IELTS Mock Test Vs PTE Mock Test: Can you Use them interchangeably too?

IELTS Mock Test Vs PTE Mock Test: Can you Use them interchangeably too?

IELTS and PTE are two globally recognized English proficiency exams, allowing non-natives to stand out in the world of natives. As the purpose of both of these two exams is the same, many of us think that they are the same on other fronts as well.

There is no doubt that they share many similarities. But they are both different for multiple reasons.

Based upon the differences between these two exams, the IELTS mock test and PTE mock test also differ from each other.

As attempting the IELTS and PTE mock tests is an indispensable part of the exam preparation journey, understanding these differences is a must. In this post, we have jotted down the key differences so that you don’t have to do the hard work. Scroll down to get to know them.

Differences in the format

On the surface, both of these mock tests seem similar in format, as both assess the speaking, reading, writing, and listening abilities of the non-native speakers. Question formats are also more or less similar. But there are still many significant differences. Have a look at them.

PTE mock tests are offered in three versions: academic, general, and young learner.

IELTS mock tests will be offered in the general and academic categories. If you’re a candidate trying to pass IELTS for a student visa in countries like Canada and the US, then go for IELTS Academic mock tests and IELTS General if you want to apply for permanent residency and other visa categories.

PTE academic mock tests are a great choice to make if you want to study in countries like Australia and New Zealand for higher studies. For school-level studies, one has to hone communicative English expertise with PTE Young Learner mock tests.

The online PTE mock test will be 2 hours long, and one has to attempt it in one go. Online IELTS mock tests will be divided into two parts, and you can take a break in between or attempt these two parts on different days.

Free online PTE mock tests will feature the Speaking section as well as the final exam. This section is conducted online only. As the actual IELTS exam conducts a speaking section in front of a live examiner, this section won’t be present in the free online IELTS mock tests.

The PTE mock test will include all the evaluated English communication skills together, as the exam considers all of them interrelated to each other. There won’t be any sectional segregation. On the other hand, an online IELTS mock test with evaluation will feature each assessed communication skill separately and find out the test-takers capability in each section distinctly.

They both differ in scoring as well because of the different skill assessment procedures. In the PTE online mock test, you will score between 10 and 90, and only the overall score will be granted. In free IELTS mock tests, you will get a section-wise score and an overall score. You will score on a scale of 0-9.

The focus of the PTE mock test would be on assessing the practical aspect of the communicative English ability of the test-taker, while the IELTS mock test is designed to check the in-depth understanding of the English language. Its emphasis is on the grammar and vocabulary understanding of the examinee.

In the PTE online mock tests, you navigate through all the questions and have the freedom to correct your mistakes side by side. You will be granted a particular time duration for each question, and attempting a question during that time is crucial.

In the IELTS mock test, candidates are allowed to skip a question, mark it for later review, and come back to complete it. There is no allotted time for each section. You can finish reading in 50 minutes and take more time to write. Candidates are granted full freedom on this front.

Differences in the mock test delivery mode

PTE is an all-in-all computer-based exam, while IELTS can be taken online or in paper-based format. Because of this exam delivery mode difference, IELTS and PTE mock tests differ too.

For PTE aspirants, only computer-based PTE mock tests are offered. They are designed using high-end PTE practice software and follow the exact real-time exam format.

IELTS mock tests are offered in computer-based and paper-based formats. Make up your mind first about the final exam delivery mode that you want to go for, and then pick IELTS mock tests accordingly.

In the computer-based mock tests of both exams, scoring will be done automatically. But IELTS paper-based mock tests need manual assessment. As a hopeful, you will not make a fair judgment of your performance. Hence, it is wise to seek the help of a reliable IELTS preparation institute.

Ending Notes

The ultimate goal of both the PTE and IELTS mock tests is to give confidence, competency, and dexterity to a non-native speaker in the native world for all purposes. Both of these exams have great similarities. But they are not the same. So, understand your purposes first, and they will take up the related mock tests to improve the final performance.

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