Further, YOU will be solely liable for penetrating and using Primeflix in the countries of Your use. Your subscription to Primeflix in a particular geographical home shall be valid for that home only and shall not automatically entitle you to pierce your account from a different geographical home, unless specifically permitted by Primeflix. You’ll be needed tore-subscribe to Primeflix in the event that you wish to use the services from a different home other than the one from where you firstly subscribed to Primeflix.

With flexible pricing and every kidney to choose from, your ideal videotape-on- demand service is then in the form of Prime Flix.
Get in touch to know more and leave your entertainment needs in safe guardianship.

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