Does a Fence Increase Home Value

Does a Fence Increase Home Value

If you are updating your home to sell, then, as any real estate agent will tell you, you have to pay attention to the inside as well as the outside. The outside of your home is what agents call curb appeal, and one key element of this curb appeal is your front yard. When a front yard is well organized, it creates an entrance as an introduction to the rest of your home. One way to upgrade your front yard is by adding a fence, and you might be wondering how you can pick the right fence that will add value to your home. There are ways to add a fence that can help make sure it will be installed to last and will be a design that future homeowners will love. Does a fence increase home value?

Pick your materials wisely.

A painted wood fence might seem like the easiest choice, but wood, while cost-effective, requires more maintenance than other materials like vinyl or aluminum. A white vinyl fence can offer a similar effect to a white picket fence but is easier to maintain because it can be cleaned with soap and water, unlike a wood fence, which needs to be repainted. A lower-maintenance option like vinyl could be more attractive to buyers and, as a result, could add to your home’s value.

Follow the rules.

As with any major home renovation, you may need a permit, and it’s not as simple as buying the materials and hiring someone to get the job done. Checking the limits of your property line and making sure you have all the permits and rules in mind before getting started will make sure that the fence is installed correctly and that job doesn’t need to be redone by the next owner. If you have a homeowner’s association, you may need to ask about color and material rules.

Make it green.

There are fence alternatives that can offer privacy without building a fence, such as by adding a hedge, bamboo, or row of trees. Using landscaping as a privacy screen in your home can be an option, but it may require more planning and upkeep than adding a fence. Other green alternatives include using recycled materials, such as reclaimed wood or bamboo.

Consider the costs.

As of 2022, installing a new fence costs between $1,500 and $4,000 on average, according to HomeAdvisor. If you already have a fence and want to upgrade it to sell, you can also consider repainting it, especially if it’s wood, instead of putting in an entirely new fence.

Hire a professional.

It can be tempting to cut corners when updating your home, especially if you are making updates to sell. Because a fence is a major investment and needs to withstand the elements, it’s key to hire a contractor experienced with the kind of fencing you are adding. Buyers will want to know about the warranty for the fence as well as who to contact for repairs.

Not all fences will add value to a home. Consult with your realtor to be sure you are making the best choice.

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