Wrap-Around Prescription Sunglasses: Utilitarian Design for Optimal Protection

Wrap-Around Prescription Sunglasses: Utilitarian Design for Optimal Protection

When people think of sunglasses, they often think of the rebel or James Dean type: shy, attractive, mysterious, and fashionable. The traits of classic or fashion sunglasses are not the same attributes that spring to mind when considering wrap-around prescription sunglasses.

Wrap-around sunglasses are known for their practical and somewhat rigid design, hugging the contours of the wearer’s face and not allowing a single sun ray to pass unobstructed. While not typically classified as fashionable, the distinction often depends on who wears them because wrap-around shades look good on oval, heart, and diamond-shaped faces.

Still, wrap-around glasses serve a more utilitarian purpose. The product is meant to reduce glare and eliminate bright spots that can limit or obscure your field of vision. Therefore, prescription sunglasses are likely better for some people than others.

Who Needs to Wear Wrap-Around Sunglasses?

Anyone working or spending hours in direct sunlight will benefit from wearing wrap-around sunglasses. While people can take other precautions to protect their vision, such as broad-brimmed hats, not all situations will allow for such provisions. For instance, when working in construction, employees must wear hard hats that do not provide much shade for the eyes. A pair of wrap-around sunglasses ensures they can remain focused on construction tasks without the sun causing them to lose focus.

Wrap-around sunglasses are also excellent additions to certain recreational activities. For instance, if you like hiking or cycling, wrap-around options provide protection and clear sightlines through intertwining pathways or roadway traffic.

Can You Use Wrap-Around Sunglasses Over Regular Prescription Glasses?

You can find wrap-around sunglasses to fit over your existing prescription glasses, but they are not as fitting or attractive as wrap-around prescription sunglasses. Wrap-overs, or fit-overs, as they are commonly called, are also not as comfortable or effective. Many people who opt for wrap-overs typically come away with similar complaints:

  • They add bulk and weight.
  • They do not remain in place, especially during motion-heavy activities.
  • They are not universal.

While wrap-overs might work for the occasional sunglass wearer, you are better off investing in a pair of prescription wrap-around sunglasses if you rely on shades for day-to-day activities. There are many manufacturers and designs to suit nearly every need.

How Do Wrap-Around Sunglasses Stack Up Against Other Styles?

Not every person will need the level of protection provided by wrap-around sunglasses. Also, not every person will appreciate the practical design of the frames. Still, when you need optimum protection against the sun’s rays, wrap-around options provide it.

Therefore, when weighing your options between the practicality of wrap-around frames and fashion-forward designer sunglasses, only you can determine which is better. However, there is only one option when form and function are the priorities.

Wrap-around prescription sunglasses might not be the most fashion-forward pieces of eyewear, but they serve a practical purpose, providing optimal protection from the sun. Also, many modern frames are more appealing than some older wrap-around models. Manufacturers have taken significant strides to ensure designs are less bulky and more streamlined.

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