What Should You Consider When Buying an Orbital Sander?

What Should You Consider When Buying an Orbital Sander?

Orbital sanders are hand-held power instruments with circular vibrations. An orbital sander’s central pad vibrates and rotates in a circular motion simultaneously. Compared to sanding with a single movement type, this reduces the amount of swirl marks in the wood and improves efficiency. An orbital sander primarily produces incredibly smooth surfaces on metal, plastic, and wood. On the other hand, orbital sanders can also be used to prep surfaces for painting and remove paint, polyurethane, and stains. Below are some things to look out for when purchasing an orbital sander if you’re thinking about obtaining one.

  1. Price

A crucial and evident factor to consider when looking for options like Bosch Orbital Sander is your budget. There is always an orbital sander that fits within your budget, no matter how much you are willing to pay. Refrain from sacrificing your necessities just because you believe a valuable tool won’t be very expensive. You’ll obtain what you want if you conduct a thorough study and read through reviews.

  1. Power Source

There are three kinds of orbital sanders in terms of power sources: corded, air-powered, and cordless. The most affordable and widely accessible orbital sanders are corded models. Heavy-duty devices that run on compressed air are known as air-powered types. Air-powered orbital sanders are commonly seen in industries and workshops where compressed air is readily available. Orbital sanders that are cordless combine portability with nearly the same functionality as their corded counterparts. Cordless orbital sanders offer the greatest alternative because they don’t have a hose to obstruct your path while operating. They cost a lot more than the other models, though.

  1. Sanding Plate & Discs

There is just one sanding plate included with orbital sanders, and there is no mechanism for swapping the sanding plates. Some have an easy-to-change pad system that lets you get great results by using the pad made specifically for the material you’re working on. This characteristic makes options like the Bosch Orbital Sander more expensive than standard sanders. During sanding, the perforations serve as points of dust extraction. When purchasing a sanding disc, take into account the quantity of holes. Sanding discs come in two varieties: sticky discs and hook-and-loop discs. The latter can be used once due to its rapid clogging, while the former wears out over time but can be replaced.

  1. Variable vs. Single Speed

Slower speed options are available for variable-speed orbital sanders, which sets them apart from single-speed orbital sanders. Variable-speed orbital sanders are more expensive, as you would usually expect. Sometimes, like when removing paint, you may utilize slower rates. In that case, a lesser speed still removes paint while enabling the sander to function normally, but a greater speed could melt the paint and clog your sandpaper discs. Additionally, sanding plywood and other veneered woods benefits from slower rates. They make it possible to work more gently, which reduces the possibility of sanding through the veneer.

This post has addressed the most important information you should know when purchasing an orbital sander. You can now visit your preferred store and select the type of orbital sander that best meets your demands.

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