Top 6 Driving Lesson Near Me and Join School

Top 6 Driving Lesson Near Me and Join School
  1. Sheikh’s School Motoring

If you want to join a local driving institution, then Sheikh’s School Motoring is the best choice for you. They are providing their lesson in Birmingham city. You will get an excellent environment with sheik’s institute. They will give you guaranty services lesson with a skilled instructor. If you book your lesson with this school, visit their website and make a call. Sheik’s school working our is 8.00 am to 6.00 pm.

  1. Red Driving School

Read driving school was honored as the national driving school of the year 2018. They offered a 12% discount. They are rated 4.4 out of 5 and got huge reviews for their excellent lesson. Red offers three different packages like ten-hour offers packages where you will save 8%. You can also book 20-hour and 30 hours packages and save 10% on 20 hours and 12% on 30 hours with Red. Red also offers driving lesson gift vouchers, and if you feel unuse with Red lesson, they will refund your money.

  1. Drive Jhonson’s

Drive Jhonson’s is the way to save your money and time. As a driving school, you will find different touches in drive Jhonson’s. They have excellent instructors and a friendly environment too. This company helps your drive safely, and very quickly, you will learn how to drive on the road. Their free manual driving cost is 19.99 Euro, and they promise to refund if you do not feel satisfied with them. Drive Jhonson’s does not keep any hidden catches, and it will be cheaper than other driving schools.

  1. Express Pass

Express Pass is one of the automatic driving lesson schools for the Uk. To change your gears for few meters, just catch up on this lesson. For an automatic driving lesson, it will be your best choice. Express Pass divided its course into six packages, and their most popular package starts with 350 Euro.

  1. BSM-British School Monitoring

Britsh school monitoring is the faster way to learn driving lessons. Search for a driving school near me, and You will quickly get captcha BSM (British school monitoring). To bump up your road safety, BSM is the perfect choice to boost up your confidence level. They arrange practical driving lesson courses near your town with six-hour driving packages.

  1. National Intensive Driving School Near Me

National intensive driving school has started its journey in 2007, and they have thirteen years of experience behind the wheel. They have different types of workshops, including all in one package, and the time will take five to forty-five hours. If you pass manual test gears, you will get an automatic driving lesson from them.

How Much Cost Driving Lesson (For UK)

If you search for a driving school near me, you will find so many institutions near you. And their driving lesson charge is different. The average price of driving lessons in the Uk depends on per region. You have to pay 23 euros for a UK driving lesson.

The cost depends entirely on where you live or the city where you live. Your local area plays a part in this cost, and your instructor can charge for every lesson as their wishes. Driving lessons for the UK vary from hours to hours; how many times will you learn a lesson? Then you will pay for hours. If you see the chart of top driving schools, you will find many packages which vary in hours. Some driving lesson offers a discount for booking your day. Here I give you some driving lesson cost charts for the UK. What provides you an excellent direction to take decisions.

Typical region for driving Per hour driving lesson price 10-hour cost 
Southwest area Per one hour cost is 24 euro 10-hour cost is 19 euro.
Northeast area Per one hour 26 euro 17 euro for 10 hours.
Northwest area Hourly cost by one hour is 27 euro 23 euro for 10 hours driving lesson cost.

Some driving school price list is also given below:

London Driving school price Manual driving lessons will cost 30 euros per hour, Refreshing cost 30 euro per hour, and the automatic driving lesson is 30 euro per hour.
National Intensitive driving lesson price Book intensive course is 10x lesson for 280 euro, Manual lesson only for 550 euro, You will get an automatic lesson for 280 euro.
Red Driving School They offer a 12% discount on their whole driving lesson packages.
Express Pass driving lesson 240 euro for six hours, Popular packages are 350 euro for 10 hours, Advanced package price is 495 euro.
Drive Jhonson’s school The manual driving course is for 19.99 euros.

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