3 Easy-to-Use SEO Tools to Boost Your Website Traffic

3 Easy-to-Use SEO Tools to Boost Your Website Traffic

SEO is more important than ever because of the rise of online marketing. Small and big companies alike rely on link builders to promote their products. The best SEO tools can help you establish and nurture your brand presence online.

Also, there are many kinds of online marketing out there today. One of the most effective marketing techniques is using an SEO strategy. SEO tools are important for those who want to increase their online visibility. But it can be challenging to choose a tool if you haven’t used one before.

So, here we’ll talk about some easy-to-use SEO tools that will boost your website’s traffic.

What is SEO all about?

Before we review some SEO tools, let’s first talk about what SEO is all about. SEO can be confusing if you haven’t used the internet to promote your products before. SEO is search engine optimization, a technique to boost website traffic for businesses.

The many types of SEO available today allow you to attract more traffic to your website. This is possible thanks to the ranking of search engine results. Google ranks search engine results based on several factors. These factors include the popularity of certain words known as ‘keywords’.

Keywords are those words that users on Google use most often in their queries. This is why web pages that contain many popular keywords rank highly on Google’s search results. Also, Google uses proprietary algorithms to rank website content. This is what makes some web results more popular than others.

SEO companies usually make targeted guesses about which websites should be ranked highly. This is why online businesses need to have a good SEO strategy in place. Such a strategy should include link-building techniques. You would also need to use SEO in your meta description and image optimization.

This would also help you increase your brand engagement on online platforms. After all, good SEO covers more than one aspect of increasing web traffic. This is why large businesses today rely on SEO tools and techniques to help them promote their web pages online.

The promotion of their products is the natural next step after implementing SEO strategies. So, it makes sense for you to think about finding the right SEO tools to increase your website traffic.

How to Choose the Best SEO Tool

Choosing the right SEO tools for your business is no cakewalk. You’ll have to consider many factors before you decide which tool to opt for. The kind of industry you’re operating in is the first thing to consider here.

Not every industry can enjoy the advantages that SEO tools have to offer. Some industries need link-building services more than others do. Industries that have consumer goods are sure to find SEO tools useful. The apparel and household goods industries use online marketing to reach customers.

So, if you’re running a business in these industries, it may be useful to work on your SEO strategies. If you’ve decided that you need an SEO tool, it’s time to take the next step. The next step in this case would be to start your search with a clear goal in mind.

Also, remember to keep your expectations in check while looking for an SEO tool. After all, even the best SEO tools on the market can’t boost your rankings too much. These tools don’t work magic; they help you improve your existing strategy.

Another thing that helps you choose SEO tools is considering their important functions. The functions you consider to be important will depend on the type of business you have. For instance, if you have an informational site, you would need to focus on content ranking.

But if you have an apparel site, SEO optimization and social media presence are important. The next factor to consider is the ease with which you can use SEO tools. No one wants to spend weeks trying to figure out how to use a tool. So, we’ve chosen the best SEO tools you’ll find easiest to use.

The Best SEO Tools That Are Easy-to-Use

Let’s now dive right into our reviews of the best SEO tools that are easy to use. Businesses can use these tools for SEO optimization and so much more. So, it’s safe to say that pretty much all kinds of businesses will find these tools useful.

Google Analytics

We had to start this list with Google Analytics for several reasons. Google Analytics is among the most versatile SEO tools you could hope to use. The use of this tool isn’t limited to the world of SEO alone.

The power of Google is such that you can use this tool for SEO analysis as well. This tool collects all your relevant data from apps and websites. You can use this data to gain deep insights into your business. By now, you know that SEO optimization is an important technique to help you rank highly on Google’s search results.

Google Analytics will help you analyze the performance of your keyword efforts. There are many ways in which you can use this SEO tool to improve your brand’s visibility online. You can use this tool to view information on which of your pages receives the most traffic.

This will allow you to find out which pages are most deserving of featuring your links. This is why Google Analytics doubles up as a useful link-building service. But Google Analytics is a lot more than just an SEO tool.

It also works as an analytics tool for customer demographics. This tool is useful for those wanting to find out where the bulk of their viewers are coming from. Having access to such information will allow you to improve your ad targeting. This, in turn, will give your online marketing campaign a healthy boost.


Ahrefs is one of the most popular SEO tools today, and for good reason. This company also has a great deal of experience in the SEO industry. An impressive feature of Ahrefs is that it provides you with a large backlink database. This is an important asset for anyone wanting link-building services.

This tool also has an extensive keyword library that you can use for your SEO strategy. The keyword library it has is almost as large as that of Google. So, you can see why Ahrefs is such a popular tool in the world of SEO. Also, it’s important to note that Ahrefs is a pretty easy tool to use.

This tool has a simple user interface that you don’t need technical knowledge to understand. This is why small and large businesses alike use Ahrefs to increase their web traffic. This tool is especially useful for sites that feature a lot of content. So, it’s easy to imagine why bloggers prefer Ahrefs over other tools.

Also, you should know that Ahrefs allows for great keyword analysis. This could be why it’s widely considered to be good for increasing website traffic. Ahrefs allows you to find out what the trending keywords are online. You can then use these keywords in your SEO promotional materials.

Using these keywords in display ads will allow you to rank highly in Google’s search results.


Semrush is a powerful SEO tool that can benefit your online business. This tool can be used in many ways to use SEO keywords that can boost web traffic. Semrush also works great as a tool to manage your SEO strategy.

Some of the biggest consumer brands in the world use this tool. A great aspect of this tool is that it allows you to use the features you need. Semrush classifies its tools based on tasks and interests.

So, you would only need to opt for tools that match your business and industry. You can even use Semrush analytic tools to compare your performance to other sites. It would also offer you some suggestions on how you can improve your rankings. This is an especially useful feature for small businesses with limited resources.

These businesses don’t have to hire marketing experts to analyze their SEO performance. They can use Semrush instead and achieve good results. You can use it to explore new backlink sources as well. Once you find these sources, you can use Semrush to check the progress of your SEO efforts.

You can even use it to keep a sharp eye on your backlink profile. This would allow you to check which backlinks of yours are still active. If you identify inactive links, you can contact a site the right way to find out why.

Also, another reason why Semrush is useful for small businesses is that it has a free trial period. So, you can try out this tool before you decide to invest in it for your business.


These were some of the best, easy-to-use SEO tools we could find online. These tools help you focus on important aspects of your online marketing campaign. These aspects include powerful SEO strategies. You can use these strategies to increase the amount of web traffic you receive.

Increasing your web traffic will ensure you improve your brand’s visibility. This is sure to help you reach more online consumers than ever before. But you should know that you’d need the best link builders and SEO tools for the same. Without these, you’d be left to analyze SEO performance by yourself.

Doing so can prove time-consuming and costly for your online business. So, it would be better to rely on one of the SEO tools we’ve reviewed instead.

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