What fashion advice would girls like to give to Indian men

What fashion advice would girls like to give to Indian men

Conversations with friends often reveal a lot about us. Science tells us that humans are honest in front of their close friends, confiding in them secrets that might be considered taboo otherwise. Do you remember a fun outing with your mate wherein you told him that you have a preference for men who like to show up dressed well?

Yes, women want to be around intelligent people, but does it hurt if they look fashionable as well? Before rounds are fired about the superficiality of it all, let’s not forget that dressing up is no easy task. It takes effort to choose a particular fit, color, and style of clothing to dress well for different occasions. Indian women have strong opinions, and they want to tell Indian men how to make their first or next meeting memorable for the two of them.

Here’s the fashion manifesto that will help Indian men up their fashion game. Gear yourself up and plunge into this fun ride with us.

Try, but don’t try too hard.

Let’s not get peer pressured into dressing ‘too well’. If you are new to the fashion game, take it slow. Experiment and figure out what works well for your personality and intentions. Nobody is expecting you to turn into a fashion god overnight.

Clothes are accessories and extensions of who you are; try reading fashion blogs or asking your girl buddies what impresses them the most. Take your cue and buy clothing that you can keep wearing for a long time. Women have become environment-conscious, and they would appreciate you repeating your clothes, provided they aren’t torn or look too funny. A couple t-shirts are a perfect fit for this.

Go minimal, and don’t forget—we love the basics.

Well-aged wine and basic colors like white, black, blue, and brown never go out of style. Buy basic tees in these colors of good quality and fabric to make a long-lasting impression. A basic pair of dark blue denim and trousers in black or navy blue goes a long way when dressing up in a hurry.

Printed t-shirts for men are all the rage nowadays. Pick a few to add variety to your wardrobe. You don’t have to buy expensive brands; get a hold of a few that show your personality better.

Red-alert tip: A crisp white shirt is your ultimate fail-safe fashion investment. Fixed a date and have to catch up with the person in the next 2 hours? Grab that white shirt of yours and dazzle your date with all your charm and wit.

Fit Matters

You can spend thousands on a three-piece suit, but if the fit makes you look like an overstuffed bunny or scrawny, then all that big money just went down the drain. If you feel a customized tailor-made suit is too expensive for your needs, then invest in a retail-bought set and get it fitted to your measurements by your trustworthy local tailor. Those little tweaks make tons of difference to your appearance.

If confused about what color to pick, then stick with the usual suspect—black. It’s a small world, and you might cross paths with your crush or something you just swiped right on, so be prepared at all times.

Invest in the right fabrics.

Ours is a tropical country; wearing polyester or rayon on a hot summer day doesn’t make sense. These fabrics also have the tendency to make your body odor smell worse (always use a rollerball deodorant when going out). Look for pure cotton or linen tags.

For those wintery candle-lit dinners, wear a plaid shirt or layer a semi-formal shirt with a woolen or suede jacket. Always pick up something that’s not allergic to your skin.

Quality triumphs over quantity.

Stop your thoughts in their tracks if you think this is a classic gold-digger statement. Quality hardly means expensive brands. Spend your bucks on something that lasts for a long time. Be it a pair of footwear with exceptionally good soles or a pair of trousers that feel comfortable even in the harshest of weather,

The trick to making every penny count is to do proper research on the Internet or seek advice from your fashion-conscious friends. Buying classic clothing pieces that are a permanent feature of your wardrobe, in general, is a smart move. The money that seems like a lot now will give you a fulfilling ROI in the future.

Colors evoke emotions.

Visual memory is stronger than our verbal memory. You tell a lot about yourself by the colors you choose to wear. The color blue is often associated with reliability, the color black with mystery, the color white with innocence, and more.

Wear colors that look fresh and bright on you during the daytime. Go for darker tones at night. It’s a good idea to wear different shades of the same color or pair your upper and lower wear in classic combinations like a white shirt and blue denim, a black tee and brown chinos, or a clean grey sweatshirt with casual trousers.

We did check out your shoes.

Wear socks and sandals together if that’s your thing. Just don’t forget to carry it off like you truly own it. Half of the job would be done with your confidence.

Accessorize your clothing with matching footwear. Invest in a sturdy pair if on budget. Go with the classics—white or tan. You don’t want your footwear to look dirty. Wear white if you are into the habit of keeping your stuff clean in general.

Of course, we would like to take you shopping.

Ask for help! We ladies will gladly go shopping with you and give you unrestricted access to our fashion opinions. Take it as a grooming workshop, and don’t forget to offer coffee or a jug of beer after we have tired out our feet and brains for you.

If your relationship elevates to one that your friends are calling you a couple, then it doesn’t harm if you opt for couple t-shirts on a few outings. Girls like sweet little gestures. And nothing quite says cute like gifting your partner a couple t-shirts.

Hygiene should be your concern too.

Don’t meet us if you say, “I don’t take showers often to help with the water crisis problem in the world.” Just don’t! Do all of humanity a favor and splurge cash on hygiene products like a good shower gel, a body scrubber, shaving cream, and cologne, and if you use a foot scrubber too, you are already winning it.

It does matter what’s inside. So maintain good hygiene standards and please the ladies around you.

Desi Wear hits at all the right spots.

And boys, we women love some ethnic wear on you! Those linen kurta pajamas are to die for. The market has so many pastel options in buttery-smooth fabrics.

Wearing a linen kurta on a date is a major green flag, and now that all the secrets are out, surprise your woman with fashion choices that will make her want to dress even better.

You are so winning this game!

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