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How can I pay for my order at Myntra?
How does the COD (Cash on Delivery) payment option work?
Why can’t I see the COD option on my payment page?
What is COD limit?
I want to know about EMI (credit card) payment option?
How do I make payment using EMI (Credit Card) option?
What is the eligibility criteria to avail EMI option?
Why is sum total of EMI’s more than the order value?
What happens if bank rejects EMI conversion?
Why is the transaction amount not converted into EMI in 7 working days?
What should I do if my payment fails?
I am being charged GST amount on my order. What is GST?
How is the GST amount decided?
If I return/cancel the purchased product will the GST/VAT amount charged be refunded?

Myntra Credit

How can I add money into Myntra Credit?
What Payment Methods can I use to top up my Myntra Credit?
How much money can I add in my Myntra Credit?
How do I check balance in my Myntra Credit?
How do I use Myntra Credit to buy items on Myntra App/Website?
Can I redeem Myntra Credit to Cash?
Can I buy items on other e-commerce websites with Myntra Credit?
Do I need to have an account on Myntra App/Website to use Myntra Credit?
Can I transfer my Myntra Credits to another Myntra Account?
Can my Myntra Credit account be suspended/closed?
What happens to my Myntra Credit if I Uninstall the Myntra App?
What happens to my Myntra Credit if I am not able to access my Myntra Account?
What happens to my Myntra Credit if I don’t use Myntra App for over 1 year?
What happens if someone uses Myntra Credit from my Myntra account without my permission?
What happens if I return the Items which I have bought with Myntra Credit?
Can I pay for an Item partially from Myntra Credit and Partially from other payment options?
Can I decide the amount which I can pay from the Myntra Credit and the rest from other payment options?
Can I decide to not pay through Myntra Credit, even though I might have amount available?
Is there any maintenance charge for keeping Myntra Credit?
What is the maximum validity of Myntra Credit?
Is there any minimum amount to be maintained in Myntra Credit Account?
What are the benefits of taking refund to Myntra Credit?

Coupons and “My Cashback”

How do I apply a coupon on my order?
Why will ‘My Cashback’ not be available on Myntra?
How can I access ‘My Cashback’ balance transferred to PhonePe wallet?
As ‘My cashback’ is no more a payment option, what will happen to ‘My Cashback’ balance?
I have not received ‘My Cashback’ balance into the PhonePe wallet, what should I do?
I was given a coupon when you cancelled my last order. How can I use it?
What is discount capping on coupons?
I have accumulated Myntra Points in my account. How can I redeem them?

PhonePe Wallet

What is PhonePe wallet?
Do I need to have a PhonePe account to shop on Myntra?
What will happen to my money, if an order placed using PhonePe wallet fails or is rejected?
I am a PhonePe user, how can I link my PhonePe account on Myntra?
Can I link multiple Myntra accounts to the same PhonePe account?
What is the maximum balance that I can have in PhonePe wallet and How do I check my balance?
How can I transfer PhonePe wallet balance to my bank account? How do I use PhonePe wallet to make a payment?
How soon will refund reflect in PhonePe wallet post order cancellation/return?
What happens when I return an item purchased using the PhonePe wallet?

Try and Buy

What is Try and Buy Service?
How can I avail Try and Buy on my order?
How will refund of Try and Buy orders be processed?
Will I get a Cash On Delivery payment option for Try and buy order?
What if I can’t try the product instantly, will you make another attempt to deliver?
Will return & exchange policy be available on Try and Buy orders?
Will I get a chance to choose delivery date and time for Try and Buy orders?

Gift Cards

How can I purchase Myntra Gift Card?
I just received a Myntra Gift Card. How do I use it?
How do I check the available balance or expiry date on my Gift Card?
What should I do if, I have not received the e-mail that had Gift Card details?
Does Myntra Gift Cards expire?
When is the Myntra issued Gift Card sent to the recipient?
What can my Gift Card not be used for or to purchase?
How do I cancel a Gift Card?
What exactly does the recipient receive when I send a Myntra issued Gift Card?
What can I do to ensure that the Gift Card is delivered to the recipient?
What happens if I need to return something I purchased with my Gift Card?
Who is the issuer of Myntra Gift Cards?
How many Gift Cards can be used in one transaction?

Gift Wrapping

Can I use Myntra to send gifts to others?
What payment methods can I use to pay for a gift order?
Will the pricing, discount and payment information be displayed on the package sent to the recipient?
Can I apply a coupon or discount on the gift wrapping charge?
Who can return the gift?

E-mail verification policy

What is Myntra’s E-mail verification policy?


How does the alteration work?
When can I place an alteration request?
How will my measurements be taken?
Can I schedule the pickup of the product for alteration?
Do I have to pay for the alteration service?
How many days would alteration take?
Can I give products bought elsewhere to be altered?
Do I need to have the original brand tags for requesting for an alteration?
Do I need to be available at the time of pickup and delivery?
Till when can I place the alteration request?
I am not seeing the option to place the alteration request?
Which styles are supported for alteration?
Can I place a return or exchange request after the product has been altered?
If I am unhappy with the alteration done, what is the resolution?
Can I place a re-alteration request after the altered product is delivered?


How will the donation amount be used?
How much amount can I donate?
Shall I get a receipt for the donation amount?
Can the donation amount be refunded?
Can I make a donation in a Cash On Delivery Order?
Do I have to submit my PAN?
Where can I see the FAQs, T&Cs and Privacy Policy of GiveIndia?
I want to know more about the program/ I have not received my 80G receipt. What do I do?

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