How to Come Up With New Ideas for Blogs

How to Come Up With New Ideas for Blogs

Here’s a question you might have on your mind if you’re a website owner: Is blogging still relevant? Yes, it sure is. In fact, it’s actually one of the best ways to connect with your audience and increase the visibility of your website’s blogs.

But what happens when you’re pushed for blog content ideas and feel a little uninspired? We’ve all been there and doubted the point of our blogs. Does anyone even read your content? Does anyone even care about it?

If this is how you’re feeling, here’s how to find inspiring new ideas to keep your blog going.

  1. Build a file of ideas.

Blogging inspiration is rather mysterious to us all. You can never be too sure when you might think of a great idea, so that’s why you want to create a file of brilliant ideas that you can refer to when inspiration runs a little dry.

An ideas file is a place where you can regularly drop in your thoughts on different topics, your opinions on others, and content ideas when the moment strikes.

If you know you have a blog post to create but just can’t think of a topic, refer to your ideas file and expand on the inspiration you’ve left in there. Alternatively, you could also check out this tool for topic generation.

  1. Look to your audience for help.

Your audience is actually one of the most underrated sources of knowledge and content inspiration. What’s more, by asking them what they want to read about, you’re creating content that they really want to see.

This is a win-win blogging strategy because it means your content is not only relevant to your audience, but it’s also useful and will most likely be well-read. At the end of the day, you can use crowdsourcing to your advantage and allow the ideas to come to you instead of searching for them.

  1. It’s not copying; it’s imitation.

So, you’ve probably heard the saying ”imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. And when it comes to blogging, there’s nothing like looking to your competition for ideas.

No, it’s not about copying their content or stealing their ideas. But you can scour their blogs and draw inspiration from the content that seems to work for them.

Some smart blogging ideas include subscribing to your favorite blogs so that you can receive regular updates about what they’re publishing. Or, you could set a weekly reminder to check out different blogs for topic inspiration.

Remember that you don’t want to copy what your competition is doing; merely imitate it and improve on it.

  1. Use Internet queries and searches as inspiration.

The internet is a vast place, packed with blogging tips at every turn; you just have to know where to look. A good place to start is by capitalizing on the search histories of others.

You want to consider what people are asking about your blog content or business product or service. Some of the best places to look up internet search queries and questions are on platforms such as Quora, Reddit, and Twitter.

All you need to do is type in the topic of your service, product, or blog, and common search queries could provide unlimited blog content inspiration.

  1. Elaborate on Existing Content

Why not elaborate on a blog topic that’s worked really well for you in the past? Take some time to go through your blog analytics to gauge which topics perform the best, then expand on this content.

  1. Make the most of what’s trending.

If the internet is a literal black hole of web pages and web content, you have a goldmine of inspiration at your fingertips. As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of ways to take inspiration from what’s out there. And you always want to consider what’s trending.

By taking advantage of trending topics and ideas, you can keep your blog relevant and ahead of the times. What’s more, there are several platforms that allow you to search for trending topics.

Some of these include BuzzSumo, Google Trends, Exploding Topics, and

  1. Tell your own story.

Stuck for blog content? Why not take a look at your own life, business journey, or personal achievements as inspiration? People love to hear personal stories, especially those with a motivational spin.

Along with this, people also love to learn. You could write blog content that’s educational from a personal, first-hand perspective. For example, you could write about what you’ve learned about blogging and how to make it successful. You could write about what’s changed in the world of blogging—what works and what doesn’t.

You could write blogs that offer advice for beginners on how to get started in blogging or the business niche you’re focused on. Behind-the-scenes information always goes down well because it outlines the reality of what it takes to be successful.

  1. provide helpful guides.

Guides are a brilliant way to keep people on your blog and strengthen your backlinking strategy. In other words, the best kind of blog is one that inspires your audience to read a few more!

You can create a solid linking strategy by connecting your blog posts together as one large guide on a certain topic. You want to take a long, hard look at your blog and assess where you can group related posts together. Or, create a whole new group of posts that are both interesting and educational, inspiring your audience to read on.

In search of new ideas for your blogs?

Fresh, new ideas for bloggers don’t always come easy. Yes, writer’s block happens to the best of us. But with the right strategy, you can build up an arsenal of inspiration that you can fall back on when you’re stumped for ideas.

If you’re on the hunt for blog content ideas, blogging tips, or news on entertainment, technology, fashion, and more, be sure to explore the rest of this site.

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