lionsgate play customer care number

lionsgate play customer care number

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1. Preface
This Sequestration Policy explains how and why we use particular data ( also known as particular information, tête-à-tête identifiable information or PII) for the purposes of furnishing, promoting and developing the Service. This Sequestration Policy also provides contact details and important information about sequestration rights.

Your use of the Service shall be governed by this Sequestration Policy as well as any other applicable programs published on the Service. Your use of the Service whether for the purpose of transacting through the Service or else, implies your specific concurrence to the vittles of this Sequestration Policy as well as other applicable programs, including but not limited to Lionsgate’s use and exposure of the information handed by you as a result of your access to and/ or use of the Service. Lionsgate hereby reserves the right to modify, add or cancel any part of this Sequestration Policy without previous written notice/ suggestion to you. It shall be your sole responsibility to periodically review this Sequestration Policy and all other applicable programs published on the Service for any variationsthereto.However, you must discontinue farther access and use of the Service, If you don’t agree to the variations made to this Sequestration Policy by Lionsgate. You agree and admit that similar closure of access to and use of the Service will render the Sequestration Policy irrelevant from similar date of closure only; still this Sequestration Policy will remain applicable to all cases of use by you of the Service previous to similar date of closure by you.

We explain the Service in further detail in the Terms of Service. Please read this Sequestration Policy together with our Terms of Service available at https// and similar other applicable programs published on the Service. This Sequestration Policy is incorporated into and subject to the Terms of Service.

This Sequestration Policy was last streamlined on January 28, 2021. We’ll periodically modernize this Sequestration Policy so please check back for updates.

2. What particular data do we collect? lionsgate play customer care number

We collect particular data relating to individualities who have carried a Subscription to the Service (“ Subscribers”) when they interact with Lionsgate Services. We also collect particular data relating to other individualities that interact with the Lionsgate Services, similar as individualities other than Subscribers who pierce our Lionsgate Services via their device or profile.
Specifically, we collect the following types of particular data relating to Subscribers and other individualities –
a) Name and address.
b) Date of birth.
c) Communicate details ( including dispatch address and phone number).
d) Registration, username, word, word memorial and other information relating to Stoner Accounts.
e) Payment details (in limited circumstances).
f) Reports of issues with Lionsgate Services.
g) Correspondence ( including dispatch and converse).
h) Screen names
i) Search queries
j) Information about interests
k) Social media accounts and use
l) Third party access to the Service (for illustration, access via Facebook login)
. m) Technology used to pierce the Service, including –
.List item
Device information
Cybersurfer information
Internet service provider or mobile carrier
Pertaining and exit runners
Date and time prints
Clickstream data ( including runner clicks and scrolls)
Bandwidth speed
Software and registry keys
IP address and device ID
Information from eyefuls and analogous technologies
3. How we pierce your particular data
We may collect particular data from you when you pierce the Service or land a Subscription to the Service, as well as through other mediums similar as through cessions in online checks and contests. We also collect information pursuant to dispatches published by you on our communication boards or any other communication areas or when you leave feedback about the Service. In addition to collecting particular data directly from Subscribers and other individualities, we collect information from social media companies as well as other companies with whom Subscribers and other individualities penetrating the Service may have a relationship with (“ Partners”). Mates include Internet Service Providers, third parties that distribute the Service, online and offline data providers and voice assistant platform providers. We recommend that Subscribers and other individualities read the sequestration programs of all organisations lionsgate play customer care number that reuse particular data relating to them.

4. Payment Information
Upon your purchase of a Subscription using a payment gateway service provider, we collect payment information including credit/ disbenefit card/ any other payment instrument used for the purpose of earning a Subscription. This payment information is stored with the payment processors and used to reuse and grease the payment of your Subscription figure in order that we may give you with access to the Lionsgate Services that you have requested.
Where the payment processors are furnishing payment processing services to us, we put in place applicable contracts to cover your particular information.

5. How we use particular data
We use particular data handed by you as detailed above to give, promote and develop the Service. More specifically we use particular data to –

a) Ameliorate the Service by furnishing substantiated content, language, help and instructions
. b) Customize the Service by position.
c) Give client service backing.
d) Ask Subscribers to share in checks, products, services, news and events.
e) Give Subscribers with news, newsletters, updates, targeted advertising, elevations, sweepstakes and special offers.
f) More understand how Subscribers use the Service ( including checking business patterns and what types of content are most popular).
g) Admit and respond to cessions or correspondence.

Use Subscriber cessions in agreement with the Terms of Service available at https//
i) Administer community bulletins (for illustration, converse and bulletin boards), to respond to dispatches including feedback and other information handed by Subscribers or other individualities on the Internet or away relating to the Service
. j) Repost commentary about Lionsgate Services, programmes and/ or content on colorful online platforms and social media (for illustration, Twitter)
. k) Exercise and misbehave with enforcement of legal rights.

6. Consequences of not furnishing particular data
Subscribers are needed to give enrollment, contact and payment details in order to pierce the Service. We’ll not be suitable to give the Service to Subscribers that don’t give this information.

7. Automated decision- making
We use automated decision- making to give Subscribers with the most applicable content and develop the Service. Still, we don’t use automated decision- making to make any fairly significant opinions about individualities.

8. Participating particular data
Social media Subscribers and other individualities may engage with the Service through third- party social networks (for illustration, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest). We may also allow Subscribers to pierce their accounts or specific content through social networks. Where Subscribers or other individualities engage or login through social media, we will partake particular data with and admit particular data from the applicable social network. Where Subscribers or individualities engage or login through a social network, we recommend they read the applicable social network’s sequestration policy.

Service providers. To help give, develop and promote the Services and to offer you a tailored experience, we partake particular data with and admit particular data from the following types of service provider –
Payment processors
Fraud and credit threat service webbing providers
Advertising mates
Analytics service providers
IT providers
Professional services (for illustration, accountants and attorneys)
. We’ve contracts in place with these service providers that rigorously govern how they may use the particular data we partake with them.

Group companies and business reorganizations. We’ll partake particular data with our group companies where necessary to give, develop or promote the Service.

We’ll partake particular data with implicit buyers, group companies and/ or business mates where necessary for a reorganization, restructuring, junction, trade or transfer of means involving Lionsgate and/ or the Service.

Legal rights and scores. We’ll partake particular data where necessary to establish, exercise or defend our legal rights. We’ll also partake particular data where needed by the courts, controllers or law.

9. Eyefuls and analogous technologies
Eyefuls – Eyefuls are small information lines that we place on the bias used to pierce the Service. The types of Eyefuls we use are described below

lionsgate play customer care number

Essential Eyefuls – Our Spots and Services may not work duly without Essential Eyefuls. For illustration, we and our service providers may use Essential Eyefuls to identify and authenticate Subscribers. We also use Essential Eyefuls to apply our Terms of Service, maintain the security of our Spots and Services.
Performance Eyefuls – Performance Eyefuls collect information about how callers use Lionsgate Services, for illustration, which runners  visit most frequently and error dispatches entered by  from web runners. Performance Eyefuls do n’t collect information that identify a caller and the information collected by these eyefuls is aggregated and anonymized.

Advertising Eyefuls – Advertising Eyefuls are used to deliver announcements applicable to callers grounded on the caller’s interests and to measure the effectiveness of advertising juggernauts. These eyefuls are generally placed by advertising networks with our authorization. They remember that you have visited the website and this information is participated with other associations similar as advertisers. We, and named third- party advertising mates, use eyefuls, bedded scripts and web lights to present announcements through the Service. Our advertising mates may also employ other analogous types of technologies.
Bedded scripts – An bedded script is a programming law used to collect information about how Subscribers use the Service. The bedded script is temporarily downloaded onto bias used to pierce the Service. The bedded script is only active whilst the device is used to pierce the Service.
Web lights – A web lamp is a small graphic image or programming law that’s included in some corridor of the Service.

Analytics – We, and named analytics service providers, use eyefuls, bedded scripts and web lights to give logical information about the Service. Our analytics service providers may also employ other analogous types of technologies.

Concurrence – lionsgate play customer care number Where we need to seek concurrence for analytics and Advertising Eyefuls, bedded scripts, web lights and other analogous technologies, we will let you know.

10. Links to third party websites
Lionsgate Services may link to third- party websites that may collect tête-à-tête identifiable information about you. You shall be solely responsible to review the sequestration programs of similar third- party platforms previous to access and use thereof. Lionsgate shall not be responsible for the sequestration practices or the content of similar linked websites.

11. Children
We don’t deliberately collect or use any particular data relating to individualities under the age of 18 – except if necessary on a one- time base in response to a specificissue.However, please communicate the Grievance Officer incontinently ( detailed below), lionsgate play customer care number If you’re a parent or guardian that has discovered that your child under 18 has submitted particular data without your authorization.

12. Data transfers
Your concurrence to this Sequestration Policy permits us to transfer your particular information to related companies or service providers or third- party donors to whom we give technology and hosting services, for the purposes described in this Sequestration Policy. lionsgate play customer care number Wherever your particular information is transferred, stored or reused by us or our cells or service providers, we will take reasonable way to guard the sequestration of your particular information.
13. Data retention
We keep particular data relating a Subscribers and other individualities that engage with the Service for as long as needed for similar purposes as detailed under this Sequestration Policy, but subject at all times to applicable laws and regulations.

14. Your Rights and Choices
Subscribers and other individualities have the rights to –

a) Manage your information – lionsgate play customer care number You’ll have access to your Particular Information through‘ Communicate Us’ section of the website/ operation after logging in.

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