Popular Pride Month Activities You Can’t Miss Out On

Popular Pride Month Activities You Can't Miss Out On

Starting from June 1st, people within the LGBTQ+ community commemorate Pride Month. It is more than just a celebration full of colors and flamboyant personalities; it is also a reminder of the battles that queer people have had since centuries ago to feel validated and a part of society. Even though it is a serious matter, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun while celebrating Pride – one thing doesn’t exclude the other. If you’re starting to make your plans for Pride Month and would like to ensure that you’re making lasting memories, here are a few activities you definitely don’t want to miss next June.

Decorate Your House with Pride-Themed Décor

Even if you’re not part of the LGBTQ+ community, you can still make sure that queer individuals in your community know that you are an ally by decorating your home with queer pride-themed décor. It can be a great way to express the spirit of pride and celebrate identity altogether. It doesn’t have to be anything too outstanding; you can be as subtle as hanging a rainbow flag in your window or front yard, for example. You can also place a yard sign in support of the community or create your own décor and showcase it anywhere you think it could be cool. It can be a perfect way to start pride month and let people know that you’re celebrating self-love along with thousands of people across the globe.

Attend the Parades in Your Community

If your community is celebrating pride and holds a parade during Pride Month, then you shouldn’t miss out on it. Be sure to attend it if you can. As a queer individual, it may help you feel connected with other individuals like you, and as an ally, you can help people within the LGBTQ+ community feel welcome and respected. Plus, these parades are always quite fun and loud. You’ll see a lot of colors, enjoy live music and entertainment, and will also be able to share a space with open-minded people who might share the same ideas as you.

Go on a Pride Bar Crawl

Bar crawls are available all year long, but during Pride month, LGBTQ+-themed crawls become quite common. Attending a Pride bar crawl may be an excellent idea to immerse yourself in the local LGBTQ+ friendly bars, try out a few drinks, and maybe see a few entertaining drag shows. Bar crawls may last for about two to three hours, allowing you to meet some of the best spots in the city where you can grab a drink along with other LGBTQ+ individuals and enjoy those safe spaces even after pride month ends. It can be a great way to introduce yourself to the queer nightlife in your city or perhaps expand your knowledge of it.

Enjoy LGBTQ+ Media

There are tons of movies and TV shows that you can enjoy during pride month if you want to immerse yourself in a good story or just have some pride-themed entertainment. You can explore wholesome stories like Heartstopper or enjoy an animated show full of magic like The Owl House. You can also educate yourself and watch documentaries based on the struggles and battles of the queer community, allowing you to learn more about their history and achievements.

Host a Pride-Themed Event

If there aren’t many Pride Month events happening in your community during June, you can always have a bit of initiative and start one yourself. You can team up with other individuals to make, for example, a mini parade or perhaps just a nice party where queer individuals and allies alike can enjoy each other’s company and celebrate self-love and acceptance together. Maybe hosting a small event like this could open the door to bigger celebrations in the future.


Pride Month is just around the corner. While some people prefer it to go unnoticed, the visibility that comes along with June is extremely important for the LGBTQ+ community, as it allows them to revendicate their place in our society. However, while Pride is a serious matter, it also coexists with self-love and fun. You can always celebrate your identity, attend colorful and vibrant parades, and connect with individuals who share your experiences.

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