9 Significant places to be visited in the city of Mumbai

9 Significant places to be visited in the city of Mumbai

Mumbai is known as the city of dreams and is the capital city of Maharashtra which is located on the west coast of the Indian Peninsula. This place is very well named after the goddess MUMBA Devi and is a diverse city which will be helpful in providing people with a significant variety of choices. Some of the very basic places that you need to visit in the city of Mumbai after you plan the stay in hotels like Taj lands end Mumbai are explained as follows:

  1. POWAI lake:The lake place is 12 m deep and is very well spread across 6.6 km. IIT Bombay is very nearby situated in this particular area which will be helpful in including the extra sparkle into it. Every concerned person who is a nature lover can very easily plan out a visit to this particular place to enjoy the sunbirds, kites, Bulbul, ducks, kingfishers and other associated birds.
  2. Nehru Centre: This particular place is very well built in the memory of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and the Centre will be definitely helpful in propagating his teachings and ideas through cultural and educational programmes. This place also includes the spectacular doom-shaped planetarium which will be helpful in providing people with groceries about astronomy and science for young kids. You can even stargaze with your little ones over here without any problem on the sky theatre for a memory span of time. Making the kids stand in the cubicle in terms of calculating the weight of everything is definitely considered to be a good idea in this case so that everybody will be able to enjoy themselves a lot. You will be definitely able to charge the kids up with the energy and intuitive Ness in this particular area.
  3. KidZania: KidZania is one of the most important indoor amusement parks which has exclusively been made for kids with a unique concept of role-playing in the real city environment. Kids over here are very well performed role-play and after the successful completion of the job they will be getting the money another encouragement factor. All of these options will be definitely helpful in making sure that kids will be doing the perfect jobs in their life and parents will be simply relaxing in the lounge to monitor the kids on the TV screen. Basically, this is one of the most interactive educational activities and makes this particular place an ideal destination for kids.
  4. Shivaji Park: If you are very much passionate about sports day looking for Shivaji Park as one of the most important things to be visited is definitely a good idea. This place comes with plenty of social and political gatherings before and after India’s independence and ultimately comes with the best possible historical jam. Due to the sprawling open area of 28 acres, this particular place is ideal for enjoying the game of cricket, tennis or football. It is very well surrounded by the residences of important personalities in the form of Raj Thackeray, Sachin Tendulkar, AnoopJalota and other associated famous people.
  5. Juhu Beach: Nothing can be much more romantic than watching a movie and enjoying the luminous or in the sky on a busy Beach life Juhu Beach. This is one of the spectacular places to be visited in the city of Mumbai, especially by couples who are interested to enjoy the romantic escape from the very basic hustle and bustle of life: you can also plan out a romantic date over here along with the amazing beat side restaurants available at Juhu without any problem.
  6. Marine Drive: Walking hand-in-hand with your partner along the Marine Drive is also the perfect opportunity of witnessing the sunset reflecting on the vast Arabian Sea. This is the ideal place for relaxing and spending romantic moments with loved ones on a beautiful evening. This is one of the most popular places to be visited in the city of Mumbai, especially during the night and to satisfy hunger there are some street food options available over here without any problem.
  7. Chhota Kashmir: If you are very much interested to search for a peaceful and intimate moments spending place then definitely Chhota Kashmir is a very good idea in this particular scenario. This is a very beautiful landscape garden which comes with the perfect atmosphere for the body as well as the mind. You can simply recline peacefully on the greens of the garden and ultimately you can also plan out the boating in the lake to get lost in love with the peace of this particular piece of paradise. Visiting this place is definitely a good idea to enjoy the new spark in your love life.
  8. Hanging Gardens:Every relationship very well deserves a break from the monotonous daily routine which is the main reason that shifting the focus to the hanging Gardens is a good idea. Taking the significant other to this amazing hanging Garden is the perfect opportunity of planning out things and enjoy the spectacular water fountains. It is advisable for people to never miss out to take a funny picture of their partner at the joint boot structure over here which is very well known by the name of old woman shoes.
  9. Prithvi theatre: If You Are having a deep interest in the field of theatre and Fine Arts then definitely visiting the Prithvi theatre is a good idea because it was built in memory of Prithviraj Kapoor. This place comes with meaningful life performances in different languages along with multiple online workshops. On top of it, people can also enjoy multiple festivals over here along with a book shop and Cafe so that they can cater to their minds and satisfy their hunger very seriously and simultaneously.

Erudition to the above-mentioned points, visiting the city of dreams in the form of Mumbai is a great idea for people to have the perfect beach experience. Ultimately planning out the stay in the options like Tajlands end Mumbai is a good idea to have the best access to the places mentioned above.

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