Hotstar customer care number

Hotstar customer care number

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Privacy Policy Hotstar customer care number

The Walt Disney Company has acquired certain 21st Century Fox businesses, including those furnishing the services described below. This policy has been streamlined to reflect that sale.

1. Contact information
Novi Digital Entertainment Private Limited, Starhouse, Urmi Estate, 95 Ganpatrao Kadam Marg, Lower Parel (West), Mumbai 400013, India (“ we”, “ us”, “ our”, “ Novi”) is the proprietor, driver, director of the Disney Hotstar Platform (“ Platform” or the “ Disney Hotstar Service, which includes all the features available on the Platform”).

Novi values the trust placed by  of the Disney Hotstar customer care number Service (“ you”, “ your”, “ stoner”, “ subscriber”) and thus, we follow the loftiest norms to cover your Particular Information.

If you bear any information or explanation regarding the use of your Particular Information ( defined below) or this Sequestration Notice or if you bear any general information or explanation or inquiry regarding the Platform please telegraph us

2. Ideal and Compass
This Sequestration Notice (“ Sequestration Notice”) explains how we use and cover Particular Information ( defined below) of the  or subscribers of our Disney Hotstar Service in India.

This sequestration notice describes the operation of information handed or collected through spots and operations, where this sequestration notice is posted (“ Platform “) and chapter or third- party spots/ platforms through which the Platform and/ or any of its features and/ or services available on the Platform may be handed. We follow this sequestration notice in agreement with applicable law in the places where we operate. In some cases, we may give fresh data sequestration notices specific to certain features or services. Those notices are to be read in combination with this Sequestration Notice. Please also keep in observance that our spots and operations may contain links to other spots not possessed or controlled by us and we aren’t responsible for the sequestration practices of those spots. We encourage you to be apprehensive when you leave our spots or operations and to read the sequestration programs of other spots that may collect your Particular Information.
We encourage you to read the applicable Terms of Use to understand the terms related to the use of the Platform and Disney Hotstar customer care number Service in general.

3. Collection of Personal Information
Where we relate to‘ Particular Information’we mean any information related to a particular existent who we identify (whether directly or laterally) a particular individual or natural person. This includes direct identifiers similar as your name, postal address, dispatch address, and mobile number, and also includes all other information which is linked to that information similar as your position. Where we relate to “ ID” we mean a list of figures and/ or letters ( also known as a numeric or alphanumeric string) which we or our service providers may induce and which is used as a means to give you a unique client or stoner identifier – it can not directly identify tête-à-tête but it may be suitable to do so where your Particular Information is associated with it.

Information handed by you
We may ask for and you may choose to give the below information, which may include Personal Information, when you use or register for the Disney Hotstar Service and produce a subscription account, upload content to or via the Platform, use any of the features or services available on the Platform ( similar as game play) or communicate us directly
Dispatch Address
Phone number
Age or date of birth
Position, leg law, area law, and occupation as handed by you
Payment and other information pertaining to your deals on the Disney Hotstar Service
Any service requests;
Hunt terms;
language preferences,
content preferences,
account settings,
stoner-generated content including commentary, prints or vids which you choose to upload or broadcast on the Platform
game play data during game play events on our Platform
Other profile information, similar as social media regard information and profile image
( where point is available) your phone and social network connections, with your authorization
information to corroborate an account similar as a form of identification (if requested)
information in correspondence you shoot to us, including responses to checks or other feedback
information you partake when you share in marketing elevations, prize draws or competitions,
your conclude-in choices and communication preferences;
any other information that you may else choose to give us.
We collect this information in a number of ways, including when you enter it while using our Platform, interact with our client support, or share in game play events or hosted games on our Platform, checks, or marketing elevations, prize draws or competitions. In some cases, where you pierce our Platform service available via mobile bias, Smart TVs or Internet connected TVs or Internet connected bias (“ streaming bias “) your streaming device may store some of your Particular Information in their memory. These streaming bias are operated by third parties and these third parties will have their own sequestration notices or other programs regarding the running of Personal Information that they singly collect from similar streaming bias. You should precisely read the sequestration notice and programs of these streaming bias. We aren’t responsible for the sequestration practices of these third parties, and the information practices of these third parties aren’t covered by this Sequestration Notice.

3.2 Information we collect automatically
We and certain third parties on our behalf may collect information about you and your use of our Platform, your relations with us or our advertising or any direct marketing we shoot you, as well as information regarding your computer or other streaming device used to pierce our service. The information may be collected using shadowing technologies similar as eyefuls, Flash eyefuls, pixels, markers, software development accoutrements, operation program interfaces, and Web lights and may include

Your exertion on the Disney Hotstar Platform similar as runners/ titles viewed, cargo times, watch times, content selection and watch history, deals initiated and/ or completed, search queries and platform features used. This information may include the platform or website that you just visited (whether this platform is on Disney Hotstar customer care number Services or not), which platform or website you coming visit.
Device Commemoratives for drive announcement (if you have enabled drive announcements)
Your relations with our emails, dispatches, dispatches, announcements on third party platforms and other channels
Your relations with our client support similar as the date, time and reason for reaching us, reiterations of any converse exchanges, and if you call us, your phone number and call recordings;
Information about your general position, including position grounded on your mobile phone SIM card and/ or IP address and, with your authorization your precise position grounded on GPS data. In the event IP discovery fails, we will collect the last cached position as your current position;
Device and software information similar as device id, device model, platform, type of operating system, installed interpretation, time zone setting, mobile carrier, screen resolutionetc. and other unique identifiers. With your authorization we may also collect information pertaining to the operations constantly used by you on your device;
Announcement identifiers similar as IDFA, GAID etc and data related to your commerce with the announcement that are served on the Disney Hotstar Platform;
We capture information related to the performance of the mobile operation and the Platform, similar as crash logs, make analytics and other performance statistics generated when you use the Platform;
With your authorization, we may collect information pertaining to content that you’re exposed to on TV using your microphone. For this purpose, we’ve integrated a software development tackle in our Disney Hotstar Service that’s designed to measure and dissect TV channel viewership of Disney Hotstar  (“ Television SDK”). The Television SDK, is initiated only after we gain your authorization and uses the microphone on your device to capture audio samples ( including ambient sounds), to produce translated point train of similar audio sample in real- time. The point lines are matched against a database of known fingerprints of TV channels and TV content to identify and understand content that you have been exposed to on the TV. The point lines can not be rear- finagled into audio samples and are stored on your bias for a period not further than 48 hours. No factual audio samples or voice recordings including exchanges that you may have, are saved on your device or transferred to the Disney Hotstar Service on any third party, at any point of time.
3.3 Inferred Information through operation and log data
We may track certain information about the content viewed and your visit to our Platform. This information may include the platform that you just visited (whether this platform is on Disney Hotstar Services or not), which platform you coming visit, your computer cybersurfer information, your mobile phone Zilches interpretation.

. Information we collect through third party sources
We may gain your Particular Information from other sources similar as third- parties or other subscribers of the Platform.

Still, connect or login to our Platform using a social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, If you choose to link.
We may also admit information about you from third parties but will only do so where we’ve assurances that you have given your authorization. For illustration, we may gain data related to you and your interests from i) intimately available sources similar as public or open government databases or ii) online and offline data providers ( including advertising networks and analytics providers).

4. Payment Card and Billing Information
When you buy a subscription package using one or further of our payment gateway service providers, or any other online or mobile payment services provider we may use ( including through any app stores), the following payment information will be collected your credit/ disbenefit card details ( number, card expiry date, CVC law) or other bank account details along with the date, time and quantum of the sale payment. This payment information is stored by our payment processors and associated with a trafficker name/ ID and position which our payment processor gives to us, together with a unique client ID which we partake with them but this payment information is noway stored or reused by us. Our payment processors use this payment information to reuse and grease the payment of your subscription figure in order that we may give you with the service you have requested or to enter into a contract with you to pierce the Platform (in other words to perform the contract). So that we know you have paid your subscription figure our payment processors will shoot us a unique sale ID which we associate with your unique client ID and which we keep for internal account purposes because we’ve a legal obligation to do so.

Our payment processors may use third party fraud discovery software or providers which assay your payment information in order to make automated opinions as to whether or not payment from you’ll be accepted. You have the right to dispute any fraud decision made about you and to be given further information about why any similar decision was made by reaching us.

5. Purposes of recycling
We’ll only collect and reuse Particular Information about You where we’ve legal base to do so. Our legal base for recycling your Particular Information will vary depending on your country, the environment in which we collect and use it and the following exemplifications give you as a companion as to which base we suppose applies (but if the environment changes or other circumstances arise also the legal base may also change). Our primary purpose in collecting your information, including Personal Information from you is to deliver the substantiated Disney Hotstar customer care number Service and its colorful features. Please note that should you choose to not give us concurrence to collect your information, including Personal Information, we may not be suitable to perform the contract with you. Where we relate to‘ perform the contract’we mean the Terms of Use applicable to your use of the Disney Hotstar Service, which means that you may moreover not be suitable to pierce certain features of the Disney Hotstar Service or we may not be suitable to give you the Disney Hotstar Service in wholeness.

For illustration, we use your information where we need the Particular Information to perform the contract with you (for illustration, to give the Platform or our services to you) so as to

Register you on our Platform and produce a subscription account or give you guest access,
Allow you to Subscribe Up/ Log In using social media accounts like Facebooketc.,
Reuse your payment card details (as described in Section 4 over),
Give you with client or specialized support including addressing support queries related to, but not limited to, payment processing, or to diagnose any problems with our waitersetc.
Shoot you transactional emails or to give you with information, direct marketing, online and offline advertising and other accoutrements regarding products, services and other offers from time to time in connection with the Disney Hotstar Service or its parent, attachment and combined companies (“ Platform Realities”) and its common gambles.
Determine your geographic position, to give you localized content including announcements, substantiated viewing recommendations, allow you to continue watching former content at another time or on another streaming device, and to determine your Internet service provider to troubleshoot a specialized issue, and help us snappily and efficiently respond to inquiries and requests;
Still, also we will determine your position using your IP address to determine the applicable Disney Hotstar Services which may be offered to you;
If you’re a rubberneck visiting colorful countries around the world and mileage the Platform’s services.To give you with a personalised service and experience; we do this by linking some or all of your Particular Information with your exertion on our Platform across all your streaming bias and associating and storing this information with a unique platform generated identifier that’s generated for each stoner ( guest as well as registered stoner). When a guest stoner latterly registers and creates an account, the information and data relating to similar stoner’s history conditioning gets added to and associated to the registered account.
In other surrounds, if the processing of your Particular Information is subject to the EU General Data Protection Regulation, we use your Particular Information where the processing is in our licit interests and not hoofed by your abecedarian rights and freedoms (for illustration, our direct marketing conditioning in agreement with your preferences) similar as toDisplay or target announcements on the Platform grounded on your enrollment or profile information, position and/ or your exertion on the Platform across all your streaming bias ( including inferred information through operation and log data) which is associated with your device advertising identifier (IDFA, GAID etc) – this is generally appertained to as‘ interest- grounded advertising’. We also display contextual announcements on the Platform but these aren’t targeted to any particular stoner and doesn’t make use of any information that tête-à-tête identifies you or precisely locates you (contextual advertising is advertising which we target grounded on the content being viewed, for illustration if you’re watching a particular sporting event we may serve announcements of companies or products related to that particular sport or the age- group most likely to be watching).
Exploration, dissect and understand our followership and what content and advertising they may view, watch or else engage with, in order to ameliorate our service ( including our stoner interface gests and security features) and optimize content selection i.e. recommend or make it easier for you to find content we suppose you’ll enjoy; estimate your eligibility for certain types of offers, products or services and request similar products or services to you; to perform analytics and conduct client exploration, including general request exploration or surveying our guests’needs and opinions on specific issues, generating deals and business patterns, and to dissect advertising effectiveness, both on an anonymous base (e.g., by aggregating data) or on an individual base (if fairly admissible), in combination with other information collected from tracking technologies and total it with information collected from other  using our Platform, to attempt to give you with the Services and a better experience on the Platform. For illustration, one of the ways we use this information is to count the number of times an announcement or other content is viewed because this might be the metric by which our advertisers pay us. This information is collected and anatomized on an accrued base.
Allow you to share in interactive features similar as Game play events on the Platform, furnishing you with applicable gameplay experience, determine and declaring winners and furnishing you with prizes.
Analyse and measure how effective our advertising is by determining which media sources should be paid for delivering a asked actione.g.  who install our operation or subscribe ( also known as‘ criterion’), so that we pay for demonstrated value and do n’t overspend.

When you agree to partake information pertaining to the content you’re exposed to on the TV, we may use this information along with other information that you give us on the Disney Hotstar Service, to give you with personalised content analogous to those you watch on TV. We may also use this information to serve announcements more applicable to you as well to understand and assay your exposure to announcements on other platforms to demonstrate the effectiveness of our Platform.
Or else whenever the law requires us to get your authorization or where we’ve stated we may seek your authorization in this Sequestration Notice. In some surrounds, we use your Particular Information where we’ve a legal obligation to do so or to cover your vital interests or those of another person

Help, descry and probe potentially banned or illegal conditioning, including fraud, and administering our terms ( similar as determining free trial eligibility);
Attesting your identity if you’re exercising legal rights;
Notify you about changes in the Terms of Use or in this Sequestration Notice;
Carry out our scores and apply our rights arising from any contracts entered into between you and us/ our distributor.
When you pierce or use the Services or shoot any data, query, request or communication to us via our Support dispatch, you understand that you’re communicating with us electronically, and that we may respond via electronic means from us, similar as by dispatch.

6. Disclosure
At times we may make your Particular Information available to our service providers ( similar as but not limited to marketing, analytics, exploration, communication, announcements, structure and IT services, technology or software providers, payment processing and other service providers) that work with us or help us to give services to you or certify us software which we include in our operation (s). Particular Information will only be participated with our service providers to give or ameliorate the Disney Hotstar Service and to enable us to assay our marketing sweats. We don’t authorize our service providers to use or expose your Particular Information except in connection with furnishing their services. We or our service providers may also partake your announcement identifiers similar as IDFA, GAIDetc. with advertising/ data exchanges, and marketing analytics and other digital advertising and marketing service providers. The announcement identifiers are used by these exchanges and service providers to decide which advertisements you see both on our spots and operations and on third- party spots and operations.

We may offer common elevations that, in order for you to share and profit from any promotional offer, will bear us to partake your Particular Information with third parties so that we co-ordinate and fulfil the incitement offered. These third parties are responsible for their own sequestration practices.
6.3 Business Transfers
We give Particular Information to our cells and other trusted businesses or persons to reuse it for us, grounded on our instructions and in compliance with our Sequestration Notice and any other applicable confidentiality and security measures

In the event of any demand by court order, government orquasi-government agency to expose your Particular Information, we will expose information as may be fairly needed. We may also expose your Particular Information if we, in the good faith believe that similar exposure is nicely necessary to respond to processes, court orders, or other legal process

In the event Novi is intermingled with or acquired by another company or in case ofre-organization orre-structuring of business, we and our cells may partake your Particular Information, wholly or in part, with another business reality.
7. Your Controls and Choices
We give you the capability to exercise certain controls and choices regarding our collection, use and sharing of your Particular Information. In agreement with applicable law, your controls and choices may include
Managing Your Information
You can pierce some of your Particular Information through the‘My Account’ section of the Platform after a successful login. You’re responsible for furnishing us with your accurate Particular Information and keeping your Particular Information over-to- date.

To conclude out of interest- grounded advertisements from Disney Hotstar customer care number Service in connection with a resettable device identifier on a mobile device, tablet, or streaming media bias, please configure the applicable setting on your device ( generally plant under “ sequestration” or “ advertisements” in your device’s settings). You may still see advertisements on your device, but they won’t be acclimatized to your interests.
7.3 Drive Announcements
Still,” and also changing those settings for some or all of the apps on your device, If you have enabled drive announcements also you can disable (or enable) any time by going to your device “ Settings” and clicking on “ Announcements.

( Different device configurations, or updates to bias, may affect or change how these settings work)

Rectification of Inaccurate or Deficient Information
You can ask us to correct inaccurate or deficient Particular Information concerning you by transferring us an dispatch to our support dispatch address. In case you have made your subscription via Apple iTunes, also you’ll have to amend your subscription and/ or particular data on the Apple iTunes platform as per their applicable processes.
7.5 Data Access and Portability
In some authorities, applicable law may entitle you to request clones of your Particular Information held by us. You may also be entitled to request clones of Personal Information that you have handed to us in a structured, generally used, and machine-readable format and/ or request us to transmit this information to another service provider (where technically doable). You can issue such a request by reaching us via the handed support dispatch. In case you have made your subscription via Apple iTunes, also you’ll have to request for access to your subscription/ particular data or portability of your subscription/ particular data on the Apple iTunes platform as per their applicable processes.

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