An Overview About Foamed PVC Sheets

An Overview About Foamed PVC Sheets

Polyvinyl chloride is one of the most commonly used plastic materials, used for different indoor and outdoor applications. The flexible property of PVC sheets makes it advantageous for you to use them in various appliances like electric cables, toys, can dashboards, etc. Moreover, the availability of PVC products includes many forms, like sheets, rods, machinery parts, or film.

Based on your requirements, you can choose between rigid sheets and semi-flexible sheets. There are usually complex and soft types of PVC available on the market. PVC foam sheets are lightweight sheets that are extensively used in the advertising or screen-printing industries.

What are the benefits of PVC sheets?

  • Insulating properties

You can use the foam PVC sheets for making covers for electrical switchboards, as these are good insulators. The material used in making these sheets has the properties of low density and high rigidity. Moreover, this prevents more heat transmission, which makes it safer than other materials.

  • Light weight

The lightweight is one of the most significant characteristics of PVC sheets, which makes your work convenient. Moreover, even though it is a lightweight material, your products will still not suffer from fragility, and you can keep them durable.

  • Fine printing quality

In the marketing or advertising world, the printing quality of your advertisement plays an important role. For example, you can use foam PVC sheets for your product marketing, shop displays, etc., that look more attractive. These sheets are water and heat resistant, and you can use them for your outdoor displays.

  • Flexibility

It is easier to shape these sheets into desirable shapes, and you can develop your products according to your requirements. Moreover, processes like drilling, gluing, printing, or painting are comparatively easy on foam PVC sheets, and you can easily fabricate these sheets to develop your products.

  • High resistance

There are no other substances that can provide resistance from fire, water, or corrosion. PVC sheets have good resistance to all these factors. PVC sheets are not affected by heat, light, or acid; this is why they are suitable for hoardings or ceilings. Moreover, metal may react to chemicals or rust, but these sheets remain unaffected and don’t deform.

Generally, wooden sheets or metallic sheets start reacting to water after some time and result in swelling or rusting. Therefore, it is better to choose foam PVC sheets, as they are water-resistant.

  • Durability and strength

Though these sheets are flexible, this doesn’t make them weak, and the rigidity depends on your requirements. These are flexible in forming or reshaping. But once they are shaped into a particular size or shape, these sheets remain the same. And thus, they are more durable without any damage.

  • UV resistant

You will be amazed to know that these foams and boards have high resistance to the ultra-violet rays of the sun. Moreover, it can withstand unfavorable weather conditions, and thus, many shoppers or advertising companies are using this material.

  • Easy Cleaning

By using a damp cloth and a plastic cleaning solution, you can easily clean the PVC sheet. Therefore, if you are looking for a low-maintenance sheet, you can give it a try.

  • Cost-effective

Who doesn’t like affordable, durable items with long-lasting properties? So, everyone gets attracted to these sheets, as they are cost-effective and comparatively cheaper than aluminum or wooden sheets.

From the ceilings of vehicles like buses and cars to the signboards and hoardings, foam PVC sheets have been used in general. Furthermore, you may find the coating of these sheets on your home furniture, wall panels, garage doors, etc.

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