Top 7 MP4 Video Editing Software – Know Before You Go!

Top 7 MP4 Video Editing Software – Know Before You Go!

Nowadays, MPEG-4 (MP4) is indicated as one of the best file extensions of present videos! The most obvious trait of the MP4 format is its universal nature, which means this format is accepted by both Windows and Mac platforms, even works best with iOS, Android, and Linux devices. And, whenever you want to convert WEB Media video to Mp4, then simply get the best online WEBM to MP4 converter. Besides that, Mp4 video is highly supported by social media sites like YouTube. That’s the patent reason why we always have a couple of videos to edit.

Don’t fret as we are listing a few best Mp4 editors that allow you to perform MP4 video/movie modifications on your desired devices.

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Windows Movie Maker:

The great about this editor is that it is the default component of both Windows 7 and Windows 8. Once you import an Mp4 video or slideshow from your iPhone or any device, you are free to go and even edit the video by using this best Mp4 editor online. Apart from that, you could get the best WEBM to MP4 converter from if you aim to convert WEBM video to MP4 universal format.

Well, the Windows Movie Maker allows you to slow down or speed up the video, transitions, animations or vivid visual effects, and much more.

Why to Use?

  • Free and lightweight editor for your MP4 files
  • Packed with a simple UI for green hands
  • You can create a simple video within a matter of seconds


Ssemble is an entirely online MP4 Editor, so you can access it from anywhere and there’s no software to download or install. With Ssemble, you can edit, convert, compress, store, and share your videos all in one place, making it the ultimate all-in-one video creation and editing tool. Say goodbye to complicated software and hello to creating stunning videos with ease, thanks to Ssemble!. Ssemble’s mp4 editor is a web-based tool that allows you to edit and customize your mp4 videos. It provides features such as trimming, cropping, adding effects, transitions, text, and more.

Why to use?

Very user-friendly and marketed as a strong instrument

high-caliber results

Users of the free version get access to all tools.

Microsoft Photos:

Basically, this tool is designed for photo management and editing, but it also works best to edit your video. This one of the stunning traits were added to Microsoft Photos with the release of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. The upside about this tool is that it allows you to import photos and videos in Mp4 or different other formats. Also, you could easily create a quality movie with text, motion, music, and 3D effects with ease.  Moreover, it’s best to convert WEBM to MP4 using WEBM to MP4 converter just because WEBM (Web Media) video format still comes with some limitations:

Why to Use?

  • Free and handy tool
  • Packed with an intuitive interface and even beginner-friendly
  • Works best with OneDrive content
  • It is best for backup and duplicate projects


Yes, iMovie Mp4 editor faces iOS and Mac, user groups. This Editor is packed with a streamlined design and intuitive multi-Touch gestures. More practically, it lets you dive into 4K Mp4 video editing using iPhone, iPad, or Mac. This smart tool succeeds in turning any ordinary MPG video format into a Hollywood-style movie. You are simply required t drag and drop your files to add effects, insert titles, and create a full soundtrack. And, if you’re seeking the easiest way to convert multiple WEBM videos into quality Mp4 videos, then start using an online WEBM to MP4 converter.

Why to Use?

  • Its simple and user-friendly interface makes its best choice
  • Get ready to explore stunning effects and video transition

Final Cut Pro:

Final Cut Pro is a well-known editor that is used for MOV and MP4 (even for Panasonic and Sony formats) video editing as well as filmmaking. It allows you to work with 3D titles, not to mention the Motion graphics. You could easily adjust the animation, lighting, and entire appearance of your MPEG 4 video file. Apart from that, is the best source that lets you convert different compatible formats to and from Mp4 online, even you get the best version of a free WEBM to MP4 converter there.

Why to Use?

  • This tool is perfect for professional work
  • Simple way to perform Multicam editing

VSDC Free Video Editor:

VSDC is another best editor that helps you in combining multiple source chunks in different file formats while maintaining quality. If you people do not yield to the quality of the video, this software works best for you. Moreover, if you want to run WEBM video on your iPhone, then priorly you have to convert it into Mp4 with the help of an online WEBM to Mp4 converter.

Additionally, the latest version of this software optimized the coders, decoders, and filters also supported 2K and 4K videos, and much more.

Why to Use?

  • Very easy to use and indicated as the powerful tool
  • High-quality outcomes


This handy Mp4 editor provides you with a bunch of video editing features. You could use Kapwing to quickly trim, split, merge videos, overlay text, and images, add transitions, create subtitles, and much more. It is a completely free version tool and there’s no watermark and ads on your video. Similar to other editors, it is also packed with limitations on file size, video duration, and others. Apart from that, if you have a couple of WEB Media video formats and you want to convert them into MP4 universal file format, then simply account with an online WEBM to MP4 converter right now.

Why to Use?

  • Easy to use
  • No additional software is required to proceed with editing features
  • No watermark
  • Get the default configuration for individual social network
  • Free version users can be able to access all tools


The upside is that this MP4 editor works best on Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, and Linux. This tool assists to trim videos, adding titles, inverting the colors, removing the background from your video, adjusting brightness, and much more. You could easily add as many layers as you required to create a stunning video.

Why to Use?

  • 100% free and open-source tool
  • Very simple to use
  • Best for starters
  • It provides you with the multiple platforms
  • You can be able to choose the desired output format

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