Remote work is not something new. It has been around us for many years and now it is all pervading. Since the onset of Covid-19 pandemic, many companies have permanently adopted remote working. This had a great impact for some professions like digital marketing, software engineering, graphic designing, etc. The demand for these professions basically increased during the pandemic since they do not require people to be in the office and do their respective work. Such professions require creativity and they have an advantage to use their creative senses in their most productive hours while working remotely. 

In this article we will discuss particularly about Software developers and some reasons why companies should hire remote software engineer. 

We were taught in our schools that it is a basic objective of every company to reduce their costs and increase their profits. Every company aims at optimum utilisation of resources. The Pandemic has brought misery for a lot of businesses but it has also acted as a catalyst for companies to realise their objectives and fulfill them in the best possible way. 

Below are some reasons why companies should consider hiring software engineers remotely. 

  • Global Reach 

One of the very obvious reasons why companies should hire remote engineers is that they can get talent from across the globe. People from different cultures and backgrounds bring a new and fresh thought into the company. Engineers get new ideas and get to learn about preferences of different people which help them immensely while creating web applications, keeping the user’s perspective in mind. 

  • 24×7 work 

By hiring developers remotely from across the globe, companies can make sure that the work is being done 24×7, thanks to the different time zones. Developers in different countries have different time zones and working hours. By employing remote developers, companies can ensure that some work is being done every time. 

  • Better Productivity

According to a survey conducted by Statista, developers working remotely bring productivity in their work. They have an advantage to work anytime they feel the most productive and creative. Hence giving out their best work to the projects they are working on. Better productivity helps companies to satisfy the clients and thus increase profits. 

  • Reduce Costs

Yet another quite obvious benefit companies get on hiring remote engineers is that they can reduce rent, electricity and other costs. This way companies can cut down on a lot of unnecessary costs and thus make provisions to increase profits. 

Another way companies can reduce costs is by hiring developers from countries with lower GDP. This would enable companies to hire engineers at lower costs. 

Hiring remote software developers brings a lot of other benefits to both the companies and developers. Since websites and applications are considered a digital marketplace, businesses spend a lot of money on creating interactive applications and websites. Thus the demand for software professionals is increasing exponentially and is expected to rise further for the upcoming 5-6 years. 

To help companies get the best talent, there are startups like Pesto Tech which helps them get the best remote developers. They train and enhance the skills of developers and assist them in getting placed in top companies. 

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