Different Games You Can Play on Your iPhone

Different Games You Can Play on Your iPhone

Playing games on consoles and smartphones is one of the most exciting activities for people of almost all ages in the digital age. Keeping this in mind, game developers in the gaming industry try to come up with engaging and unique games for gamers around the world.

There are so many epic games that you can download on your iOS and Android devices to play solo or with your friends. You can watch different walkthrough videos and get the latest updates about the gaming industry using satellite TV and the internet. Just in case you are looking for some high-coverage satellite TV and internet plans, check out this link.

For now, let’s have a look at the following games you can play on your iPhone:


The game lets you unleash characters from the entire Marvel Multiverse using a fast-paced card battle game. You can assemble your favorite Marvel characters, comprising different Marvel superheroes and supervillains. It is one of the most engaging, iconic, and strategic card battle games that lets you control the arena with characters you always wanted to see in action.

The best thing about the game is that the battles are not too long and focus more on the good stuff you would like to experience. This includes collecting and upgrading your Marvel character, playing with each variant, using daily, weekly, and monthly updates to maintain your excitement level at all times, and so on.

App Store Rating: 4.8

Unhappy Raccoon

The game offers exciting gameplay and a way to explore the universe, build your spaceship, and find your companions to work with on different mysterious planets. The game is set in a universe created by the Raccoon God where you can build, practice, and fight enemies who cannot stand your wrath and your team of Raccoons.

In the game, you can come across raccoons with different powers and abilities and battle with rogues. If you love raccoons and want to see these cute and furry beings in action, this is the game that you should play on your iOS devices.

App Store Rating: 4.6

Path to Nowhere

This is one of the best SRPG games set in the year N.F. 112. In the game, you are appointed as the Chief of the Minos Bureau of Crisis Control, with a duty to shackle and control the most vicious outlaws. These outlaws are termed “sinners” and are supposed to be kept behind bars to protect the city from falling apart. You are supposed to stick to the good side in the dark world and become a symbol of hope for the people in despair.

There are different roles that you have to play in the MBCC, including saving the world from mutated monsters, detaining sinners who use dangerous powers to overcome you, etc. For this, you have to use your talent, skills, and control to turn the tide during the entire mayhem.

The best thing about the game is that it has some amazing voiceovers in different languages like English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. Users can switch to any of them whenever they want to get a better understanding of things.

App Store Rating: 4.8

Murder by choice

The game lets you come across a murder mystery that leads Carla Page, who is a young journalist, to Ruben Navarro’s yearly private party. She finds herself surrounded by some of the most wealthy and influential people in the world. Suddenly, the weather changes, and she is unable to head back home.

If this was not enough to get her in trouble, a murder occurs a few moments after she puts her feet on the shore. Carla sets out to solve this murder mystery and finds out that the island she is on has many secrets.

Apart from that, the game lets you experience a highly interactive murder mystery adventure that is set in the current time. You have to use your murder mystery and clue-finding skills to find hidden clues, secrets, and hidden objects that will lead you to the murderer. You have to gather evidence and come across different scenarios, making it the best game for your guests during the holiday season this year.

App Store Rating: 4.4


In the end, one can say that there are so many games that you can have a look at on the App Store and select the ones that excite you the most. Also, you can select a game that you need to play with your friends to make your special occasions more special and add a little fun to your event.

For instance, you can download a game for Thanksgiving or Christmas and play it with your friends. Besides this, you can play any of these games in your leisure hours to relax your mind.

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