Luxurious Human Hair Extensions By Hair of Sweden

Luxurious Human Hair Extensions By Hair of Sweden


Your overall look is defined by a perfect hairstyle. Hair is the most essential part of your appearance, as it helps you boost confidence. However, short hair can tremendously boost your confidence, or sometimes it can turn out to be the opposite.

It can be frustrating if your hair does not grow to a certain length, no matter how much effort you put in. Fortunately, there is always a solution for every hair problem. In this case, hair extensions are an instant and reliable solution that fixes all your hair concerns.

The best part of good-quality bellami hair is that they seamlessly blend into your natural hair. Hence, you can achieve your dream hair at any minute. A variety of human hair can cover up a bad haircut and increase the length and volume of your hair.

Moreover, you can add your desired colors and dimensions to your bellami hair. There is no need to undergo the whole hair-dying process that easily damages your hair. You can conveniently pick any type of hair extension of your choice and wear it.

Hair Extensions

These artificial hair integrations add thickness and length to the natural hair. There are two kinds of wigs: the synthetic one and the one made of 100% real human hair. The synthetic extensions are manufactured from various blended fibers. They are cost-effective but not long-lasting and smooth like real human hair.

The synthetic fibers are also considered to be quite stiff quality-wise.

100% human hair is sourced directly from a donor and contains no additives. Therefore, people give more priority to human hair depending on their requirements and budget. Human hair extensions have all the properties of natural human hair. Both of these extensions are attached to your natural hair through various methods like gluing, sewing, and clipping.



It is a type of natural and artificial bellami hair that is applied through different methods to beautify the look of the hair. A weave is not a wig and is meant to last for weeks, unlike clip-in hair extensions that can be removed on a daily basis. A hair weave is not worn like a wig; instead, it is sewn into the natural hair to give it volume and length. Hair weaves are most commonly worn by black women.

  • Micro Ring human hair

To cover all the rings entirely, the customer’s hair length must be a minimum of 10cm or 4 inches. Although it can fit into shorter hair, there is a possibility that rings might reveal and give an unnatural look.

  • Clip-In-bellami hair

These are the most convenient and easiest bellami hair to be applied for beginners. Clip-in hair extensions are the most inexpensive and require a minimum of 7 cm, or 3 inches’ length. These extensions flawlessly blend with natural hair while adding a mound of hair.

  • Tape-in human hair

As specified by their name, these hair extensions are attached to hair roots directly using adhesive tape. It requires a minimum length of 7 cm, or 3 inches, as the tape fits easily into shorter hair as compared to clips. The tape-in hair extensions can be further trimmed into smaller pieces.

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