Classy and Royal Destination Wedding in Jaipur

destination wedding in Jaipur

Celebrate your wedding in an elegant and royal way in Jaipur.

If you want a classy and royal destination wedding in Jaipur, you should read this. Here are some of the best ways proposed by destination wedding planners in Jaipur. Is your big day just around the corner, and are you looking for the perfect place to make it more memorable than ever?

Famous as the “Paris of India” as well as the “Pink City,” this capital of Rajasthan embraces its centuries-old heritage. Founded by Maharaja Sawai Jaisingh II in the year 1727, this royal city was once a throne for the ruling clan. His dominance over this rich land gave life to several spectacular forts and unique architecture in Rajasthan. Some astonishing proofs of this fact that stood strong through the passage of time are the City Palace, Albert Hall Museum, Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal, Jaigarh Fort, Nahargarh Fort, and Amber Fort.

Jaipur is universally famous for its precise and aesthetically beautiful architecture. This city is also known to be the first well-planned city in India. This pink-walled city also showcases its exceptional craftsmanship through quirky bazaars that are famous for their exotic wares, stained scarves, blue pottery, jewelry, and embroidered leather shoes. Within its limits, there is a rich combination of diverse lifestyles and architecture that reflect modernity, even in its ancient royal culture. This city is also an opulent convergence of competitions, traditions, civilization, festivals, fairs, customs, cultures, and monuments. It annually hosts the highly anticipated Jaipur Literature Festival, Teej, Kite Festival, Elephant Festival, and glamorous Diwali festivities. Currently expanding far beyond its original architectural plan, Jaipur is now a booming economy as well as India’s main enlightening center.

Plan your destination wedding in Jaipur.

Do you want to plan your wedding in a “real” way? If yes, what better destination than Jaipur to show off your elegant style? To make your wedding day perfect for you and all your guests to remember, LMW is the most excellent wedding venue for you.

We offer you a beautiful marriage garden where you can choose the decoration of your preference and adapt it the way you want. The venue is magnificent and can be easily adapted to all kinds of wedding styles.

These are some of the features of our wedding reception that make it the right choice for your special day!

Style and tradition mixed

LMW offers one of the most elegant wedding venues in Jaipur, with a touch of traditional art and culture. You will see a reflection of the Rajasthani culture in the place, which makes the place stand out.

Our banquet hall in Jaipur is known for its creative approach to design and combining the best of both worlds. Therefore, you will see the perfect combination of tradition and style in our wedding venue.

Finger-Licking Catering Options

LMW (Luxury My Wedding) also offers catering services, and our chef is known for preparing delicious meals. Of course, food is one of the most essential aspects of any wedding in India, so we make sure you get the best.

You can choose from a variety of dishes that can be Rajasthani-based meals or other types of Indian cuisine. You can also add some continental dishes to add variety to your guests. We make sure you get everything you want on your wedding day; that’s why we are very flexible with the menu and adapt to your choices.

Decorations of Your Choice

We provide you with some decorating options that have been a hit with us in the past. Otherwise, we may also take into account your ideas and choices. When you book a wedding reception with us, you can be sure that all your wishes will be fulfilled. You can also visit some of our events to see the decorations and meet our designers.

Indoor and outdoor facilities are available.

With LMW’s very popular and extravagant wedding banquet, we offer both indoor and outdoor facilities. So it is a destination for all seasons. If you want to have your event in the summer and you want to try the open space, you can do it easily. Our garden is beautiful and is endowed with beautiful plants, flowers, and trees.

Alternatively, if the weather is a bit chilly, you can plan it indoors as well. Also, you can plan to have it both indoors and outdoors so that people have a choice. As mentioned above, we can fully adapt to your needs.

Bottom line

So if you want to plan your destination wedding in Jaipur, you can contact us for more details. You can even visit LuxuryMyWedding, and we will give you a tour!

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