Cigar Accessories That Will Elevate The Experience

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Many cigar enthusiasts spend their money on common cigar accessories that they have seen others use. For the average smoker, cigar cutters, powerful torch lighters, and entry-level humidification equipment are standard.

True cigar connoisseurs, on the other hand, understand that other premium cigar accessories take their smoking experience to new heights. If you know a cigar enthusiast, these accessories make excellent gifts, because the best kind of gift for someone special is something they didn’t even realize they needed.

There is a lot more to smoking a good cigar than meets the eye.

These accessories can be described as crucial or vital to the whole smoking experience. If you don’t use one or more of these specific extras when smoking cigars, you may not get the most out of each cigar you smoke. When buying and storing cigars, you want each cigar to be worth the effort, time, and money you put into it. One may certainly tailor various cigar accessories to the smoking experience that he desires.

The enthusiast can collect and exhibit a stunning number of cigar accessories. Some are more about glamour than utility, but even the most casual cigar smoker will have a few essentials in their quiver.

If you’re in a hurry, here’s a comprehensive list of must-have cigar accessories.

  • Cigar Humidors
  • Cigar Cutters
  • Hydrometer Humidification Pack
  • Cigar Lighters
  • Spills of Cedarwood
  • The Tool for Drawing
  • Cigar Holder
  • Ashtray
  • Travel Humidor

This list is listed not by importance but by the order in which they are used in the cigar ritual. Cigar smoking is, as always, a custom-made ritual with options at every turn. Customizing your tools aids in customizing your experience.

Humidors :

Humidors, fortunately, are basic devices that serve an important purpose. The appropriate humidor allows you to preserve those stogies at relative humidity levels between 64F and 75F, which are commonly accepted as the ideal RH levels for cigar storage.

If you’re new to the world of cigars, you might not believe it, but well-stored stogies, like excellent wine, improve with age.

Hydrometers :

While most humidors have a hydrometer, which measures humidity, most experts think that calibration or contemporary digital hydrometers are required to verify the accuracy of the ones built into boxes. A great small digital hydrometer is a relatively inexpensive addition to your humidor that helps guarantee your attention to your cigar microclimate is on target.

Humidification Pack:

There is a lot of debate over the best technique to keep your humidor in top shape. From the fundamentals of distilled water to the complexities of glycol and gel beads, the humidification pack is one of the best-rated and easiest-to-use choices.

The best of these not only create humidity but also absorb it if the surroundings are overly humid. The materials, as well as the price ranges and efficacy, vary greatly. A simple acrylic jar humidor with a humidification pack, on the other hand, is a terrific buddy for the beginning smoker.

Cigar Cutters:

While technically only one cigar cutter is required, most cigar smokers own at least one of each of these kinds. They serve various functions that can help you get the most out of different cigar shapes and sizes.

The Straight Cutter, or Guillotine:

This is the classic cutter, and it is all that most people require. A sharp double blade receives the best reviews and has the longest overall life. Some cigar cutters are sharpenable, while others are not.

Overall, never crush the wrapper, as this may cause it to crack or split. So a razor-sharp blade is essential. Remember to only trim the tip. The idea is just to open the cigar; if you cut too deeply into the cap or shoulder of the cigar, the wrapper will unravel, destroying the experience.

The Punch Cutter:

As the name implies, a punch cutter works similarly to a hole punch, cutting a little circle into the cigar. Because of the precision, you may attain the same hole size with each use.

It carefully cuts into the cap and pulls out the plug,softly opening the cigar. This leaves a good portion of the cap intact, resulting in a smooth edge of smoke with almost no mess.

The V-shaped Cutter:

The V cutter, which is a contentious alternative for some smokers, cuts a V into the cigar, opening it with a vast surface area and cutting deeply into the cigar without risking unraveling.

Many of the most unusual cigar shapes work best when V-cut. Having this weapon in your arsenal will allow you to experiment with new cigar varieties or even slightly different smoking experiences with your favorite brand.

Cigar Lighters:

Torch :

Butane or jet fuel lighters are widely used. The idea here is to use a clean-burning lighter that does not get too hot. Lighting a cigar is a process; toasting and preparing the cigar necessitate a larger flame and a longer burn period than a standard cigarette lighter.

Some smokers prefer a large desk lighter to avoid having to replace it frequently. Others appreciate a pocket torch’s portability.

Spills of Cedarwood:

True connoisseurs frequently collect and use cedar spills to ignite their cigars. The spill is nothing more than a thin length of wood with no ignition source of its own.

The fragrance of freshly burned wood can stimulate your hunger and prepare your senses to completely accept the flavors of the upcoming cigar. It’s a fantastic addition to the process.

Ashtray :

A cigar ashtray is separate from a cigarette ashtray. It’s not just a dish for snubbing cigars. Allowing a cigar to burn out on its own is always recommended. The ash tray is used to both rest the cigar and roll the ash off the cherry.

Unlike a cigarette, the ash of a cigar is important to the experience. Again, the less ash, the faster the burn, so it is a matter of preference.

While one cigar and a little fire are all you really need to have a decent smoke, these accessories will enhance your experience. Have fun and enjoy your cigar.

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